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To See A World  by Nightwing 6 Review(s)
ThilwenReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/2/2004
This is great!
But first, would you mind directing me to the nearest cold shower? That description of Legolas... er... less than atired was quite... attention-getting! Besides that, you really have Legolas' and Aragorn's friendship down just right. I loved the humor in this chapter. Yes, blind people, or in this case elves, really can laugh and have fun! Being totally blind myself, I really appreciate the way you're handling this subject. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for not turning Legolas into a helpless whiner. I've seen other authors do this, and it does *not make for pleasant reading. You portray Legolas' angst as he tries to deal with his blindness very well. Though I was born blind, I know of many others who have reacted in a very similar way to the way he is reacting. Oh, I was ready to hit Aragorn over the head myself when he told Legolas that he was not allowed to go outside a couple of chapters ago. Legolas reacted just as I would have had even a good friend told me the same thing! I can't wait to keep reading, so I will end this review now. Keep up the great work!!!

In God's peace,

Author Reply: Holy moly. For the first time since I started this story, I am terrified. And elated. A blind person is reading my story. Yipes, yipes, yipes. Out of my hundreds of readers - and I value them all highly - you have suddenly become the one whose opinion matters most to me.
Forgive me... I see you are only on chapter nine. Legolas does get whiny. Terribly, horribly whiny and crybabyish and all sorts of tiresome stuff. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, and this is how I have envisioned the long reaction to finding oneself suddenly blind to be. Many bad days, some good days, and a lot of adjusting and mood swings.
I hope you get through it all right and stay with me. The main focus and long term goal is to demonstrate triumph over adversity. I cannot wait to see what the elf can do once he is no longer protected, and I pray the outcome pleases you.
Please check in again when you get further along and let me know what you think. I've tried to do my research, and would appreciate any feedback you might offer.

Timmy2222Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 7/6/2004
Oh, nice, it is getting a little lighter in here, and you really got me laughing out loud with that sentence: "The ranger's hackles rose." Could not imagine Tolkien ever writing such a sentence, but it works wonderfully with the rest of the chapter.

Well, as we know from the third part of the movie, there were many women stating that before the crowning ceremony someone (deep, deep sigh) washed the King's hair! Yeah, count me on the side with those liking Aragorn better scruffy looking, maybe after having a mud bath...

Timmy :)

Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 4/10/2004
Nicely done. I know this is long past when I should be reviweing, but this was just too brilliant.

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/11/2003
Happier moments. We needed this chapter.

But good lords, Nightwing. Squeaky? I wonder what the elvish equivalent is for that word. Something more poetic, I bet. Still, I love it, and the cat probably doesnít care. That being the case, if the name fits, wear it.

I think Legolas needs to be introduced to the horse. I think it may be good therapy for him. And Iíll bet he could even learn to ride again were he to be given the chance. Horses, as I understand it, can be trained almost like seeing eye dogs, so that might be a very nice fit.

One little worrisome thing for me on Legolas' recovery. What is this about his disdain for food and the taste of it? Wine is okay, it seems, but food? Is this a clue or just a remnant of the toxins still working their way out of his body? I feel like we are not quite done with this illness. You are making me scared, you know. Is that intentional, of just more of the paranoia I've been experiencing throughout this story?

As for the old swimming hole, eeks Aragorn, get thee to a bath! I would imagine the man reeks. Funny how so many of us chuckle over his scruffiness. There are some who like that sort of frayed, unwashed look, and some who like their men elven-ly clean. Count me in the latter group. I love what Legolas does to him. Funny! And not only does he force Aragorn in once, but twice. Bravo, my elven prince!

Ooh, but after all the light playfulness of this chapter, whatís this you have hinted at now? ďI smell death.Ē Those arenít exactly pretty words to end a joyful moment, are they? So what next, Nightwing? More? Soon? Please?

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/8/2003
Now that chapter was something else! Legolas in all his glory, my you provided some nice visuals for me and I thank you very much! It was great to see Legolas laughing again, although he is still in much pain, but it was very nice to see him playing with Aragorn in the cold water (I also very much appreciated the Aragorn visuals!)

Squeaky the cat, well is fast becoming my favorite, but please I ask
you don't kill the cat off. Let the litte one have a happy ending.

LamielReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/7/2003
Oh, Nightwing, this is wonderful! One of your best chapters yet. I can completely sympathise with the difficulties of combining work and authorship, but I'd say that your writing is only getting better and better. Definitely worth the wait.

This was so funny! I can completely believe that Aragorn would go seven weeks without bathing, but it's hard to imagine that Legolas would put up with the smell. There was so much I liked about this chapter--the little detail of Legolas' difficulty with the door, and Aragorn having to tell him where the food was . . . so wonderfully done. But of course it's all drowned out by the fantastic image of naked Legolas swimming.

Woo hoo! So wonderful, a real nude Elf treat, without having all those cliches of slash fics--"oh, we're so hot and dirty, what to do, oh hey look, a moonlit pool!" But that image, when Legolas arched his back and then ran his fingers through his hair . . . oh dear VALAR that was good! Hee hee!

I do love the friendship and love you have between Legolas and Aragorn, without getting into slash. Wonderful! And now there's a sense of foreboding building . . . "the smell of death." Mmmm. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser. Looks like things won't be quite as nice in future chapters. I am so impressed by your pacing with this story--you hold back, not giving too much away at once. Very well done. I have so much trouble with that--just want to jump ahead and get everything out at once. This is brilliant.

Oh, by the way, the bit where Aragorn asked Legolas if he could talk to the cat--that wasn't by any chance inspired by Ithilien's sketch of Aragorn pretending to talk to the squirrel in Hunting Trip, was it? Very clever.

I could go on and on. This is just such a pleasure to read! But I should do my own work now, I suppose, and then maybe I can get a bit more of DP done this weekend. (I was doing so well with the new chapter, but then I moved, and I had to buy a new computer . . . real life has no respect for fandom.)


P.S. It definitely helps to have someone experienced with tranquilizer darts leading this mission. I was discussing rope with Theresa just yesterday, though, and given the notorious difficulty of tying up an Elf successfully (that ability to wriggle out of the tightest bonds in two seconds is definitely a nuisance to the would-be Elf stalker) she suggested that wire might work better. A surprisingly ruthless suggestion, coming from her, but it has merit. Just visualize those slender, strong wrists caught fast, the sensitive skin lightly scored by the shining wire, those burning dark eyes looking up through the fall of golden hair, so proud, so defiant . . . heh, heh, hoo. Deep breaths. I believe that Theresa is swinging by her local supply store on the way. It never hurts to be prepared.

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