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...Does Not Glitter  by perelleth 25 Review(s)
grumpyReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/29/2009
So glad to see that Bilbo is having adventures, after his departure from the Shire. Loved how Aragorn took off after Arwen.

Author Reply: Thank you, Grumpy. I'm glad you enjoyed. BIlbo is an endearing character to me!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/27/2009
What a wonderful epilogue! Bilbo back in Rivendell, and just as honored and beloved as I have always imagined him there!

And do I understand that beginning a-right? There is a competition for the most awful rhymes? LOL! That's a perfect explanation for "Tra-la-lally!"

I enjoyed his reunion with Gandalf, but the best part was his renewed acquaintance with Aragorn/Estel/Dunadan! What fun that they wrote the verse together! It's clear that they will have a warm friendship from here on out.

I do wish we could learn more about Samid, his errand, and the Blue Wizards. But maybe that will be a tale for another time! I can hope.

This was a delightful story!

Author Reply: Thank you again for your kind support, Dreamflower! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this tale!

Bilbo is such an endearing character! When I was re reading parts in LOTR when he shows up, everybody seems os fond of him it is a deluight to imagine what his presence in Imladris must have meant for the residents... and it is obvious from his conversation with Frodo in many Meetings that he developed a strong friendhip with Aragorn... IT was great fun to write.

And regarding the awful rhyming, yes, I told the tale of that contest in mAthom which is kind of prequel to this story... :-)

I wonder about the Blue Wizards too.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/27/2009
What an enjoyable ending! I loved Estel and Bilbo composing together. I like that the return of the cloak pin being *almost* an afterthought. :)

"Tra-la-la-lally!" <>

Dang ring... always messing around with people... There is only one person it belongs to. The very one that should not have it.

I am glad it looks like Samid may have lived to love another day. Cook! :)Gandalf comes than goes - abruptly as just about always. But, it would seem strange any other way.

And lastly, Bilbo is guided onto the path of dreams by those who know it well.

"Have you travelled far?"
"Why would I?"
Oh, why indeed... I want to live in Rivendell too.

Great little story. Thanks for putting this out for us here to read!

Author Reply: I love that scene in FOTR when Bilbo is looking for the Dunadan so they can polish his song together, and then BIlbo tells Frodo that he composed the "All that si gold.." verses for Aragorn when he first learnt of the Dunadan's identity... I figured that they must have developed a fast friendship, and that was what i wanted to explore here... Turth be told, I have always had BIlbo´s last years in Rivendell as my dream retirement! :-)

Thanks to you for your unfaling support and sense of humour. YOu see, I remembered THrungwethil here! :-)

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/26/2009
Ah, I enjoyed this story, Perelleth! Bilbo is a delightfully rich, three-dimensional character here.... Well done!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Thank-you Barbara.
Bilbo and his wanderlust are very attractive to me. I´m happy that you enjoyed this!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/26/2009
I'm so smitten with Bilbo's love of learning and new projects. We all should be so lucky as we grow old. And what an idyllic life he lives. reading and writing and thinking and listening and eating and sleeping. Who could ask for more?

Have you travelled far, Tuluniben?”

“Why would I?”

Why indeed.

Except for the bad things out there that Aragorn has to face. And except for the passing of the Elves.

Author Reply: That's how I figure retirement... :-) I hope it´s not too far from truth! Thank-you as always, Daw.

DotReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/24/2009
I’m so sorry I’m late.

I really enjoyed this chapter. I loved the battle from Bilbo’s point of view. He’s so brave! And he has such a unique voice. I like how you got across the sense of chaos but still made sure that we could follow what was going on.

As he struggled, he again met the eyes of the creature hiding by the trees some thirty paces from him, the light of the torches sparkling strangely on a pale, sunken face. As the creature fixed him in a glare and then ran away with an angry hiss, Bilbo’s hand closed tightly on something smooth and cold. “But that was in Gollum’s cave,” he murmured, as darkness and exhaustion crept upon him. “When I found the ring…” Oh, that was an excellent moment!

