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To See A World  by Nightwing 15 Review(s)
Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 17 on 11/3/2006
It is almost 2am - I hate it when I find a tale this good - I started reading chapter 1 at about 8pm and look - here I am still. Chapter 16 - but I had such fun reading your footnotes that I finally had to stop and say something.

I adore this story - I already emailed an 'elf' friend and told her she must come here and read.

Wonderful tale - exquisitely written and very well researched.

Now - though I will probably toss and turn for an hour or so - I must be to bed - for I have to work tomorrow. The horror of being mortal and needing vast amounts of sleep - which I shall only have a portion of tongiht.

Blessings and many, many thanks for sharing this!!!!

Author Reply: A thousand apologies for not responding sooner. Because you reviewed an earlier chapter, you got swallowed up and vanished from sight for a time. I just found you again as I was poking around.

Thanks much for letting me know you're enjoying it, and for telling your friend!

ThilwenReviewed Chapter: 17 on 10/7/2004
See? I promised I'd start reading again, and here I am at last! Nothing on the blindness this time since that really wasn't a major thing in this chapter. I liked the story about the city. It helps us to understand just who these people are and how wrong things have gotten to be.

About those who see the movies but never read the books, Yes, bravo, couldn't have said it better myself! The movies are ok, but they're nothing compared with the wonder and detail of the books!

Hmm, though I agree that elves do not stop having sex after they have kids, I'm going to respectfully disagree with the idea that they are involved with more than one person. That just doesn't go along with the Legolas I know and love. I believe he would find it impossible to share so much of himself with anyone with whom he's not completely in love and completely bonded. The only thing I can support this with is the way he seems to make friends. When he makes a friend, he doesn't give just a part of himself, at least not to real friends. He shares his whole heart. His emotions run too deep to do anything else. Anyway, we can continue this discussion in private. On to the next chapter!


Author Reply: So happy I am to see your latest reviews! Yes, we can agree to disagree on the topic of elven sexuality. I do like your take on the depth of his feelings of love and friendship.

Theresa GreenReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/30/2004
I am beginning to guess how Aragorn and Legolas are going to be drawn into the conflict in the city. Is it possible that Alun is going to fall foul of trying to work for the Resistance at night and that the poor man will be arrested and imprisoned? Or worse? Or perhaps Legolas will want to travel to the city despite the risk to discover more about this army that is being assembled, potentially to march on Mirkwood. The plot thickens, Nightwing!

I found your comments to your reviewers interesting too. I was aware that archery was one of your hobbies, so I didnít doubt that you had researched the draw weight of a longbow. I remember reading somewhere that drawing a longbow was the equivalent of doing a chin-up using only one hand, i.e. very, very demanding! Still, Iím sure that Legolas has plenty of strength in those lean arms of his. Perhaps I ought to undress my Legolas muse and look at his shoulders just to check? Yes? And feel the muscles with my fingers? Purely for research purposes you understand! Oh dear, my Gimli muse has just shot me a threatening look so I suppose Iíll just have to take your word for it.

And Canon vs Fanon vs Movies is a difficult one, isnít it. It is all too easy to get confused about what is Canon and what isnít. (I know I can never remember which chapter in ďThe Two TowersĒ sees Legolas and Aragorn play strip poker.)

I seem to have drifted away from writing a sensible review here! I do apologise. So I will just add that I love the voice that you have given Alun. His vocabulary and phraseology make him distinct from Legolas and Aragorn. No mean feat, Nightwing! Well done, and I look forward to the next chapter!

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/29/2004
I was just going to leave a review, but I stopped along the way to read some of what other folks have written, and had such a good laugh I felt I must comment. I really love your fans!

Funny how many people interpret LACE in so many different ways. It gives me a great roaring chuckle whenever I think about the various interpretations, which really should not be a surprise as I always looked at Tolkien's essays as a sketch, not the gospel. I totally agree that the rigid view of elves and their sex lives (which some do indeed read to mean they abstain from sex once they have kids) is just too far-reaching. Seeing that elves could choose when to have children, I've always felt that was all the more reason for them to fully indulge in their sexual joys afterward. I know many a sexually active senior couple who don't give up just because they've gone on to higher levels of thought. But I'll stop there, because I could write a whole essay myself on just interpretting LACE.

As for Mandos, I believe that very few instances are cited as to souls being returned to their true forms. Seems I recall something about it taking a long time for that to happen as well (sorry, I know I should look this up, but I'm just being lazy). In any case, the vision of it all makes Mandos' Halls seem not exactly like an endearing place to visit. Actually, it feels rather grim. I thought the Valar were about loving and forgiving. Anyhow, that's my take, and though I'm sure Tolkien meant to paint it as a place of healing and restoration, I see neither as being done toward betterment. At least not in any kind of a pleasant way.

