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To See A World  by Nightwing 8 Review(s)
LadyArwenReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/10/2004
Ah, beautiful. Again, I know this is far beyond when I should be doing any reviewing, but I simply cannot help it. The leap off the tree was simply magnificent. Kudos on a job greatly accomplished. *standing ovation*

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/16/2004
Late again. Sorry. Sorry. But in time to deliver this before your birthday, so happy birthday a couple days early (though this is not your present -- ha! I have something better planned).

Well, I am delighted to see Legolas asserting himself, but I'm also eager to see this story move forward. I can see we needed the slow build so we could appreciate the recovery, but now I'm looking forward to more of the meat of this story. I am saddened too that Legolas does not appear to be regaining his eyesight with his healing. Hmmm…this really has me baffled. I'm wondering more and more if his blindness is a physical state, or a mental one. Where are those medieval MRI's when you need them?

This chapter was lovely, a quiet reflection on the angst of his blindness. The tree was good counsel for his pain -- I found in it the strength of age and limitation, and I like to believe it was a symbol for the solid resolve of Legolas' soul (the tree told him of old pains but proved to him that one can overcome).

But better still, this chapter was optimistic, because it showed us (though I was as nervous as Aragorn at first) that a blind elf can still do much. And I am adoring little Tithlam and the role she is playing in his life.

Now, more story please! I eagerly wait.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/14/2004
Phew! My heart leaped into my throat when Legolas jumped from the tree. What in Middle Earth was he thinking! What if there were other branches below him? What if the ground below was uneven? What if he landed on the cat?!

Still, it was good to see him take the initiative. Every day I discover what a blind elf cannot do. Perhaps it is time to find out what he can do… A very nice line, Nightwing. Legolas seems to have reached a major turning point with regards to his disability. (Although I'm still hoping he won't have to accept it forever!)

The image of Thranduil drinking tea alone in his wife's garden was heart-breaking. Made even more so by the simplicity of your one-line description.

Great job, Nightwing!


French PonyReviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/8/2004
Hello, 'tis me!

Sorry I'm so late about sending you this. I've been kind of busy this last week or so, and I didn't want to shortshrift you on a review, so I waited until I had some time to sit and write something real, for I much enjoyed this chapter.

Legolas sorely needed the alone time in the tree, and not just for the benefits of climbing. I think he needed to be away from Aragorn for a while, free of being taken care of. He has every right to some self-pity, but he doesn't seem to be the sort of person to mourn his loss when someone is around. And Aragorn is always around.

It's funny; you don't think of sight as something to grieve over -- after all, if you are blinded by poison, at least you are still alive. But it is a loss, and a profound one at that, and I think people are always blindsided by how much they can grieve over something like that. And grieving is a process, it just drags on and on until it ends up in little fits and spurts. It's scary because it's beyond your control, but Elrond was very wise to point out that the only way out is through.

And at the end, there is the realization that Legolas is still connected to the world, albeit in a changed way, which I'm sure is a great comfort to him. It's probably what brought his appetite back (a sure sign that something has begun to heal). And now we learn that Elves count echolocation among their talents. The kittycat continues to fascinate and delight.

TheresaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/4/2004
This is a marvelous story. I hope you continue. Thank you for writing.

MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/4/2004
....It is just the right story I needed today to chear me up!!!
Some parts reminded me strongly of "my oak" and the meetingpoint under the oak, which Legolas and his mother planted....:-)!!!!
I like it, that you give Legolas again time to face his sorrow and also his anguish. That seams just so could he manage this new situation in such a short time, compared to his lifetime and his dependence on his sight.
- "Pain cannot be skirted. When it comes to you, take the direct path and walk. Walk through it until you reach the other side." - that is so true!!!!
It is wonderful how much wisdom and insight Legolas gets fom the tree. He memorises many things and sees the things he can be grateful for....and also reaches the other side of pain in some ways. And finally he can get rest again....finally he sleeps and gets new strength.
The jump on the end is like he freed himself....that was excelent written!!
And like always...I just adore the way you discribe their friendship!!!

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/3/2004
Good luck with your new job!

It was wonderful to read about LEgolas enjoying the song of all living
things again. Hopefully this is a start for the emotional and spiritual
recovery he needs.

frodo16424Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/2/2004
Really enjoying your story. I like your characterization of Legolas and Aragorn. Both seem true to life, and very natural. Loved the idea of Aragorn knowing when to be there for his friend, and knowing when to let Legolas be on his own. Will be watching for updates.

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