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Lengths and Measures  by Thundera Tiger 20 Review(s)
MarethielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/30/2010
Oh, my. I love this. What a tour-de-force presentation of Thranduil! I love the little father/son dance they do, each with their own 'steps'. LOL Well done!

Without a doubt, my favorite line:

""I will," Legolas promised softly, overcome by a wave of affection for this strict, demanding, impossible elf who was both his father and his King."


Author Reply: Hey Marethiel!

Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you liked the "dance" of father and son. I really wanted to get a sense that they were juggling multiple roles and sometimes resented all the juggling. My own view of Thranduil is that he's a king who was able to keep Greenwood/Mirkwood together despite overwhelming odds, but he's also a father who desperately wants a better future for his family and just isn't going to get it in the near future. That's how it plays in my head, at least, and I'm so glad that some it managed to translate clearly through the story. That's always a big relief. Thank you again for the review!

LamielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/5/2008
I love this moment between father and son. As always your tales show a deep understanding of everything from the history of Middle-earth to the intricate balancing act that is the relationship between father and son, king and prince, lord and subject. This is just beautifully done -- it may be one of my new favorites among your short tales. Although, like Legolas, I do wonder why the archery supplies had to be stored in the deepest, darkest storeroom! H'm. Maybe one of those older Elves was having a little fun at the expense of the flashy young upstart . . .?


Author Reply: Hey Lamiel,

Thanks so much for the review, and I'm glad you liked the layered relationship. It was the driving force behind this story, so it's good to see that it went over well, especially for one so detail-oriented as yourself. As for why the supplies are stored in a deep, dark, storeroom... My own personal explanation is that it's one of those inside jokes that never really ended, and now everyone has forgotten that it was even a joke to begin with. I see Oropher as having started it. ::shrugs:: But that's just my own personal idea. Thanks again!

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/14/2008
As a keen reader of stories about the Mirkwood elves, I was delighted to read this :)
I particularly like the way you first laid out the differences between the two - by nurture, one Sindarin and one Silvan, the ease of being underground (or lack thereof!), the preference for different weapons, the positions they hold. and then you bring it all together, beyond old and young, Menegroth and Greenwood, King and Price, Commander and Captain, they are father and son.
Thank you!

Author Reply: Thank you so much for taking the time to review. It's always good to hear back from people who are invested in specific parts of the fandom. There are lots of different feelings about how the Mirkwood group should be portrayed, so I'm glad you enjoyed this version. Personally, I think there had to be clear delineations of duties. Under it all, yes, they're family, but it takes something important to strip it down to that level. Because they're also in charge of a nation that's in fairly constant retreat, and that has to be stressful. Anyway, thanks again!

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/5/2008
ooh great idea! That ending with the eagles made me shiver - the idea that these wonderful, incorruptible birds that save the hobbits in BOTH books is really effective- what hope is there? None. Elrond's 'broken body' was understated and chilling in that simple statement.
I liked the Erestor narrative viewpoint- the almost objective way he waits for the End. He just mentions the three figures and then it is almost in passing that Thranduil is dead and Legolas has not recovered, Elrohir and Ealladan no longer seeking out their foes but waiting ... all seems so desolate. Even down to 'Estel'.All is lost and not even the Valar will emerge - Erestor's recognition that they wont appear but sort of lets it float through the narrative, just underlines the utter hopelessness.

In fact, I have rather felt like Erestor in the last year - my hopes for decent fanfic gradually slipping away with only a few really good writers still writing, and the Dark Lordship of horrible Mary Sues overwhelming some sites!! (Not Stories of Arda thank goodness!), so your return to LOTR is like the Hobbot and LOTR Deus Ex Machina 'The Eagles are coming'!!

Author Reply: Hey again, Ziggy!

Judging from the comments, I'm assuming you meant for this review to go under the newer story rather than under "Lengths and Measures." :) My thanks regardless! I'm glad you felt it was an effective AU. I haven't played much with Erestor, so this was kind of an experiment for me. I'm thrilled you felt it was a good choice for the POV. I wanted someone a little bit detached from everything in order to get a glimpse of the big picture, and Erestor was willing to oblige. And HUGE thanks for the deux ex machina compliment. Wow. My ego is completely swollen now! I promise that there are still many good authors writing and posting out there, but I thank you again for your words!

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/5/2008
Ah THundera! You are BACK!!!! I have sooo missed you and htis is Soooooo good. Love it.. oh and another one laready posted!!!!

