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To See A World  by Nightwing 11 Review(s)
Timmy2222Reviewed Chapter: 22 on 7/25/2004
I still like following the story and will go on as time permits, but this chapter left me with the question: What was your goal? That Aragorn does not like the winter might be right, but it does not add to the plot. So the only important thing was the murder of that soldier Aragorn watched. I will see where this leads to.

- T.

ValtoReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/26/2004
oooh! I was already to hit the "next" button and what do I find? This story isn't done!? Augh! I just started it the other day and I've been slowly working my way through and I must tell you that I LOVE it! :)
And all the snow makes me happy! and !angst! yay!
I am definitly looking forward to a lot more...
and I too was slightly disappointed in Troy although I cannot complain about the *coughnuditycough* which was...lovely..mostly on Orlando's part :-P

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/26/2004
Somehow this chapter had a feel like the calm before the storm. And the scene Aragorn witnessed does not bode well.

Kitt of LindonReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/23/2004
Or it could be 7 months early. Reading this made me want to go out into the heat.
That brutality is... scary. I do not envy Aragorn for witnessing that.
I dreamt of Legolas, Aragorn, and Firestar last night. Heh, funny how this story is invading my dreams.

EllyBagginsReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/22/2004
wow, the chapters r getting better and better! will the mystery of tithlam and the socks ever be unveiled? lol. oh well, aragorn and legsy have other things to worry about, right? evil army. evil snow. poor aragorn, poor legolas *sigh* what a perfect story...

OakWolfReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/22/2004
plink-plink-plink<(Sound of OWolf tearing up after reading new Chapter)That was way too sad about Legolas's braids.Oh the poor elfy,he doesn't deserve all these downers,shanme on you Nightwing!But Im going to retract that last part because I dont want a strike of your most excellent epic.Keep writing!We must know what's going on in the city,hopefully the 'incident'Aragorn saw wasn't Alun or Tarnan...

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/22/2004
Things certainly look bad in the city. Even from a distance, that was a brutal scene.

But actually what I reacted to most was the idea that the cat would bring them dead mice. I just picked up 5 little mouse bodies from my garage this week. ICKICKICK

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/22/2004
Ahh, nothing like being indoors on a nice evening while snow is falling! And that lovely, sharp, clean scent of snow on the air! And of course Aragorn is an idiot to keep letting the heat out. Wood fires don't actually provide warmth to an entire room, as my family discovered during a memorable ice storm in my childhood, and every little bit of closed door and sealed room is precious. I have to say, though, that, living in a cold climate (and soon to be moving just a wee bit even farther north), I take exception with your use of the word "bitter" to describe a temperature that's warm enough for snow to fall. We just had an exceptionally cold winter, and true bitter cold is when the mercury starts dropping well below zero on the Fahrenheit scale. When it's all the way up there around freezing and snow falls -- well, some of us would consider that a nice balmy day, 'long about mid-January here.

Cats and their gifts! Legolas is right. One should never ignore a gift from a cat. Most cat gifts should be disposed of quickly, lest they start to smell.

Of course I love horses. I used to be a ten-year-old girl.

They did indeed get a late start if they're thinking about smoking meat after the first snowfall. Do they have a smokehouse, or will they need to build one of those?

I like how you've provided two images of Legolas's transitional acceptance of his blindness. On the one hand, he's no longer braiding his hair. He knows that he's missing something essential to being a warrior, and he is acknowledging that change in his status. On the other hand, he's still looking after things that he hears, even though his eyes aren't working any more. The heart is beginning to accept what habit won't. Good for Aragorn for at least trying to get into that world.

And suddenly, he looks down the hill and sees that the climactic scene from a Shirley Jackson story is playing in the town below. . . Tune in next time for the next thrilling installment!

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/22/2004
I love the little sock episode! That little city is a cruel place!
Update soon, please!

TieAillin AlcarionReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/22/2004
I'm writing at 6 a.m. (I'm never up this early) with a migraine, so pardon me if this sounds like Lewis Carroll in places. ;-)

I've been eagerly following this story, so this is really a review of the whole thing. There are a number of stories I follow. Some authors have a great plot but need help with grammar or punctuation; others appear to be channeling Tolkien.

Your style is different than Tolkien's, but your writing is wonderful! I can really see the characters and their surroundings. They are perfectly in character to both the books and the movie; their dialog rings true.

Now to some specifics: the Tolkien scholar, Medieval and Rennaissance scholar, and traditional nutritionist/medicinalist in me have conspired. ;-) I'm wondering if the bark (probably willow, I'm guessing?) is actually preventing Legolas from regaining his sight? I know when my kids are sick I don't give them pain relievers so that their bodies can overcome the illness. I wonder if the poison is causing a reaction in Legolas' sight center that his body needs to react to in order to heal it.

The traditional nutritionist in me says that Legolas needs to have food that will strengthen his nervous system and rebuild the myelin sheaths of the nerves in that area. That would be foods high in A, D, and omega 3's. He will get that from fish liver oil (not likely he can get it here), fish roe (a possibility later in the winter if there is a salmon run), and the organ meats especially of pasture fed grazing animals (a distinct possiblity if Aragorn can get a few deer).

His cellular membranes need plenty of calcium. Are they high enough up that they are getting glacial runoff? Or can they somehow get milk? The raw milk (they wouldn't heat it; no one ever thought of ruining it that way until this century) will contain antibodies and immune factors that could also help the lingering effects of the poison. As a real-life testimony, both my and my daughter's severe allergies have been almost entirely alleviated by drinking raw milk. Elves, with their centuries of living, would know these things (as most non-westernized cultures now know them).

I love Legolas' response to the weather, BTW. You can't change it, so why fret? Enjoy it for what it is! It's a great attitude to life in general.


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