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To See A World  by Nightwing 13 Review(s)
LadyArwenReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/21/2004
This was awesome... Legolas -will- find Aragorn, right? He has to! :)

LKKReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/11/2004
I know how to find and save Aragorn! Send out Tithlam, the Search and Rescue Cat!

Legolas should get a tiny cup and tie it under Tithlam's chin like a St. Bernard's rum barrel. Then elf and cat can set forth. Legolas should tell Tithlam to go find Aragorn's socks in the outdoors. She'll be able to find them; I'm sure. Every so often, Tithlam can peep so that the elf will be able to track her. Together, they will find our lost ranger.

Tithlam, the Search and Rescue Cat, to the rescue!

Seriously though, I hope Legolas can find Aragorn quickly. Humans weren't made to withstand exposure to the cold for very long. I'm worried about him. :(


Author Reply: Cute idea. Tithlam is a smart little kitty, but I think this might be beyond her capabilities. Let's see what the elf can accomplish. He might just surprise himself!

e_vrouwReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/10/2004

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but I've been on a very long holiday. I almost wished I hadn't because I missed all the action it seems.
Finally their peacefull days are over!
Not that I WANTED them to be caught, injured or subjected to anything remotely angsty. **cough** **cough** ;)

First I'd like to say that when I read the past few chapters when I got back from holiday. (Which was in fact the very first thing that I did when I got home.) I was in absolute shock after reading "then the perilous path was planted". You chose a heck of a time for a cliffhanger and I actually feel sorry for all the people that didn't come late like me, who had to wait for the next chapter. GOOD WRITING AND TIMING!

I wonder what Legolas and Aragorn are going to do now that they've been discovered. It would be dangerous to stay in the cottage but they have nowhere else to go.

Is it me, or is Legolas somewhat arrogant about elves versus humans? He made a few comments these past chapters comparing the abilities of elves and humans and in my eyes he seemed kind of arrogant. But then elves really are better than humans. :)

The only thing that I would really like to see now is Legolas using his bow in actual combat. Legolas complains that he can only shoot stationary targets but I don't think that's true. Moving targets make a lot more noise than stationary ones. The only problem is that he can't use his bow when he's in the woods. He might hear where his opponent is, but he doesn't know if there's a tree or bush between him and his opponent. Still, I'm convinced that on an open field he can take care of his own.

It's finally cold enough for an elf to feel the cold. WOW!! Must be very cold then.

I loved the way you wrote the last part. When I'm stressed I always ask myself specific questions, just like Legolas is doing now.

Tithlam! I absolutely love the fact that Aragorn is talking to her. She really has become an important part of their lives.

Hope you update soon

P.S. Did they know the terms: frostbite and hypothermia in those days? They seem kind of new to me.

Author Reply: No, no, it's not arrogance. I'm sorry if he comes across that way. It is simple fact... that's all. Elves are stronger and more resiliant and have heightened perceptions. Legolas is actually quite admirng of Aragorn, for being a descendent of the Numenoreans and having been raised in Imladris, he is more elf than man in many ways. But he is never quite going to be able to match them.

Yes, I agree that both frostbite and hypothermia sound too modern. I checked both words in my dictionary, and they were both seen in print for the first time in the 1800s. I prefer using older words when I write for LOTR, but forgot to do so here. It's my medical background popping up!

LynReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/9/2004
As always, well written.

Just two typos:

dependent (not dependant)

another certainty about Aragorn (not certainly)

And, as always,

you are the master of suspense.

Author Reply: My dictionary gives both spellings of dependent as acceptable, but I think spelling it with the "e" is the more common. As for "certainly"... aargh! It makes me nuts. I will read and re-read and swear everything looks fine and read to submit, and yet the typos remain. My eyes just dance over them. And my beta missed this one too.

Thanks for spotting them, and thanks for reviewing.

ValtoReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/6/2004
Augh Nightwing! You're going to leave us there?! Aragorn all alone in the snow! :-O Please update soon can't think of a scary threat, but be assured it's baaaad! :) Bravo on another great chapter

Author Reply: Yes, Aragorn all alone in the snow. Hmmm, methinks you really like it in your secret heart of hearts.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/5/2004
Off goes Legolas the St. Bernard, sniffing into the night. . .

Sorry this is late and short. I've been traveling like a Ranger woman, visiting family in several states. Just wanted to let you know I'm still here.

Author Reply: Glad to hear it! I've had a busy summer too. Are you back home now?

Shaan LienReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/4/2004
Good as always, but unfortunately it only took me two minutes to read.

SouthWindReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/4/2004
You have forced me out of lurk mode. I felt the need to tell you how very much I am enjoying your story. I am in awe of your ability to draw the characters, their emotions, motivations and actions, with such amazing passion, gentleness and understanding. I just love your Aragorn and Legolas. Their joys, pains, confusion, grief, and basic strength and humanity are so real! Each new chapter is the highlight of my week. This is really very, very good! Now that I have finally decided to register so I can post reviews I will try to give you more specific feedback when I can. Now I am going to take my printed pages of this chapter home to savor.

Don't worry about not being able to work on your story as much as you would like. It is worth waiting for and I will be here waiting, as patiently as possible.

Author Reply: Oh my. Thank you so much. Such lovely words. And I really, really appreciate you saying that you will be patient when waiting for updates. Some folks get impatient, but real life always makes demands, and the chapters can only come when time allows. I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/4/2004
Not good, this is sooo not got (I mean the events of your story, not the story itself -- that's still excellent!). Now Legolas has to overcome his fears, or things will go ill, both for Aragorn and himself. And I don't evny Aragorn, being stuck in that trap, out there in the deadly cold. Though I doubt that whoever set the trap is lurking out there. The construction of the trap and the cold alone are sufficient to kill a man ... if he is truly alone, which Aragorn is thankfully not.

Author Reply: So very very not good! But it's high time the elf quite moping about, thinking he cannot make a difference in someone's life. Or save a life. Aragorn had to do something to get him out of that house!

AlinaReviewed Chapter: 27 on 8/4/2004
Yay, a new chapter!!! :-)
I know well how real life can interfere with writing and Im very happy that you keep the story going. It does not feel "ripped" at all, even when the update takes a little - kudos to you! I hope your kitty gets better soon.
Oh oh, Aragorn is in real trouble now. I loved the way you had him stay calm and then finally "snap" when he realized that he had no chance of saving himself. I keep my fingers crossed that Legolas will find him before anybody else does. If he manages to help his friend, it will do his self confidence good, or so I hope, but life will get tough with Aragorn wounded or sick.
I continue to love your tale and Im happily awaiting your next update!

Author Reply: Milo is getting along well. He still has the cast, but is adjusting nicely and galloping around again, thunmping as he goes. He's a resiliant little dude. Hopefully the cast can come off in two weeks.

Yes, I figured Aragorn had to lose it. He remained calm as he tried to work it out, but what with the dark and the cold and the blind elf waiting for him, once he realized he was not going to get free, I think panic, even for such a man as Aragorn, was a true and honest reaction to his predicament.

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