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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 7 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 37 on 1/30/2012
As if it wasn't enough for Frodo to continually suffer pain from his wound, he must also deal with the the Sea longing.

Falco will never know the horrors Frodo had to deal with. I'm sure his comforting presence is much appreciated. I find it interesting that Sam didn't feel the call of the sea. Perhaps his love of the Shire was too strong.

Author Reply: Sorry to be so long delayed in responding.

Yes, Frodo was most likely suffering from the Sea Longing as well as probable post-traumatic stress disorder and whatever physical discomfort his wounds from the quest left him with. And few who stayed within the Shire could begin to appreciate just what the four Travellers went through outside it, and particularly what Frodo underwent, bearing the weight of the Ring as well as undergoing multiple wounds from such horrible sources during his long journey.

Actually, at least by the time of Aragorn and Arwen's journey north when Elanor was fifteen Sam WAS experiencing bouts of Sea Longing, too, according to one of the two epilogues Tolkien had written and considered appending to LOTR. But he had a wife and children and responsibilities to the entire Shire and to the King as well to help him keep his bearings in the Mortal Lands--at least until Rosie finally died. How long he might have been suffering from such bouts we don't know, but I suspect he hid it as well as he could until he felt free to follow Frodo West.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 37 on 1/27/2012
I like it that Folco tries to understand. The effects of the Lembas must have been hard to live with. I think Tolkien wrote from experience as most British people become melancholy if they can't visit the sea.

Author Reply: I'm certain that Folco would have tried to understand. And having lived near Puget Sound since I was five, I can appreciate how difficult many in Britain find it if they are forced to remain inland too much, although I find I miss the mountains of the Cascades even more than the sea when I have to spend much time toward our heartlands. Like Bilbo, I find myself aching to see real mountains again after being back east for more than a week or two.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 37 on 1/26/2012
I find that section of the Red Book in which Frodo realizes that the lembas would be good for Smeagol's soul to be the most fascinating in the tale. When there was a remark about that other hobbit being able to die in her own bed, I thought Frodo must be pained that he will not be able to do that, that he must leave and die so very far away. What a shame Sauron has warped even an innocent rhyme for Frodo. Love the mention of a smile from our dear being able to melt the heart. :)

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: I do hope that either Elrond or Galadriel told Frodo that he could well be experiencing the Sea Longing as a result of having eaten as much lembas as he did. We know from Tolkien's proposed epilogues that Sam recognized that he experienced it when he was older and a father, so I suspect this was discussed with both Hobbits at some point.

And I, too, was pleased to see Frodo recognizing that Smeagol might have truly benefitted had he accepted the lembas.

As for recognizing that things would not be for him as they were for "normal" Hobbits--well, I suspect Frodo realized that fairly early on, and must have known some grief that this was so. In his letters Tolkien noted that it was when Frodo became ill around the time Elanor was born that he accepted he would need to leave the Shire, and that he would never truly recover. As this is set just after Frodo gave over the office of deputy Mayor, he probably hadn't come to that realization yet, but must have ached at times with the Sea Longing anyway.

As for the smile--well, we know that even for a Hobbit he was special--special enough to draw the fealty even of the King-to-be! Thanks so, Antane!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 37 on 1/25/2012
So very sad and sweet. I'm glad Frodo confided in Folco, who deserved to know the story.

Author Reply: I've always felt rather sorry for Folco, and feel he deserves to know something about Frodo the others don't as yet.

TeresaReviewed Chapter: 37 on 1/25/2012
What a glimpse of the feelings that pulled at Frodo before he made the choice to sail! I lked seeing how he could reach out at least a little to others before he left the Shire again. At least some were able to deal with the changes in him and the others and attempting to understand that they had changed and not condemming them for those differences. Did the Valar send Folco that bit of forsight showing Frodo's future passage; a hint of what might be? And did Folco remember that conversation with Frodo later and realise that someday Sam would also sail west? Your vignettes fill in so many things from the story! Thanks for posting this, it's a lovely thing to read as I look out the windows at the winter sunset! :)

Author Reply: I suspect that indeed, Lord Irmo tried to offer Folco that realization and reassurance for Frodo's future, and that warning for his own of Frodo's eventual leaving of the Shire. And I do hope that on occasion at lease Frodo did speak to those who loved him and let them know at least some of what he was experiencing. As for remembering that conversation later--well, I doubt it was one he would be likely to forget!

I do love writing gapfillers!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 37 on 1/25/2012
Wow! You create beautiful images here!
But it is such a sad situation. Frodo is plagued by the Sea Longing and Folco would love to help him, but he can't. He has no means to do so.

The dream is very significant. The silver light on the grey ship! Maybe later he will understand its full meaning and realise that in fact it was a consolation.

Author Reply: Thank you so, Andrea. Yes, there is nothing Folco can do for his cousin and friend at this time except to listen, which may be all that is needed at this time. And I'm certain that when the others tell him about the leaving of the Ringbearers that Folco will realize the import of the dream, and that in holding aloft the phial of Galadriel Frodo was bidding him farewell as well.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 37 on 1/25/2012
Oh, you make my heart ache so much for Frodo in this. And for all of us who long for things we cannot have. Brilliant Larner.

Author Reply: Thank you so, Harrowcat. And the pups send nibbles to Shadow and your dad.

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