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To See A World  by Nightwing 16 Review(s)
Idril CelebrindalReviewed Chapter: 47 on 12/11/2007

I have been reading your story for the last couple of days and hope that the RW will allow you time to continue posting new chapters.

I am really enjoying the story but so look forward to the return of Legolas' sight.

Keep up the good work.


Padawan LiannReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/28/2007
Yet another excellent chapter! Thanks so much for the update-- it really made my day!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/27/2007
Another gripping chapter. I Pity the poor boy's loved ones and you have be intrigued by the evil wizard and his spells. I hope Aragorn catches him soon.
I am very sorry to hear about your cat.

IrethReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/26/2007
You can not believe the squee I let out at seeing your update!
This is still the best story I ever read! With every update I'm immediately immersed in their wonderful and sometimes scary world!

Hugs you tight for sticking with this!

Love and good wishes for the coming holidays and the New Year!!!

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/23/2007
Thanks so much for taking the time to update this. You are in my thoughts and prayers...

It was a glorious chapter... the battle was well thought out and very tense... Aragorn and Legolas' part in it were appropriate... Koryon's gentle courage was magnificent... the women archers! AH! Very nice touch. Dear Alun will have to change his thoughts about his intended if they are going to live happily ever after. I am most grateful for the healer who is going to help Aragorn and Legolas... I don't like to 'see' that look in Legolas' eyes. Dear sweet characters - you are definitely very good at writing them both.

Thank you again for a most wondrous read - especially during the holidays. Blessings!

BeverlyReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/23/2007
Yea!!!!An update! *Whew* Glad the battle is over, but so sad about Koryon. It will be so hard on his Grandma and sister. Well, it looks as if Legolas being blind just might be to their advantage...given the fact that Malcovan can send anyone into a trance-like state with his hands.
I love Brina..she sorta reminds me of Gimli in her very blunt way of talking and taking charge...LOL.
So..Legolas met Gildwas many years ago..with Malcovan. Humm..the plot thicken's.
Can't wait to read more. *uummm..any idea of when Legolas will get his eye-sight back..ya know...just asking..just asking*.
Great chapter...hope you can update soon.
As always

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/23/2007
Interesting that Legolas's blindness should have turned out to have at least one advantage anyway. Koryon's death is a tragedy and a waste.

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/23/2007
Hey Nightwing!!! Great to have you back! I had forgotten how wonderful this story is so now I have an excuse to go back and re-read it from chapter 1- big treat for me!!!

The aftermath of the battle is really ocvincing- all that excitmetn and energy followed by an exhausted sort of 'clearing up'. There is a real sense of camaraderie amongst the characters but I cant think what Brina will say / feel when she finds out about Koryon- I think she will probably blame Malcovan rather than Legolas as he fears- it is not his fault. You always draw Legolas so well- he is brooding and reflective, anxious about being left behind... the idea of his visaul memory going is really sad, that he cant remeber green reminded me of Frodo on Mount Doom.

Hope all is well with you and htat this post means life is better for you.

PS: My last review was anonymous- I hit send before putting in my name doh!

AlarielReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/23/2007
As usual a wonderful read. It seems that I did not get an alert for the previous chapter so I will have to hunt it down and read it.

This is a wonderful story and I am glad that you are sharing it with us. thank you.

RobinscatReviewed Chapter: 47 on 11/22/2007
I was so happy to see a new chapter. I missed the last chapter, so I had a real treat with two new ones to read.

I was satisfied to see that you did not make Aragron and Legolas the super heros in the battle. They are both injured and exhausted. It would not have been believable if they had won the battle duo handedly. And I really like how you portray their friendship, again very believable, with conflicts and resolutions, ups and downs, the good and the not so good.

Your original characters are very good, too. I could picture the healers house, the confusion, the noise, the emotions. Your descriptions were just right, not too much graffic details.

I hope your Thanksgiving Day was enjoyable.

Thank you for sharing your gift.


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