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To See A World  by Nightwing 22 Review(s)
sidheReviewed Chapter: 26 on 12/16/2004

wow. i am *so* glad that i'm a latecomer to this story, and that i can just click "next" to see what happens next. the suspense would have killed me otherwise!

poor aragorn... *bites nails*

(but ohh, yay, h/c! *l*)

ThilwenReviewed Chapter: 26 on 10/8/2004
Ah, and now we get to the pity party you warned me was coming. (Thilwen grabs her violin and starts playing a very off-key durge.) Have some Elf Prozac, it might help. And stop thinking of what you can't do and start focusing on what you can. Of course, I've *Never been guilty of self-pity. Nope, not me! How did I know Aragorn was not going to be returning! Excellent cliffy there! I'm glad I don't have to wait for the next chapter. i must read on, i must read on!

Author Reply: Yes, that was it. Poor elf. But, once again, there is a reason for the loss of his visual memories. At least I hope there is!! It remains to be seen if I can tie it all together when we reach the climax of the story.
And now, with Aragorn in a spot of trouble, the elf will just have to get his act together. It is high time he found out just what he can do, don't you think? He has no other option now.

ZinnithReviewed Chapter: 26 on 8/2/2004
Hi. Just thought I'd say I've read this story for a while and that I like it. (I'm a shameless lurker, I know. I will probably be terribly punished for it some day). And my cats are squeeking too...

elf-girlReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/27/2004
Wow! what a great chapter. This is one of the best story that I ever read!!!
please write more.
Your Spanish friend.

Timmy2222Reviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/25/2004
OK, now they both are in serious trouble. And since Legolas is hit by those headaches again and knows that Aragorn has set his traps further away, there will be not easy rescue for the ranger to come. So, either Alun shows up again, or Aragorn must find a way to free himself. I truly wonder why anyone planted that trap...


LynReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/20/2004
This is one of my favorite stories. The imagery is so well portrayed, one feels one is actually there amongst the trees. The skill in writing allows one to
swiftly read yet always be conscious of what is occurring. There is no
confusion as to what is happening.

My biggest problem with this story is wearying to have Legolas
continue to be blind, but that is only because I cling to the hope he will
regain his sight. Medically, the longer he is without sight dramatically diminishes his chances of ever regaining his sight. So, in a sense, I should resolve my feelings of hope and just admit he will always be blind.

Clinging to a false hope does no one any good. Unless he regains his sight,
this story will forever be the "blind Legolas" story to me.

As a reader, my feelings affect my enjoyment of the story. For me, real life has more than enough angst. I rarely read sad stories because they do not relieve me of the pain of real life. I still view reading as entertainment, or
as a distraction from the trials and tribulations of life. Thus, I seek stories that "end well" despite angst, sorrow, and difficulties for the protagonist.

You skill as a writer is enviable. I hope real life will allow you to
continue to provide readers with such high quality stories. Perhaps a future
story will contain more humor, less angst. (hint, hint!) Tithlam was a
stroke of genius. The cat who steals socks shall live forever in my memory!
And I do appreciate your research in preparation for your stories.

Best wishes to you and yours.

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/20/2004
So now it has happened. I have feared it all along that Aragorn and Legolas would not manage to stay out of trouble for the entire winter, but this is not good! Legolas is in dire need of a good talk and some company, but Aragorn won't come home this night. And it's going to be a cold night! Now I am sitting on the edge of my seat and biting my nails in anticipation!

MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/19/2004
oh ...what a ending......
I just loved the last two chapters.
And I liked your note on top of 25.....:-))))!
longer review is on its way via e-mail!!!!

FirnsarnienReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/18/2004
Well, congrads on the new job! ;) Hope things go well for you though I may cry if you take too long to update! LOL

Ai! I must say I froze at how cold it is this morning! I don't know how in the world, even for an Elf, Legolas can sleep outside in that tree! Sheesh! Although, I bet he did indeed look glorious sprawled out like that! *sigh* And I would have loved to have seen his face when he woke up, bark imprint indeed! LOL

Poor Leggy though, what a horrible dream. Too bad Aragorn wasn't around to comfort him when he woke. And that head pain, what's it mean, hmmm? Are you ever gonna tell us? Or just torment us longer, hmmm? :)

I thought for a minute, Legolas was going to give in to his despair. I'm glad he did not for I think Aragorn is going to need his help getting out of that trap. Who in the world set it? Do they know they are in that cabin? What is going on? The mysteries abound and it seems we are destined to dwell in darkness even as Legolas does! :( So many unanswered questions!

Please hurry with the next chappy! :)

OakWolfReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/16/2004
whoa-Finest chapter in a while(not saying anything about other CHs but this one stuck out)the details,the foot clamp,the nightmare,all of it wow.

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