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To See A World  by Nightwing 27 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 24 on 11/17/2006
All I can say about chapter 24 is teheheheeee!!! What a hoot.

DelraukoReviewed Chapter: 24 on 10/12/2006
I had a bad day at school today, so I came home and started to read this story.
I read this chapter and couldn't help but laugh.
The part at the end about the yeast sprouting legs was particularly amusing.
Thank you so much for making me laugh and smile again.
You really helped to lift my spirits.


MandyReviewed Chapter: 24 on 12/29/2005
This is one of the funniest things I've ever read online. Many people try to be funny, very few make it. Thanks for making me cry! :)

sidheReviewed Chapter: 24 on 12/16/2004

Can't breathe... laughing too hard!

"Aragorn, I am not worried. I am terrified. Bread is supposed to be silent. It should not sizzle." The elf swiveled his head round. "Where is Tithlam?"

"Gone out the cat door. And a good mouthful of socks with her."

"She moves her children to the safety of the barn. I am tempted to join her."

I giggled so much I think I woke the neighbours!

"How is that possible? Has it sprouted feet?"

LMAO! The absurdity of it all! *g* Still laughing...

You're an absolute genius! *happy grin* What a wonderful way to spend a night... *settles back down for more reading*

Timmy2222Reviewed Chapter: 24 on 7/25/2004
I knew it was going that way... Laughed myself silly though this piece, too, can never be considered as approved by Tolkien. Right now Legolas and Aragorn are kind of disgracing themselves with their actions.

I hope poor Aragorn won't catch a flu due to the permanent demands of his friend to bath in the pond.


ElenoraReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/29/2004
I'm sorry I've not had a review for a while - summer has been crazy. Needless-to-say, crazy or not, I still make time to keep up-to-date on your is simply too good to miss!

You're latest chapter had me in stitches!! A nice, light-hearted break from the heavier (but still wonderful) chapters we've had previously. This story has simply been wonderful and I continue to be riveted by it and the direction you are going with it. I think this growing friendship between Legolas and the boy is quite interesting...and as always, I love the way you handle the close friendship between Aragorn and Legolas. It is never boring seeing that developed and expanded upon.

I continue to await each chapter with eagerness and I appreciate the great read you've given me these past months. I hope that when this story is completed, you will continue writing other Legolas/Aragorn/? fiction. You are simply too good an author to lay down your pen yet!!


MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/29/2004
....ROFLMAO.....!!!! I just love it!!!

LadyArwenReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/19/2004
Apologies, that previous one was a slip of my finger.

However, after the second reading, *still laughing* I have decided upon my favourite exchange:

"Tithlam is watching us with extreme interest. She recognizes hidden talent when she sees it."

"Nay, Aragorn. She recognizes idiocy when she sees it. She wants to be certain we do not burn down the house."

"Is that why she has set all my socks in a pile by the door? So she can rescue them if need be?"



Oh, no, I can't decide where to end the next favourite bit... ARGH.

*giggles madly*

LadyArwenReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/19/2004

LadyArwenReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/19/2004
Oh, marvellous, marvellous.

*wipes tears of laughter away*

An exceptionally excellent one.

Although it does beg a question: how can a ranger not know how to make bread? ;)

However, that aside, *applause*

*goes to reread it*

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