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This Distant Shore  by Raksha The Demon 8 Review(s)
Lady_RoisinReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/2/2009
YAY! I found it! I remember you mentioning this story to me and I have been eager to read it. As you know, I'm a HUGE fan of the Numenoreans especially the Faithful. I really enjoyed your interpretation of the arrival to Middle earth. I liked your character Isilme, and I like how you explored her emotional journey as well as her physical one. I loved seeing some of my favorite characters for sure! You did a wonderful job with this.

Yay! I'm so glad to have finally read this. :-) It was well worth the wait.

Author Reply: I'm glad the story lived up to your image of the Elendili - what a great and heroic bunch they were! Elendil was rather daunting to write; but Isilaire helped me access him.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Lady R.!

StefaniaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 12/9/2008
This is a great vignette, Raksha. I liked the parallels to the US Thanksgiving celebration, even complete with Elves bringing a feast.

I am so glad that you ventured into late 2nd Age/early 3rd Age Middle Earth for your setting. I'm starved for stories set in this era and delighted that you decided to take on the challenge. Good work.

- Steff

Author Reply: Thanx for reading and reviewing, Steff! The Second Age/early T.A. is the neglected middle child of Tolkien fanfic, isn't it?! The arrival of the Exiles after the Downfall just screamed Thanksgiving, or at least a sense of coming-together in a new place, to me.

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 12/1/2008
Oh, this is lovely, Raksha! They did, indeed, have much to be thankful for!

Well done!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Thanx much, Barbara; I'm glad you liked the story. Yes, knowing their sons were alive and well must have given Elendil and his wife great joy. Just imagining all that they endured makes me thankful. Sadly, religious/cultural persecution and natural disasters still go on in RL...I am very lucky.

CeleritasReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/30/2008
Wow!!! A great ficlet on a great era that few ever seem to write about...

I appreciated the female viewpoint in this story: it's easy to forget that in the difficult last days of Numenor everyone had to be strong. Isilaire felt very suited to Elendil.

Thanks for writing this!


Author Reply: Thanx for reviewing, Celeritas! Yes, why is that fanfic writers so concentrate on the Third and First Ages and neglect the Second? I've always been intimidated by the power of the Numenoreans, and don't have much knowledge of seamanship; but I'd been thinking of doing a story about Elendil's landfall for awhile. I'm glad that Isilaire seemed right for Elendil; I think they were very helpful as well as loving to each other.

nancylea57Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/30/2008
well it just swallowed the first try at review so here we go again:

if this is out of your comfort zone you ought to wander through more often, this is awesome. you had some wonder ful help and advice but your native talent is very impressive to bigin with. thank you for this little gem, i hope you get it polished very carefully because it radiates love and care as is.

Author Reply: Thanx for your review, nancylea! Oh, this story is definitely out of my usual comfort zone; but it was an interesting challenge for me!

Gotta watch out for the Review-stealing monster, it's swallowed some reviews I've written too. Don't worry about it in this case.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/29/2008
Beautiful and oh, so apt! And so Meneldil was with his grandfather and grandmother? Nice. And with the Palantir they would be able to ascertain that the other ships also made safe landfall. I am glad of that and the wisdom that Elendil showed in spreading the children and wise elders amongst the ships.

Thank you for this one.

Author Reply: Tolkien doesn't specify the whereabouts of Meneldil when the Nine Ships made landfall; just that Meneldil was born in the preceding year, and his father (Anarion) and Isildur were cast up with their ships in Gondor (though I don't remember if the place was called Gondor yet). Seven of the Nine ships carried palantiri; and I am sure that Elendil's own ship was one of them. And it made sense that the children and artisans/craftsmen would be dispersed - someone had to survive to build the Argonath!

Thanx much for reviewing, Larner; I'm glad you liked the story.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/29/2008
I'm not usually a fan of stories set in this era but this story had me gripped from beginning to end.I'm sure Elendil and his sons did have wives like these admirable and strong women. I especially liked the ending which linked Elendil with my beloved Aragorn!I had not thought before just what trials the Faithful must have endured on their voyage to M-e and am glad the eLves greeted them.
A most enjoyable story.

Author Reply: Well, our favorite Returned King is descended from Elendil through both his sons (and baby Meneldil). And Aragorn was raised by someone who actually knew Elendil...

The voyage from drowned Numenor to Middle-earth was described as a horrific stretch of constant storm. Tolkien mentioned that Gil-galad befriended Elendil's group...

I would think that at least many of the Numenorean ladies must have been strong women, just to survive the upheavals without a nervous breakdown!

Thanks for reviewing, Linda!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 11/29/2008
What a marvelous, heartwarming, 'real' look at these events, from a unique POV. Definitely a most appropriate Thanksgiving tale!

Author Reply: Thanx for reading and reviewing, Shirebound. Yes, Thanksgiving as it should always be, a coming together of friends, family, appreciating what one has; having good food, and welcoming the Elven-King & co.!

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