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Adar Rhw  by Rhyselle 2 Review(s)
Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/9/2009
Though not usually a Hobbit reader... I am a lover of Bilbo.... and I feel you did him great justice by your tale. I do so love the description of his holiday westkit!

As for King Dain - I 'knew' who he might be - as soon as I read of his clothing when he first greets Bilbo. Very nice touch indeed. So this is Santa's real beginning????

Lovely tale!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/6/2009
As it was written for me, Rhyselle, I am very honored to be among the first to review it here. A wonderful tale, and one that definitely does well by Bilbo. So wonderful to realize how the Yule traditions are handled in Dale, and so worthy a tale anyway!

Beautiful story, well crafted, and one I appreciate more than I can say! Thank you so.

Author Reply: I kept thinking about what I liked best in your stories and how the cultural/societal details always shine, and then I figured out that was where the "misunderstanding" would come from. From there, I admit that it seemed to take forever for the story to develop, and then one day in late November, I clicked into SOA's front page and it had the quote about how Smaug attacked Dale, and my autistic son was playing the Rankin-Bass THE HOBBIT clips and the line "The bells were ringing in the Dale" sounded loud and clear through the household bustle and suddenly the concept came clear. *grin* My muse just LOVES making me procrastinate! I'm so very glad that you like it!

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