LOL at Legolas immediately presuming Mallereg is involved in the sudden fireworks display. Actually, Legolas was great, especially considering what a bizarre situation he’s just walked in on and how annoyed he is with his nephew. It must have been some sight when he finally got a chance to let Mallereg know how he felt. I had to laugh at Halbarad’s comment that Sámid would have panicked again if he saw the two of them.

“Do not meddle in the affairs of the House of Oropher, my foster father always says” LOLOL. Elrond is wise indeed. And I love Legolas’ reaction to Aragorn – so not impressed!

Yeah, where the heck is Sámid gone?? There’s someone who must be sorry he ever set foot in Mirkwood. If he’s still alive to be sorry, that is...

Bilbo made me smile with how he’s always prepared for a story, despite how sore or tired he is.

I’m glad Legolas insisted that Gandalf go to Thranduil - if only because I’m hoping to see Thranduil! What a pity Aragorn couldn’t go. Um, this time.

“I would ask that his life was spared, since it saved ours,” Halbarad asked softly. Good man, Halbarad

You know, I have to say you’re one of the best I’ve seen at writing dialogue. I absolutely love how they all cut across one another and talk about a few things at once. It’s exactly how we all talk but I don’t think I could ever get it across on paper like you do.

I was half afraid to discover what was in the pack. And oh! Ick! Ack! Yuck! I knew it! I’ll have nightmares for a week. It was very interesting, though, to ponder just what this Blue Wizard might be up to.

You had me in stitches with the way Mallereg just answers Legolas’ command with “I will not.” I love Mallereg. I really do.

My brother will understand. I suspect that my father has finally decided to give him a full command… and that is why Sûlgalen wanted all of us to be there. ROTFL! So that’s the announcement. What fun Mallereg must have had at poor Thalaûr’s expense.

“Thranduil is certainly more generous with his wine than Elrond!” *snort* I feel sorry for Bilbo, though. Scary and all as Mirkwood is, he seems reluctant to say goodbye to it for what is undoubtedly the last time. Bilbo reminds me of you, actually :-) He cherishes home and his loved ones, yet he’s irresistibly drawn to adventure and the thought of meeting new people and seeing new places.

Bilbo was moved, as every time he was made aware that his adventures had left a mark on the people he had met, and that they, too, would think of him when they reminisced about those times. It was comforting in a way, to know that he would be part of those people’s thoughts and memories as they would surely be part of his, even if they never met again under the sun. Their lives would go on for long, but he would always be part of them, and that helped ease the pain of the parting. That bit is just gorgeous. It actually brought tears to my eyes. And you’ve caught the tone of The Hobbit perfectly in the parting blessings.

“All that is gold does not glitter,” the ranger called Aragorn said almost casually as he caught up with them and grabbed Bilbo’s water skin from Halbarad’s hands. He cast an impish grin at Bilbo and then trotted up to exchange indications about the road with the dwarves. I’m grinning again here. What a devil Aragorn can be. But what a wonderful link between stories!

That was a lovely ending. I was glad to see Bilbo reach Imladris again. And I look forward to the epilogue! This chapter was great – just the right mix of tension and humour. Merry elves, indeed.

Apologies again for my lateness.

Author Reply: Wow, Dot, you are always so generous with your reviews!

This chapter took long to post because until the very last minute I was not convinced about the battle from the two povs. IT seemed too long and reiterative to me, but yet I could not come up with something better...

I love Bilbo and his wanderlust... I think I can relate to him in many ways indeed. :-) while Mallereg is the character that brings me out of my comfort zone, because he is always merry and optimistic, despite the situations, and without being banal...I like that.

Oh, and I am sorry that I forgot to mention that Samid's pack hid your birthday prestn! :-) Sorry sorry sorry! :-)

Also I msut apologize that I did not manage to find room for Thranduil in this cast. But you gave me an idea for next year! :-)

Thank you very much Dot, it is aleays a pleasure to read your reviews!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/16/2009
Oh, that was good! :) I liked seeing the battle from two povs. Especially one of them being Bilbo's!

Mallereg is just so much fun to have around! For everyone but his kith and kin, that is. lol! And really, Aragorn should have just told Bilbo they had met before. Well, all will become clear when Bilbo settles in Rivendell.

