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A Pony's Tale  by Kara's Aunty 43 Review(s)
LivingInMEReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/21/2017
There are few stories on here, in which I actually laugh out loud, but you have done an amazing job!! Thank you so very much!! I have been very ill for almost a month, and it had gotten into my soul, you may say. But, "Laughter doeth the heart good like medicine." Thank you for such a delightful story. Your "Bill" had me tearing up, it was so funny. I truly needed that.

GoldenReviewed Chapter: 5 on 3/2/2009
Great story! *L* What a charming pony! *G*

Author Reply: Hello Golden Girl!

I'm delighted you enjoyed it - and Bill blushed when he read the bit about 'charming pony' (until I told him you meant Asfaloth - he's not speaking to me now).

Thank you so very much for R & R-ing,

M :o)

CeleritasReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/22/2009
Drop dead, Asfaloth!


Nice ending you have here (in case you couldn't tell, I'm trying to catch up on all the reviews I fell behind on!).

Author Reply: Hello Celeritas,

It seemed just the right way to end the tale, with Bill's cheeky wish to Asfaloth!! Not that he would seriously wish harm on him....

I'm still trying to catch up on reading I've left behind, let alone reviewing, so I completely understand where you're coming from!

Fortunately, the stories aren't going anywhere (at least, I sincerely hope not: I've got about 5 I'm still trying to read between my own writings: If the authors take them offsite - for whatever reason - before I finish them, I'll be distraught).

So no worries there, m'dear.

Thanks for R & R-ing,

M ;)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/16/2009
Oh, the plotbunnies and nuzguls get us all--believe me! Look at how many stories I find myself writing at once!

Author Reply: Hello Larner,

I know - it's a bloomin' nightmare, isn't it? You start off with the best intentions, get really stuck into a story and suddenly - wham! You can't concentrate on it or anything else for the bunny banging on the door to your imagination.

Bad bunnies!

Fortunately, the superb quality of your own fics hasn't suffered one bit due to this (I've just seen a new chapter of your fabulous Bormoir fic, so I must get round to reading it ASAP).

Thanks for R & R-ing,

M ;)

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/16/2009
Farewell for the present, Imladris Fair! Farewell nice elves - thank you for your care. Drop dead, Asfaloth.


Well, in fact it's exactly that last sentence that made me laugh ;-)

And since we know already that Bill's wishes do not come true at once, I'd say Asfaloth is in no immediate danger.

That was a very funny story and I enjoyed it a great deal. I especially loved the descriptive names Bill gave his companions: the master with the many pots, the master's master, the (still) flowery one, the Great Grey Vanishing Act (LOL) and last but not least the "Gimmy".

Author Reply: Hello Andrea,

Yippee! Someone finally mentioned the (almost) last sentence - it made me laugh my sock off (is it a bad thing to say that about on's own fic?).

I'm thrilled you enjoyed Bill's tale. He's a good wee soul, really - it's just unfortunate for him that he is so sensitive (although understandable, really, given his miserable past with Ferny).

But it makes exploring his thoughts and writing them down a lot of fun, so I'm pleased that it made you smile!

Thanks always for R & R-ing, it means a great deal, m'dear!

M ;)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/15/2009
Poor Bill - he's going to go East - but he'll be needed where he's going and he's got his Sam and he knows he loved. He's the only one not depressed in leaving if I remember correctly.

And what is this other tale, Precious? We wonders, yes, we wonders...

Namarie, God bless, your imp :)

Author Reply: Hello Cousin,

Bill will be in excellent company on the journey as everyone will look out for his comfort as much as can be allowed on such a trek. But he says thank you for the concern, sweetie ;)

Don't get too excited about the other tale: you might not like it. It's a Harry Potter/LOTR crossover which has been demanding my attention for a while now and it's posted on as I don't think SoA accepts them. But it's fun for me to write because it's about my other literary hero (not necessarily Harry).

Thank you, as always, for R & R-ing, Tookish bloom that you are.

M :o)

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/15/2009
It seems that all is not yet rosy between Bill and “the Gimmy”. I am sure Gimli thinks he is being friendly. Yet in the grooming, it seems that Gimli’s Naugrim heritage came out a bit too clearly, since _Bill_ thought he was mining for mithril. In his coat!! I just _loved_ that image – and so appropriate for a dwarf!