I really really like d this one- wonderful sense of tension and quiet anticpiation.

Author Reply: Hey Ziggy!

Many thanks for the review. I'm glad the posting was so well received. That's quite the compliment! And I'm thrilled that you liked the tone, too. Family dramas are difficult to write, so that makes me feel much better. Thanks again!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/3/2008
How hard it must be, to be both parent and lord, to be both son and subject. You've captured this ambivalence in their relationship so perfectly--it's not a thing much dealt with in the modern world. There aren't many monarchies left, and the ones that are seem to be of the parliamentary sort. But this was once something that often happened.

Yet we can see here how the father and son still love one another dearly, in spite of all the "duty and obligation" that separates them: both emotionally and physically.

I really like your Thranduil.

Author Reply: Hey Dreamflower,

Many thanks for the compliments on Thranduil's dual roles. It's something I'm a little unsure of, mainly because I've never been entirely confident of where the balance between the two should lie. Usually I just cheat and transfer that uncertainty over to Thranduil, which is not the fairest thing to do. He probably does know where the balance lies. Ah well. Anyway, I'm very grateful for your comments. Thank you again!

CesReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/3/2008
I think all of us can relate to this story and put ourselves and our fathers/mothers in this position. At least I can. That's what made it so realistic for me.

Excellent interaction between father/son and king/prince. And that Thranduil trusts his Legolas enough to lead the party, yet not wanting him anywhere near it at the same time comes across so clearly. How difficult a path he must tread.

I've always thought Thranduil more accomplished in the bow than the sword but I guess if you fought at Dagorlad your sword skills would come to the forefront. Then again, I like to think of him as the best at both!

Thanks for a wonderful story!


Author Reply: Hey Ces,

Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad you felt that Thranduil's conflicting emotions regarding Legolas were evident. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I was overplaying or underplaying that, especially since it was from Legolas's perspective and that wouldn't be something that concerned him.

Regarding Thranduil's choice of weapon, for some reason, he's always had a sword in my own personal imagination. Actually, at times, it's a spear, but more often than not, it's a sword. Not that he wouldn't be capable with a bow. He's probably good at that, too. But the very direct way he approaches things in The Hobbit makes me think that the sword might be his weapon of choice. That's the main basis for that, actually, though the Silm comes into it a bit, too.

ElflingimpReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/3/2008
I enjoyed this piece Thundera, I liked the dialog and hidden feelings passed from father to son and the way they slipped back to King and Captain so easily and were interwoven between them. Legolas as always is one of my more favorite subjects in The Lord of the Rings novels, by the way are you ever considering updateing In the Land of Light and Shadows? you know Gimlis still in that cave. LOL! Hugs The Imp P.S. Sorry I just had to ask.

Author Reply: First of all, many thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed Legolas, and I'm glad you liked the dual roles that both Legolas and Thranduil play. Secondly, regarding LLS, I will eventually finish the story. Promise! It's not abandoned. However, my writing energies are being funneled into a couple of WIPs that are as yet unpublished. Once those WIPs release my muses, I'm going to direct them back to finishing other projects. Sorry about that!

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/3/2008
Excellent. As somebody affected by a touch of claustrophobia, I appreciate your description of Legolas' unease in the underground chambers. The conversation with Thranduil is a bit technical, but I suppose that fits the set-up. As for the portrayal of the king - do I detect a hint of Havelock?

Author Reply: It's so good to hear from claustrophobic people, because I'm not especially claustrophobic myself. Well...I shouldn't say that. I get claustrophobic in really large groups of people but not in small spaces or caves. So Legolas's emotions are a little foreign to me, and I'm going mainly on what others have described and hoping it works.

Regarding Thranduil and Vetinari... I have to admit that the comparison isn't something I necessarily had in mind, but I can't rule it out, either. I went on a Discworld reading kick not long ago and revisited all the Watch books, so it's very possible that Vetinari bled over. And if he did, I'm definitely not adverse to the idea of Thranduil looking like the Patrician.

Though I do have wonder if that turns Legolas into Vimes... Perhaps I should count the indents outside Greenwood's equivalent of the Oblong Office.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/2/2008
A very nice piece...

here you see Legolas with the burden of command and what he could have done. And then Thranduil, who has the Burden of being King, you see the love and respect here, but it is shone lightly. Nice work..

Author Reply: Thank you so much for the review. I'm glad you liked Captain Legolas. He's fun to write, so it's good to see that others enjoy him, too. Thanks again!

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