It works very well that there are several reasons and explanations for the spiders and Samid's prize. That's what it's like in real-life. Sometimes, things just happen. Circumstances are what they are.

But, poor Samid! I hope you haven't killed him off, so he can turn up again. Bilbo's concern for him is rather forlorn since it looks like he ran after the sack, besides there being no sign of him. More than likely, he has met with the worse at the, feet? ... of the spiders.

Then, there is that nagging question of Bilbo's about the Blue Wizard.... another desperate adventurer may come looking for something of more concern, like Hobbits said to have mithril hides.

Other people have already pointed out the notable bits I would cite. Most of all though, I like arriving at last at the Last Homely House, and Bilbo feeling that he was truly home at last.

An Epilogue! Yay!

Author Reply: Thank you very much, Redheredh!

I was not fully convinced by the two povs for the same battle, but in the end it was the less bad solution I could come up with.

I have been deliberatley making the same questions to myself and found no plausible answer can be provided at this point most assuredly. While thinking of how information would run in those times ( even nowadays we suffer of such huge misninformation processes) and how all that would add up to msitrust and build up the dark times that are about to come. Who knows what the Blue wizard was up to? or what the people made of his teachings? Or what were the spiders for, after all? NO answers for now, I suspect.

But thankfully, there is laways home to get to after tiring adventures, and one thing that I love in Bilbo is how he managed to make himself at home in Imladris for the rest of his days.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/15/2009
He doesn't recognize the child he once knew, then? Heh! I bet Aragorn is smirking inside at Bilbo's confusion!

Ah, poor Salid. And he lost his egg clutches, then? Probably better he did so. (Shuddering!)

Author Reply: Apoogies fo rthe delay and thank you very much as always for the review.

Aragorn is having great fun in advance, just teasing poor Bilbo!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/14/2009
Oh, I just loved this chapter, from the action filled beginning, with that spider fight--in which Bilbo aquitted himself wonderfully well for a 111-year-old to the encounter among all of them afterward.

I wonder what's happened to Samid--I hope Gollum doesn't get him. And I am mighty intrigued by the Blue Wizard references.

And this, I utterly adored:

Bilbo was moved, as every time he was made aware that his adventures had left a mark on the people he had met, and that they, too, would think of him when they reminisced about those times. It was comforting in a way, to know that he would be part of those people’s thoughts and memories as they would surely be part of his, even if they never met again under the sun. Their lives would go on for long, but he would always be part of them, and that helped ease the pain of the parting.

Wonderful, just wonderful, and so true!

Author Reply: First I apologize for the delay...

And I'm so glad that the action worked! But also tickled that you singled out that paragraph. I really love BIlbo's wandering spirit, but I also know that when you leave a place you leave so much of yourself behind, so I always wonder how he would deal with that.

Thank you very much, Dreamflower.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/14/2009
When you show Bilbo battling the spiders, you do a really nice job of capturing the same tone The Hobbit uses--there's serious trouble but the telling is spiked with humor. Cool moment when Bilbo spots Gollum and tries to tell himself it couldn't be the same creature. I really like the way Bilbo likes Samid, seeing him as a man who loves his home, not some dehumanized enemy.

It's also funny that Legolas expects to find his nephew in the middle of the fireworks, though he should be nowhere near. A nephew ready to take over his patrol, no less! And then answer an order with "I will not."

The moment when the stag joined the battle startled me. It was like magic.

I cannot see why he thought I was Halbarad…”

“I am offended,” the wounded man snorted from the ground.

LOL. And then the memory of an "Elven child" teases Bilbo's mind. I really liked Bilbo's thoughts about how he'd been part of others' lives and they'd remember him even if he never saw them again. That's a comforting thought, isn't it?

Author Reply: I so enjoy writing Bilbo. He seems to be a very special hobbit, free from the usual small-minded maladies of his neighbours. Also his travels broadened and deepened his good nature. And it seems to me that he really feels the contradictory spirit of the nomad, wanting at the same time to be home and away.

Thank-you very much as always, daw!

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