And Bill has at least learned his lesson about “red hay”, so no more friction of _that_ sort is likely to occur. Yet the new source of friction is as amusing as the culinary one – Gimli serenading his new friend!! Perhaps Gimli made a song of Bill’s and Legolas’ encounter – and specificially included the … shower? XD

I can see that Bill is still as interested in f.. ahem, _romance_ as in earlier chapters XD

I must say I liked Bill’s little ditty – I haven’t actually read the Oz books yet, though I have the files on my hard drive, and may actually put them in my iLiad one of these days. :-)

And never mind the waiting – the result was worth it. An excellent – and utterly hilarious – story!

Author Reply: Hello Sunny,

They are quite a trio, eh? Pony, Dwarf and Elf! Although I think Bill likes the Gimmy now, as long long as he doesn't burst into song. At least he won't be scoffing any more Dwarf hair any time soon, which can only be a reliesf for Gimli (and Legolas).

But he is an amorous little pony and I don't think he's had much kuck with the ladies so far, sp he's a bit obsesseed with that just now!

I've never actually heard of the Oz books before, to be honest. I just the song title from the film for my own purposes, but I'm glad you liked it ;)

Thank you so much for the high praise of Bill's wee story - he's delighted to have impressed at least one lady (even though you're not of the equine variety). He asked me to get your phone number for him, but don't worry; I told him to get lost!

Thank you so much for R & R-ing,

A very happy Kara's Aunty :o)

Author Reply: Oops, I made some keyboard errors in that reply which I've just spotted - sorry!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/15/2009
A warbling mini-man, The Great Grey Hope, LOL! I love these descriptions. I'm certain that Bill arrived back in Rivendell from his harrowing experience on the Quest with valorous tales and a new air about him, truly irresistible to the adoring females.


Author Reply: Hello shirebound,


Thanks for the lovely review. I think Bill went straight to Bree after his flight from Khazad-dûm, although I'm not entirely sure about that, but if he didn't, he would certainly have had a tale to spin for the ladies that would have left the prissy elf horse foaming at the mouth.

Actually, I love Asfaloth - it's Bill who has the problem with him.

But the pony does have a flair for drama about him and a rather hobbity-horse way of referring to those around him. I had a good giggle following his train of thought.

Writing this fic was so much fun! What made it more so, were the hilarious reviews that made me smile and laugh and, well, really just egged me on to be terribly naughty. I think there may be another tale for Bill at some point in the future, but for now, let me just say thank you for reading and reviewing. You have helped to make this a very enjoyable experience!

M ;)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/1/2009
Aha! Truly delightful to see this from poor Gimli's POV. And in this case Legolas DID deserve it! Heh!

The Dwarf is now avenged!

Author Reply: Hello Larner,

Indeed! Legolas was rather naughty and got his well-deserved come-uppance from a poorly pony. At least Bill's feeling better now - as well as Gimli!

Thanks for R & R-ing,

M ;)

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/1/2009

That was hilarious!

First of all Pippin's well-meant instructions, Gimli actually trying them out and his final resolve to better carry "the ancient one" to Mount Doom than the little rascal.

Secondly, Legolas' song! It was very hobbity, indeed. But if I remember right, that was also true for the songs sung by the elves of Mirkwood in "The Hobbit". Cheeky elves ;-)

And last but not least, the "incident"!
Well, elf and dwarf behaved very naughty before. But I'm laughing along with Gimli! The princeling should have held his tongue!

Only one chapter to go? "Schade!" I really liked this story :)

Author Reply: Hello Andrea,

Arme Gimli, nicht wahr? Und arme Legolas auch!

But the cheeky twosome got what they deserved: Gimli for wanting to take swing at Bill, and Legolas for making fun of a distressed dwarf!

This stage in LOTR (when all are gathered at Rivendell, waiting for the order to leave) is a perfect opportunity for a fic full of mischief - especially ad dwarf and elf had yet to discover their great friendship. Having a more innocent quartet of hobbits is a gift too, for although they have endured more trials than their kind would experience in lifetime even at this point, they have yet to face the harsh realities of war. Rivendell is just too irresistible a place at this stage not to have them all creating mischief...

I'm thrilled you're enjoying everything from Pippin's cheeky comments and Gimli's unflattering head couture, to Legolas' impromptu (and completely disgusting) 'shower'!

Thanks for R & R-ing,

M ;)

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