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Ancestress  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
kQKkyQHPMfhFcReviewed Chapter: 45 on 7/15/2012
I'll be very interested to hear if you do fix it becsaue buying a tablet is high on my shopping list but I've always been put off by possible lack of GIMP support.Good luck!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 45 on 7/4/2012
Tuk should know by now he's powerless against Adamanta's charms! ;-)

Author Reply: *grin* Pretty much; of course, she's powerless against his, too, so it all works out, LOL!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 45 on 6/26/2012
Considering my-verse, definitely an ancestor to several of the Bagginses! Heh!

Author Reply: Yes. I confess I had your 'verse in mind when I decided to include a "dancing gene" in the family line, LOL!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 45 on 6/26/2012
Sorry about the duplicate review last time, Dreamflower! Or duplicate timeline, really - I love Bildad's name, it's so interesting, Biblical almost. And Beryl...that's sweet :) Since Beryl is Emerald, that's like Esmeralda, almost...hmm...^_^ I think Beryl is the ancestor of perhaps Merry and Frodo both...

Timeline, during the early years of the Third Age:

-3 - Tūk and Adamanta are married. (Būk and Briar Rose are the names of Tūk's parents, Adamanta of course only has Eru (and one could argue for Yavanna), but I expect it would be odd to think they showed up in person. Lol!)
0 - Briar Rose's birth. She has blue eyes (like movie!Frodo, heh :) ) and dark hair.
3 - Briar Rose becomes a faunt. Raz is born. This is probably around the time Briar Rose follows Tūk about, receiving trinkets from him to keep.
5 - Adamanta "Addie" is born.
6/7 - Around this time, Kali and Ban are born.*
7 - Raz burns his fingers, wheedling biscuits from his gammer and ending up with an upset stomach.
8 - Addie is learning to talk and sing.
10/11 - Buttercup is born.*
13/14 - Buttercup becomes a faunt. Adamanta realizes she is with child.*
14/15 (or very late in 13) Būk, named for his grandfather, is born.
15 - The Wood-elf Galasgil comes to the village and makes a set of shepherd's pipes for Addie. He teaches her, as well as her brothers and sisters to read and write.
15/16 - Aster and Rowan are born.
16/17 - Around now, Galasgil departs, much to everyone's (but especially Addie's) dismay.
(16?) 17/18 - Būk finally learns to speak, though he speaks well from the beginning.
17/18 - Bildad is born, almost two years to the day after Aster and Rowan's birthday. (He has a Biblical-sounding name, actually...*curious*) Because he is born early, and both he and Adamanta are ill, he becomes the pet of the family.
20/21 - Bildad becomes a faunt. Adamanta quickens with child in the spring.
21/22 - Beryl is born in the turning of the year, the dead of winter. She barely crawls, instead quickly learning to run, skip and dance.
(25?) 26/27 - Būk learns to fish, and becomes an excellent angler. He also makes friends with a Stoor, and learns to swim. (Why do I suspect him of being a Brandybuck ancestor...?)
(33?) 34/35 - Būk apprentices to his "Uncle" Gamba, Tūk's first cousin on his mother's side. (Is Briar Rose sister to Gamba's mother, or Gamba's father?) He becomes an excellent hole-builder. (This furthers my suspicions. *grin* I wouldn't be surprised if Būk married one of Gamba's daughters...)
35/36 - Aster and Rowan reach tweenhood. Sometime during their tweens, both discover lads, though Rowan is first to do so. Aster, however, is first to attract a lad, Herugar, from a Harfoot village
after 48/49 or so, Aster gets married to Herugar of the Harfoots
51/52 - Beryl, an excellent dancer, becomes betrothed to the second finest dancer in the village.

Būk m. Briar Rose (at least one sister, Gerda, and one nephew, Gamba)

1 s. (Tūk)
at least 2 (?) d. (unnamed)

Tūk m. Adamanta

1. Briar Rose
2. Raz "Little Tūk"
3. Adamanta "Addie"
4. Kali (T)
5. Ban (T)
6. Buttercup
7. Būk
8. Aster (T) m. Herugar of the Harfoots (Harfeet? *grin*)
9. Rowan (T)
10. Bildad
11. Beryl

Author Reply: Don't worry about the duplication-- I've done that myself a time or two! LOL!

Yes, Beryl and related names (like Esmeralda) seem to fit in the family line much like Adamanta and the variations on Diamond do. And of course, it's important to have a green stone, as the Dunadan once told Bilbo...

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