I loved the bits of info you gave us on archery. I do believe you know your stuff, and the next time I need any reference material, you will be my resource. I can't even imagine pulling a draw of 100 lbs., let alone the most whimpy child-weights. My admiration to anyone who participates in this sport has just doubled.

As for the story, I think the info packed into this chapter was incredibly important. I love that you have a sorcerer. Just how much of a sorcerer is he is my question? Is he a Bregus kind of sorcerer, or a Saruman kind of sorcerer? Either way, I think he will reek havoc upon our friends. I'm looking forward to his appearance.

And so the tension builds. We learn of the city and what has been building there over the years (Rasputin and his charms immediately come to mind). We learn of the menace that runs the place (kind of reminds me of Theoden and Wormtongue) and threatens our heroes just because they breathe. And we learn about an underground organization that secretly fights this nemesis (reminds me of some of the French Resistance and the Underground Railroad from various wars in recent history). Interesting combinations, and I'm looking forward to how it plays out.

Most interesting of all though is how Legolas has made the connection between these people and certain events in Mirkwood against the elves. I think Legolas has chosen a bad time to go visiting over the mountains, as he appears to have landed in a rather inhospitable place. His salvation is looking more and more like a trap all the time. An intricate, complicated trap, sort of like the one Gildwas stepped into. Hmmm. That thought gives me the shivers.

Ah, but keep it up Nightwing. I may have missed reviewing you of late, but believe me, I'm here, turning pages with trembling hands in eager anticipation of what you have in store for us next.

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/29/2004
Sorry I haven't reviewed before, but I really enjoyed your story from the very beginning. Though there was little action (except for the beginning) the story is full of suspense nonetheless: the distant threat of the inhabitants of Cabryddin, the oncoming winter and the insecurity whether Legolas will every fully recover from his blindness. But what I love most is your excellent description of Legolas and Aragorn having to deal with such mundane tasks as preparing for the oncoming winter. In times of central heating and supermarkets one tends to forget what effort had to be made in order to survive that time of the year.

grimlockReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/28/2004
Wow! What a great story! I read the first 10 chapters non-stop, had to break for dinner, then read the next ones. *g* It really grabs you, and refuses to let you think about anything else for a long while :)

I like your characterization of both Aragorn and Legolas, and think you're also doing a great job on your OC's. Alun especially, since he has the most detailed personality, could just jump of the page. And your plot seems very well built.

Also, if I'm permitted, I'd like to give my opinion on the drawweight for Legolas' bow. There is a book that describes all the weapons used in the film. It states that both Legolas' bows (Mirkwood and Lorien one) have a draw of 150 lbs. Lorien guards carried bows with a draw of 200 lbs, and experienced Men one of 140 lbs. (Just thought that might help)

Please continue updating, it's a wonderful story!
greetz and hugs,

AlinaReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/27/2004
Reading this story is such a pleasure - I can only repeat myself. Good to get some background information on the city, even though that does not bode well for them, especially for Legolas. Iīm curious when they will get into contact with the less friendly citizens.
Thanks for the great read.

fadagaskiReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/27/2004
Damn, meant to ask - where abouts is this town? Can you point it out on a map for us, or is it situated in that fuzzy area just beyond Rhun?

fadagaskiReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/27/2004
*claps* Excellent chapter! You've truly set up the action and, dare I say it, I think I might have realised something to do with the plot! *gasp* (I can put Captain Oblivious - aka. Legolas - to shame with my inability to take a hint). So the two wizardy folks - Gildwas and Malcovan - are the Blue Wizards, Alatar and Pallando, right? *wheedles* Riiiiight? I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that the foreign Captain is perhaps from Mordor or Umbar, and is a Black Numenorean? Oh I hope he is, because I would kill to see a show-down between him and Aragorn.

Regarding your looong defence against Luthien (who's post I haven't read), I have to say that most of your arguments I agree with. You should make random points like that just for fun; it's refreshing to get a different POV on various canon and fanon related facts (or fictions, as the case may be).

LossenchristalReviewed Chapter: 17 on 3/27/2004
I didn't think it was boring! I think it was a very interesting and well thought out history!:) I am glad that Alun is becoming more friendly with them, and I can't wait to see the boy(I just forgot his name!:( become friends with Legolas!:) Great story! Please continue soon! My only complaint is that I wish Legolas would get better soon!:)
P.S. Wow, that was some cool info about archery! Great research! I never knew that archers were so strong!:)

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