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At Hope's Edge  by Cairistiona 10 Review(s)
DreamdeerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 8/10/2009
The interplay of cotrasts in this piece weave a tapestry of dark and bright, fear and courage, pain and determination, battle-lust and friendship. It's hard to stop long enough to review it, the momentum of the story tugs so insistently.

Author Reply: It may have been hard, but I'm very thankful you paused a moment to leave a kind review! (And I see you've hurried on to more chapters...!) Thank you, always, for your encouraging comments.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/31/2009
A very exciting chapter.At one point I could have shaken Aragorn,but he had the grace to say sorry.You had me worried about Halbarad.I'm hopingI'll catch up soon,but am still dreadfully behind with everything!

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda! No worries about falling behind... I'm just grateful you're putting this story on your to-do list when you're already so busy. I'm glad that you liked this chapter... yes, Aragorn really did need someone like Halbarad to give him a good shake. Unfortunately, our Ranger knows too well how to slip away before anyone can, doesn't he? Read when you can, and thanks for taking time to review!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/20/2009
Ah--found Glorfindel, have they? And what is he doing that they are so amazed?

It sounds very much as if Aragorn NEEDS to get to Rivendell and Elrond's care--VERY soon! No wonder he turned grey when discussing the Wraiths with Frodo in the Prancing Pony!

Author Reply: Thank you, Larner! And yes, that is *exactly* what I'm aiming for with this entire tale... why so many years later Aragorn still breaks into a cold sweat when he thinks about the Nazgul. As for Glorfindel... I could get all fangirly and say they're amazed just because he's Glorfindel, but I'll spare everyone that. LOL Thanks again for the review!

EstelcontarReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/19/2009
This chapter made me really, really tense and afraid for Aragorn. I was on the edge of my chair praying Aragorn didn't do something foolish, which, thank the Valar, he didn't. I really, really love it that you are giving us a very strong Aragorn.

Your description of the fight is very vivid and life like, and Aragorn's fear for Halbarad is very palpable and very moving, and the numbing effect the Nazgūl has on him had me on tenterhooks. I'm glad he managed to overcome it, though just barely. I loved to see both him and Halbarad going in search of Glorfindel to help him.

Author Reply: Thank you, Estelcontar! Yes, a strong Aragorn is really the only kind I know how to write... Tolkien made him that way, after all. :) And I did wrestle a bit with how Aragorn would react to a second "dousing" of the BB... seems to me he might have a bit of an edge, with his innate healing abilities, that would give him that well of strength--a strength that he perhaps doesn't realize he has at this point in his life. It's interesting to think about Aragorn's healing abilities and how they might manifest themselves when it comes to "physician, heal thyself".

Thanks again for the review!

Silivren TinuReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/19/2009
What a mean way to end this chapter! *g* Now my mind is swarming with hundreds of ugly possibilities what might have happened to Glorfindel, though I don't put it beyond you to resolve this in a completely harmless way. I still hope Aragorn won't have to face that Nazgul again, which is why I'm quite sure he will end up having to do just that. ;-)

I loved the way you started this chapter - poor frustrated Halbarad, lol. At least he got to roar at Aragorn, for all the good it did. //"A sniffle! That you would compare...." He seemed to lose all power of speech for a moment, but he quickly regained it and the fire in his eye, if possible, grew hotter. "If you no longer suffer the Black Breath, then I have three heads and six arms!"// My sentiment exactly! :D I was so glad Glorfindel had chosen to position Aragorn with the archers and had given Halbarad orders to stay with him and keep him away from the fight (though I don't think that worked quite the way Halbarad and Glorfindel would have liked, lol *shakes head at stubborn chieftain*).

Aragorn's "You will not fall" painfully reminded me of the battle where Halbarad *will* fall in the end... and made me wonder if he died protecting Aragorn's life.

When the two of them lost sight of each other I wasn't really sure for a while whom to be worried more about. I settled for Aragorn, as soon as he spotted that wraith. *shudders* I'm really glad he found some strength inside of him to resist the darkness emanating from that wraith, though. Whatever will happen now, I'm quite relieved Aragorn will face it with Halbarad at his side.

Loved it, in case you couldn't tell. *g*


Author Reply: LOL! Thank you, Almut, and yes, I admit it was evil of me to end the chapter that way but it seemed to work the best. *grin* I'm glad you liked the chapter, and thank you for the extensive review of it. I always like to hear what readers liked and why. Yes, Halbarad finally had to just let fly at Aragorn, didn't he? Poor man has had to put up with a lot. And yes, the plan to keep Aragorn out of harm's way didn't exactly pan out, did it? I'm glad too that I had you worried about Aragorn and Halbarad both... in the confusion of battle, especially at night, I imagine it's easy to get separated.

I hadn't consciously planned on any sort of foreshadowing with Aragorn's "You will not fall" line, but after I'd written it, I realized it does indeed harken to that day when we all know Halbarad will. I like the idea of him dying protecting Aragorn's life.

Thanks again for the lovely review!

Ainu LaireReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/19/2009
GAH! What an evil cliffhanger! Evil, evil cliffhanger! I don't think I can wait a whole week for the next installment >< Give me the rest of the story, precious :P

Author Reply: LOL ... sorry, Laire! But if it's any consolation, the next chapter will come earlier next week instead of later in the week. Thanks for hanging in there with the story!

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/19/2009
They had found Glorfindel....And???!!!
Great chapter, at least he admited that he wasn't taking care of himself and not following orders...A little worry for Glorfindel, but if he made the Witch King run away before, I don't think that a lesser Nazgul will be a problem, but you can never know...Thanks fopr the update, waiting for more...

Author Reply: Thank you, Fantasia... yeah, I pretty much left everyone hanging, didn't I! I'm evil, what can I say. But yes, Glorfindel is definitely the one you want around when there's a Nazgul to deal with. We'll see how he manages next week (gee, that sounds like an old-time radio serial announcer...) Thanks for the review!

ElflingimpReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/19/2009
Well all I have to say is Glorfindel better be okay!! LOL! Halbarad is such a loyal friend to Aragorn. Hugs The Imp

Author Reply: Thanks, Elflingimp! Glad you liked this chapter... we'll see how Glorfindel fares in the next one. ;)

ElentarriReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/19/2009
You can't end there! :-) You have to update immediately so we know what happens next. :-)

Thank you for a lovely chapter

Author Reply: Thank you, Elentarri! Yes, I know, bit of a cliffhanger... but that way I know everyone will come back for at least one more chapter. *grin* I'm glad you liked this chapter, despite the cliffie. Thanks for the review, and if it's any consolation, next week I will be updating it Monday or Tuesday, most likely, because RL the remainder of the week will be too busy. So it won't be *as* long a wait. ;)

CalenlassReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/19/2009
Cliffhanger--not as bad as cliffhangers go, but one that will have me wondering until next week. :)

SoA alerts are odd for me--sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't. I've given up trying to figure it out, but...I missed one chapter of this fic. Oh, well. I've caught up, and this was an excellent chapter.


Author Reply: Thanks, Cal... glad you got caught up with the chapters. SoA alerts usually work okay for me, but I know sometimes cyberspace throws glitches into the works. Glad you didn't think this cliffhanger was *too* bad. Thanks again!

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