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Keep Alive the Memory  by Celeritas 114 Review(s)
RobbieReviewed Chapter: 10 on 7/3/2013
Oh, this chapter has made me so angry. Who do they think, especially Tom, who they are?
Forcing someone to be normal just because you don't understand (especially without even exactly knowing what about the situation is /not normal/) is just what friendship is NOT! Kira has every right to despair as she is now not only an outsider because of her disability and beliefs but also has to see her friends don't like who she really is.
I know Tom didn't want Kira to get hurt, but he hurt he so much more than physically and doesn't even care.

Author Reply: Tom doesn't care and doesn't understand, but... well, they're all children, and it takes a surprising amount of maturity that you can't force someone to be normal, especially in a culture like the Shire that I think really enforces conformity. And you're right, Kira isn't going to recover from this, probably ever.

Tom will understand, eventually--but by then it might be too late for him.

BeatriceReviewed Chapter: 16 on 11/17/2010
Wow, what a beautiful ending. I have to be honest: I teared up more times than I can count since my last review. This story has been very powerful and should pull on the heart-strings of any fan that feels a connection to Middle Earth and a desire to see and experience that which is impossible. You've conveyed that love and pain of a world that is gone and impossible to attain perfectly; I look forward to reading the sequel. Well done!

Author Reply: Oh, gee. *is abashed*

Thanks a lot!

BeatriceReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/16/2010
Even though I could see where this chapter was going, it was still horrifying when it came to the reveal at the end. So awful to imagine all that history gone forever. (Even though it's not real, the thought of losing the Red Book feels like losing a national treasure. You have a way that really makes me connect with the emotion of the story.)

Author Reply: There were a number of people who were really hoping I was going to pull a last-minute save in this chapter, or if not this chapter, then in the chapter when Kira finally runs into the Families and it's confirmed that yes, her book was the original.

It is horrifying, and it should make anyone who cares about LotR feel awful, even though we know it's not real. I mean, it made me feel awful.

Thanks, though!

BeatriceReviewed Chapter: 4 on 11/15/2010
Wow, this is really touching and totally reminds me of the magic I feel whenever I read the books. I honestly got a little lump in my throat towards the end of that chapter. :')

Author Reply: Yeah, Kira's starting to get sucked in, but she doesn't quite realize it yet. I still love those little passages where she's just starting to fall in love. Thanks!

BeatriceReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/15/2010
Oh wow, that's so crazy to think that the Travellers' tale became a myth that most hobbits don't believe. Very reminiscent of the way people considered the One Ring to be a myth.

Meanwhile Kira and Kerry are interesting and compelling characters so far and I'm looking forward to following their arcs.

On a minor note, I noticed a slight typo in this chapter:

"Though that doesn’t necessary make us related."

I'm guessing you meant "necessarily" instead?

Anyway, a very solid and intriguing chapter. Moving on... :D

Author Reply: Well, there are plenty of other interpretations out there. But we do know that Mad Baggins tales, at least, continued to exist long after the truth was forgotten.

And I don't think necessarily they became myths universally, either. Different people put stock in them differently.

Oh, gosh, thanks for pointing out that typo! I'll fix it right away.

BeatriceReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/15/2010
What a classic way to start a story. I anticipate Kira's adventures in Buckland will be interesting and take many turns. Moving on to the next chapter! :D

Author Reply: Gosh, I wish I'd noticed these as you were reviewing because then I could have given you replies along the lines of "wait and see"...

Although Kira didn't really get out much, she certainly did get up to a lot in Buckland!

Kara's AuntyReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 3/14/2009
Hello dear Celeritas,

Oh wow! I got a mention!! (Skips happily around the living room under the influence of an over-inflated ego). Thank you so much for writing such a lovely story! I see that you're writing a sequel and hope to read of the adult (or almost adult) Kira during happier times.

Looking forward to it!!

M ;)

Author Reply: I've also got some drabbles up on the GFIC comm to try to get myself back in Kira mode a little bit more. Tentative start date is Gondorian New Year.

Kara's AuntyReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/14/2009
Hello Celeritas,

Ah, the end of the tale. Such a pity. It was a fascinating journey, following the Shire's future generations as they coped with (or ignored) the deeds of their ancestors. Kira's newfound ability to read and her ensuing struggle to come to terms with her friends' rejection of this gift and the knowledge it provided her was a turbulent literary ride that left smiling, frowning and dying to take a swing at Tom.

I'm so pleased the lass got to meet Legolas and Gimli, it was something she deserved after all she's been through. And her little tour of the sights important to the Traveller's tale was very poignant. At least she has a precious relic of Frodo that no one can take from her (although I'm not sure that she shouldn't have shared it with the rightful owners - still, she's been on a heck of a journey and her emotions have been all over the place, so perhaps that can be forgiven).

Thank you for this bittersweet story. It was a very interesting and entertaining take on Fourth Age Hobbits!

M ;)

Author Reply: Oh, believe me, it ain't over yet! *grin* But Kira's as much on the road to recovery as she's going to be, so I had to leave her to it.

I completely agree: Kira deserved to meet Legolas and Gimli after all of that! It should be a memory that helps her when things get tough.

The poem will continue to feature in the sequel as well. You may or may not be onto something.

Thank you for your lovely and faithful reviews, and I'm sorry for putting your emotions through the wringer!


Kara's AuntyReviewed Chapter: 15 on 3/14/2009
Hello Celeritas,

poor Kira. What a think to be denied; the joy of reading - especially for a lass with such an active mind.

Hopefully, she'll find a way around this problem...

M ;)

Author Reply: Kira can't necessarily find a way around the problem, but other people will--to an extent--for her.

Kara's AuntyReviewed Chapter: 14 on 3/14/2009
Hello Celeritas,

I am shamefully overdue in finishing your lovely fic, so I beg your most humble pardon, m'dear.

This was a very sad chapter - the saddest of all I've read so far, actually. Kira's reeling from loss after loss (the Book, her friends, her hope, the King) and her pain was almost enough to make me cry. Thanks goodness she was able to renew some old friendships (with Kerry & Sandra) and share her dilemma with people who understand fully what she's experiencing.

I'd still like to have five minutes with that odious git Tom. Will you let me? Hmm?? I'll teach him some proper manners! Grr!!

M ;)

Author Reply: Kira may be losing a lot, but I'd like to think that this chapter at least marks a bit of a turnaround in how she deals with her losses. For one thing she's actually been able to talk about it with people who actually understand.

Tom will get his comeuppance--eventually. And it should be quite painful (in more ways than one) when it happens.

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