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To See A World  by Nightwing 9 Review(s)
WinterwitchReviewed Chapter: 50 on 3/25/2015
I can't say how happy and thrilled I were when I saw you were continuing your story! ♥ I read the new chapter (49) right away, really loved it, and then got sucked into fest writing and obviously forgot to review, as I can't find it here or on FFnet. So I hope you'll forgive me if I keep it at that and continue here with the next chapter, which I equally loved.

How nice Arath is getting more screen time - he is a great character, and it's a comfort to know it was he who had watched over the two friends, and helped them in so many ways. Aragorn's observation about Ramhar are very interesting, and I'm looking forward to how that part of the story unfolds. But my heart goes out to Legolas, who now has even more that weighs on his mind, and that strange injury to deal with. You're describing what goes aroun in his mind, and what he feels, so clearly and palpably it's very easy to get into his skin, and experience what he must feel and think here.

thel-thalionReviewed Chapter: 50 on 11/12/2014
Yours is one of the most evocative, profound and detailed works I have ever encountered. I remember back in 2005 (has it really been that long?) this was the first fanfic I've read and it absolutely captivated me. Welcome back and I wish you all the luck in the world to finish this project successfully.

WindsingerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 8/21/2014
Yeah! Another chapter! I just love how you write Aragon and Legolas and the adventure you have sent them on is just amazing. This was one of just a few stories I have been checking on to make sure I don't miss any chapters. Very nicely written and imagined.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 50 on 8/13/2014
Love the cat as ever.I fear there is dark magic in Legolas' wound.Eagerly awaiting more.

MarianelReviewed Chapter: 50 on 8/5/2014
I hope the boy survives they look for. I like Arath, I hope we will see more of him.Its interesting how Legolas copes with his blindness and sealonging. Lucky boy hes got Aragorn to keep him sane. I love how you make them interact and that part when Aragorn says he pities Rahmar was so wellwritten.Certainly looking forward to next chapter./take care /Marianel, Sweden

TariReviewed Chapter: 50 on 8/4/2014
Glad to see another wonderful chapter has been posted. Hopefully that awful tonic will restore Legolas' sight.

Author Reply: We'll see!

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 50 on 8/3/2014
I do not do well keeping up with long stories. I am sure that I have not reviewed this one either. But I had to comment on your Arath. Your "rough hill man" reminds me so much of Gimli! Yes, it began when you had him walk in on surprisingly light steps, and call Legolas "laddie". (Which, by the way, I do not believe is "Book Gimli", but it adds so perfectly to Gimli's character that if it is a "P.J. creation, it is a good one.) But your whole description of him as having a rough exterior, but a good, warm heart really tied the connection for me. I believe that when this is over, he will be one more in a list of Legolass's good friends found along the way.

Author Reply: You're right, Arath is sort of Gimli-ish. I figure anyone who carves out a living in the wild, though he may be a light-hearted guy, must also have a lot of common sense and inner resources to make it out there.

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 50 on 8/2/2014
Woohoo! A new chapter!

I am so worried about Legolas's vision of the sword and the way it is playing with his dreams. There is some kind of enchantment associated with that blade. Yet I will hold that no matter what, Legolas's blindness is what is going to defeat the sorcerer. Malcovan is evil through and through and learning that Ramhar was perhaps under a spell makes me fearful about what he is doing to the boy. I think too that Ramhar's illness has been induced through magic. I don't underestimate the sorcerer.

I absolutely love the characters, as always. Arath's ability to cook but his inability to make beverages is amusing. I hope he gets to follow his dreams. I like too that each has a story of his own.

Now I'm looking forward to hearing what Ramhar might have to say. I'm sure he has a story too.

Thanks for the update!

Author Reply: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I know you're out there frolicking on the beach with margarita in hand right now. I'm happy you like my OCs. It's rather fun coming up with them and fleshing out their stories.

NalediReviewed Chapter: 50 on 8/2/2014
I worry more and more about Legolas's wound. I'm veering toward the dark magic theory with the dark dreams and voices. Poor Legolas. (But at the same time, I do enjoy seeing him suffer, just as long as there's hope of a happy ending!)

I have to agree with Aragorn. If Ramhar has been imprisoned by Malcovar's sorcery all this time, then he is greatly to be pitied, even if the evil he's done can't be forgiven. Maybe now that he can be questioned we'll find out more. And I really hope he'll tell them the whereabouts of the boy.

Thanks for the great update! As ever, I can't wait for more :)

Author Reply: Thanks Naledi. Totally dark magic. Fun to play around with that evil stuff.

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