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To See A World  by Nightwing 9 Review(s)
ElenoraReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/17/2004
Alas, once again I've been woefully remiss in getting reviews to you, although I've been following your story faithfully and enjoying it immensely! The last couple of chapters, in particular, were truly enjoyable and very, very interesting to read, coming from a relatively new archer's perspective (I started in on the sport last August). Sometimes after a session with my bow and arrows, I feel just like Legolas during his blindness...nothing went where I wanted it to go!!!

Anyway, while those sections of your story particularly intrigued me, I also loved the "horse" sequence....what a wonderful visual that made! And Aragorn's reaction was - well, simply priceless. I loved it and I'm running out of ways to tell you that. You've really done a neat job of portraying Legolas's and Aragorn's friendship and it is one of the most appealing things about your story...and one that's had me recommending your story to every LotR fanfic fan I know. I'm hoping that is being reflected in your reviews.

Thanks for the great read and I'm looking forward to the next chapter,

e_vrouwReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/16/2004
Hi Nightwing,
Sorry, I'm a bit late with my review this time.

I love the way you describe Legolas' connection to nature. The way he calms Firestar by singing to him and the way he somehow 'talked' to trees in the previous chapters.
I actually had a bit of a discussion with someone about that.
The question was if Woodelves (like Legolas) have a different connection with nature than 'city' elves (like Elrond and his sons). I think there's a difference but I wonder what you think?

My favorite line:
"The ranger regarded the elf in silence for a moment, and decided that he was improving in his attempts to appear sighted."
I was wondering about that, wether he was improving or not.

You're title name was perfect! Freedom Rider.
I think Legolas feels his blindness is somehow hindering him, keeping him from being who he once was. Now that he's rediscovering things he once could do, his confidence returns and he feels free again.

Snow is falling! YEAH! I like snow! Although I'm not sure Aragorn does. :)

Hope you update soon!

Tithlam is back! I absolutely adore that cat. I'm thinking about starting a fanclub. ;D

LKKReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/11/2004
I'm sorry that I missed reviewing the last chapter before this one came out. But I wanted to say that I thought the blindfold idea was a stroke of genius on Aragorn's (and of course, your) part!

Now to this chapter ---- there is only one word to describe it: exhilerating!

What a wonderful display! Not just by the elf and the horse, but your writing too. You caught the scene so well. I thought I was right there, speechless like the boy. Not only was the ride itself fantastic but so was the build up to the ride. Even elves need to break a wild horse in order to ride it. And I think you've perfectly captured how an elf would break him. (I hate to use the word "break" because it's so inoppropriate for the elven process, but I have no other word for the situation.)

This is a thrilling chapter to read, full of the joy of life. Fantastic!

AlinaReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/10/2004
Such a beautiful chapter! I felt truly happy for Legolas and his achievement. He´s not a "horse whisperer", he´s a "horse singer" ;-) I´m glad that he seems to come to terms with his situation, even though story-wise I fear this may lead up to more trouble - Aragorn, beware!
That you shoot a bow yourself explains a lot! I also shoot off the hand (for the same reason as you do - I don´t want to be able to draw and hit because I was aided by some device on the bow) but I do use finger protection. At first I did not but the resluts were rather painful. Weak human...
Anyway, I´m looking forward to your next chapter. This story of yours is truly exceptional.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/10/2004
Legolas is a horse whisperer! Perhaps most elves are -- the elvish way with all good beasts and all that. It's great to see his confidence rising again. I have a feeling he's going to need it.

Kitt of LindonReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/10/2004
I'm so glad Legolas has his confidence back. (Did I say that before? Oh, well.) I knew he'd be able to ride Firestar, yes, knew it the whole time. *over exaggerated innocence* Ok, so I was a bit worried.
Ah, and you described Firestar in such a beautiful way! (Now I'm envious of Legolas for being allowed to ride him.)

You’ve been building up to this point, the snows, and they have finally came. Good, dramatic way to end the chapter.

LossenchristalReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/10/2004
Is there anything more beautiful than an elf on a horse??:)Yes, a blond elf on a chestnut stallion!;) I knew Legolas would have no trouble with Firestar. He is an elf, and elves can talk to animals. A beautiful chapter! Thanks! Please update again soon!:)

IthildinReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/10/2004

I am really enjoying your story – every chapter. It is very well written. I can only echo the many accolades that fill your previous reviews.

I loved the scene where Legolas gets acquainted with the horse and then (naturally) enjoys the thrilling rides without incident – a beautiful scene to imagine. The reactions of the onlookers before the ride were great, too: the boy’s impatience, Alun’s doubt, Aragorn’s worry, Legolas’ confidence; followed afterwards by elation, admiration, relief and joy for the Elf’s success. Two nice happy chapters in a row – ooo – time to get nervous now. ;)
" ‘Let us hope for a soft winter, my friend.’
‘And an uneventful one,’ Legolas added.”
Not a chance. Leggy.

Anxiously awaiting each update.
Ithildin *(

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 21 on 5/10/2004

Aragorn need not have worried. I think riding is used today as therapy for the blind, and when you add in the Elvish Way With All Good Beasts (EWWAGB), it's a natural thing for Legolas to be doing, even more so than archery. And it's interesting to see what Aragorn does and does not know about the body. He's a healer, but at this stage of medicinal history, an observational one only. He thinks that balance comes primarily from the eyes, because it seems logical. You see, and then you orient yourself. It seems that people in Middle Earth have not yet discovered the tremendous role that the inner ear plays in balance. I suppose a few good inner ear infections might have taught them about that, but maybe they haven't put that particular two and two together. But blind people can and do ride, proving that balance does not depend on having functional eyes.

Now that Legolas is adjusting to blindness, it would be interesting to see what happens if his vision returns. The disorientation would be greater than he would anticipate, and probably very amusing to read about. But it seems that this is the only way to go now. To adjust, to go with the flow, knowing that the only way out of difficulties is to go through them. It looks like Legolas is going to have to endure every bit of his disability before something happens.

I seem to keep a bunch of people on their toes. I don't mean to do it, but it just kind of happens. You know you're in for it when a response begins, "Ah, French Pony."

I've had Elves swear by taking Elbereth's name in vain. I think "Sweet Elbereth on a crutch!" was the strongest oath I've used with them thus far. Men might use more scatological curses -- those are always good for a laugh.

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