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To See A World  by Nightwing 5 Review(s)
NaryaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 9/17/2009
I love this story :) I stumbled across it completely by accident, intending to read just one chapter, and now I'm addicted. Legolas' sorrow and anger are beautifully depicted, completely understandable and very real, as is Aragorn's grief at not being able to help his friend. Wonderful work.

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/11/2003
I know you heard a little flack over the unexpected turn in this chapter, but for me, I loved it. I had said in the previous chapter that there was a hint of danger dancing on the fringes of this story, and I was so delighted to see it make a sudden lunge forward in this chapter. I think your timing for launching it was perfect too. Far enough into the story to have your readers lulled into a state of comfort, but daring enough to make people lurch a little. I love that in a story. Rolls and dips! Yes!

Now what is going to happen, and what does Legolas really know? He sees into his motherís death, but what insight has he gained? The orcs that killed her came from the north. But why? Does he know? Ooh, I canít wait to find out more.

As for reactions, wow! Right on the mark. Seriously. Legolas is frustrated, and I canít blame him. The poor elfís situation is grim, and despite the fact that Aragorn canít find what is wrong, my Legolas is still blind. Was it the toxin that did this? I have to believe it so, and Iím thinking the incredibly slow withdrawal and tedious resumption to a state of health is indicative of the healing process for Legolasí eyes. Thatís my guess at least.

I loved the description you painted in this chapter, especially the small symbols you use (the leaf being set adrift on the water, for example). Your painting of words is exceptional here. Keep feeding me this. Thatís the stuff that I love.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 8 on 10/27/2003
Ai. Such guilt, carried unnecessarily by both. Guilt over his mother's death, guilt at keeping Aragorn away from Rivendell, guilt over how his family treated Aragorn after his mother's death. Guilt over Legolas' blindness, guilt over arriving too late to stop the dart, guilt over overprotecting his patient. They needed this conversation. Now if only each will heed the other's absolution of that guilt.

Layered on top of Legolas' guilt is his unswaying conviction that he is of no use without his sight. Useless to his family, useless to his friend, useless as an avenging son. Perhaps since Aragorn does not share that conviction, he will be able to help Legolas realize that even blind, he has much to offer. I certainly hope so, anyway.

Your depiction of all these emotions was very poignant and heart-rending, Nightwing. Every sentence I read moved me.


MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 8 on 10/25/2003
....ahwww...what a great way to start this chapter. Your discription of Legolas mother and her feelings and the way she says good-bye to her son by kissing the small green!! That is so special!
The whole chapter touched me very much! It is great how you let these two close the gap that might open between them, by the way they are there for each other. Friendship is so unique!!! I love the way Legolas opens up slowly to Aragorn...and the gentle but also strong way Aragorn pulls everything out.
Well you know why this *frienshipscene* is getting to me so much...! These two have such a strong bond....and nothing can seperate them...! The differences between them are so great and still the respect of the other kin and also the knowing of the value of the friend is showing in every acting.
Oh and the turn to the blade in the end...well...hurry up writing!! It is interessting how Legolas "sees" the sword before him...I know he is an elf and has special abilities. But he runs in things and fights hard to see with his other senses...but knowing exactly what kind of blade it is by the first touch...!?! I know it is burned into his mind because of the horror, the death of his mother means to him, but maybe there is also more "going on" with this kind of sword.....hint hint!

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 8 on 10/24/2003
Oh my, the opening scene to this chapter was so heartwrenching. For a moment there, I thought Legolas' mother was going to take her own life, and not let the orcs take it for her... but how you described it was just bone chilling.

So this is really good, b/c I don't know how you are going to resolve it. This part about the sword brings an interesting twist into the story, the orcs that killed his mother, so close to him, but yet he can do nothing b.c his sight is lost. Very metaphorical indeed.

I await your next chapter with great anticipation.

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