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Trotter  by Dreamflower 291 Review(s)
MattReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 1/12/2017
I finally had time to read this longer tale. Really liked it a lot. Whether you're working with elves or hobbits you have such delightful characterizations. Too bad Trotter couldn't find a love even amongst a representative of the other races, but sometimes doors like that just don't open in our lives. Thanks for your hard work on this delightful tale.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 4/2/2015
It is time for Hildifons to go home indeed. I vaguely remember (I think) you writing a story about Pippin taking Hildifons' book to the Thain's study and placing it on Gerontius' desk? Or am I misremembering? Lord knows I do that often enough Dreamflower, lol! Anyway this was a good reread, though it left me with more questions than answers, as usual :)

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 32 on 4/2/2015
I have a feeling Hildifons is looking on Bilbo and smiling at his nephew!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 31 on 4/2/2015
Alas for Arathorn son of Arador, son of Argonui! But at least Trotter had the chance to know Thorn's son, for a little while. I think Trotter would be uncommonly proud of the man Thorn's son grew up to be.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 30 on 4/2/2015
Isengrim was widowed and lost a child? :( That's terribly sad! Is it referenced anywhere else? :( poor Isen!

I'm glad Hildifons has news of his family, both good and not so good, and that of course Isengar made it home. Where did Gandalf find him, I wonder?

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 29 on 4/2/2015
Poor Thorn - he lost his grandfather, Arador lost his father! And Hildifons lost his mother without being able to say goodbye, or that he was sorry. :(

This Winter was terrible indeed!

(I've been meaning to ask - what's catarrh, exactly? Other than obviously very terrible sickness?)

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 28 on 4/2/2015
Oh Dreamflower, I love Trotter's homecoming - for that is what it is, coming back to his adopted home, and his family, including Thorn. It always amazes me whenever the huge age difference between Arathorn and Gilraen is pointed out, but you did an excellent job of illustrating it here, that's for sure LOL! I hope Oriel and Nethon will be happy, too!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 27 on 4/2/2015
The songs and tales carried me out of myself-- even when I could not understand all that was said (for my Sindarin was still lacking to a certain degree) I could somehow feel what it all meant, and was carried away by the pictures in my heart to far distant times and places. And so it was, that I was startled to hear a mellifluous Elven voice, deep in timbre, speaking not in the Elven tongue, but in Westron. I looked to see an Elf even taller than most I had met so far. He had a mane of golden hair, and in the light of the fire he seemed to glow himself. Never before had I seen such comeliness and power.

He was telling a story of he last days of the King: Arvedui of Arthedain, and of a group of valiant but small archers who had marched to his side. He told of how their bows had defended the camp, where the healers and the servants were tending the needs of the wounded, and how a small force of the Enemy had treacherously come from behind, to slay the defenseless. The archers had turned to meet this threat, with bow until their arrows were spent, and then with stones until they were utterly overwhelmed, and all were slain save one, who was left for dead.

And he told of the grief of the Army of Men and Elves, who had turned from their own victory against the Sorcerer of the North to find one last sad defeat behind them. They had driven the Enemy off from despoiling their victims, and then come back to grieve for the gallant fallen.

As he finished, he looked directly at me and bowed, and then he came and knelt before me. I was surprised to see tears in his eyes.

"My lord," I stammered, "I have never heard any who knew the fate of those long ago hobbits before. How do you know of what happened?"

"Master Hildifons, I was there. My name is Glorfindel, and never have I ceased to grieve for the sacrifice of your people, for though they were a peaceful folk of a peaceful land they gave their all for their King. And you are a worthy descendant of them."

Glorfindel and I were friends from that moment on.

I loved that part! Especially "Master Hildifons, I was there..." Wow. What a realization!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 26 on 4/2/2015
Poor Hildifons. He hoped no other hobbit ever faced a decision like that.

Foreshadowing. :( *hugs Bilbo...and Frodo*

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 25 on 4/2/2015
Elrohir backed away and closed the door, leaving me alone with the wizard, who crossed the room and sat down next to me. "I understand you did something rather astonishing."

I looked at him and shrugged. "I did what I had to, to protect my friend," I said.

"You did indeed protect your friend, and you protected far more than that. I am uncommonly proud of you, Hildifons Took."

He did indeed protect "far more than that"! What a terrible thought - if Trotter hadn't saved Arathorn...*shudders*

I'm proud of Hildifons too!

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