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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 12 Review(s)
PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/1/2015
Love your Rosie voice and accent-- that is a very good way to write it.
I also enjoyed reading this- how others observe Frodo when he is receding from the Shire and also having his anniversary illnesses bother him. Nice interaction between Rosie and Sam. They both really worry for Frodo!

Author Reply: Thank you so, Periantari. I love Rosie so, and suspect that having been brought up on a working farm she'd have grown up with and even more rustic accent even than Sam. And I think they have reason to worry for their beloved Master.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/30/2010
Of course, Sam would guess much of Frodoís pending journey, but there was no way he could have guessed the true destination. I too think that Rose would be able to see Frodoís light; she is as wise as her husband, truly his equal.

Author Reply: You have stated it so well, GamgeeFest. And Sam deserved someone as wise as he in the end. Thanks so!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/21/2010
At least Rosie and Sam realised Frodo would leave and were forewarned to a certain extent, even if they didn't know yet how far he would go - and that there was really no return. But their trust in the Elves is heartening.

Author Reply: At least Sam knew in his heart that Frodo was right to leave, no matter how he wanted to keep him by himself. You are right there.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/12/2010
A lovely glimpse of true love which sometimes involves letting go.I also enjoyed the glimpse of the comfortable home that Rosie has created. A nice contrast to your AU story.

Author Reply: Yes, the honest love of two who have become brothers at the deepest levels can be wondrous. And there's no question this is QUITE different from "Angainor." I still cannot believe that story possessed me as deeply as it did.

And Rosie must have made quite an impression on Bag End on her coming, for she must have been exceptional to have earned Sam's love so.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/11/2010
I do love it when you explore the pain of loss like this. At least Sam still has some hope that Frodo can be healed before death even if it isn't through his own care.

Author Reply: Yes, he has that hope--and I do trust that hope was not disappointed.

Thanks so very much, Harrowcat!

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/10/2010
This is so beautiful. I love the last line about his "Master's Light"-- loved the dialogue between Rosie and Sam regarding Frodo's possible departure. You've written the characters so well in sounding like them in their concern and their tone of voice.
It's great that there is a gap-filler regarding those times before Frodo leaves-- interesting detail to him seeing his lawyers and going to the bankers.

Wonderful job as usual, Larner!

Author Reply: Am so glad you find this so, Periantari. I have come to love all the Hobbits of the Shire so, including even Lobelia in the end.

And I cannot imagine Frodo not making certain all his business was brought up to date as well as possible. He'd not wish for his leaving to prove an unnecessary burden upon Sam and Rosie. We know he made these two the heirs of Bag End, which would necessitate consultations with his bankers of discretion and his lawyer. I'm just glad he was able to find the proper heir to himself as Bilbo was able to find before he left the Shire.

Thanks so!

cookiefleckReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/21/2010
I know this story is Frodo-centric in intent, but what I like best about it is the loving interaction between Sam and Rosie. And, as I already mentioned elsewhere, I really love this phrase as I think it evocatively sums up some of the elements of Sam's personality that I admire: "He knuckled away his own tears..."

Thank you again for writing this on the occasion of my birthday. Your thoughtfulness is VERY much appreciated!

Author Reply: It is such an honor to know hos much you enjoyed this. I know how much Sam means to you, and I wanted a time for him and Rosie to shine, accepting what must come all too soon at this point. And I enjoy writing birthday gifts! Thanks so!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/18/2010
I'm glad that not only Sam but also his wife understand now why Frodo has to leave and accept it. They are not so far away from the truth.

Right now, however, his brow wasnít furrowed as he sleptóno, it was smooth, and there was such a peaceful look to him as he lay there on his side, and there was no question he was glowing somewhat as he dozed.

What a beautiful image!

Author Reply: I believe they both must have realized the parting loomed, Andrea. And they needed reason to feel at peace with the idea, I think. So glad you feel that image is beautiful. Thank you!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/17/2010
Letting go of someone is one of the most pain-filled things ever - even with the hope of seeing them again. You show this so beautifully.

Author Reply: I know, Liz. Thank you so!

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/16/2010
A nice moment. Ah, if he only knew..........


Author Reply: He will know, one day....

Thanks, Armariel.

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