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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 3 Review(s)
TiggerReviewed Chapter: 44 on 6/18/2012
Oh this is so bitter sweet. Poor Frodo and I've never thought of his losses in this way before, but water has indeed taken much from him. Wonderful way at looking at how Frodo began to face his experiences and start on the road to recovery.

BTW, Celtic Women's newest album Awakening also has a wonderful version of The Water Is Wide. Love their stuff and the harmonies they can create give me the chills. :o)

Thanks for the lovely, but still bitter sweet, take on Frodo and his losses.

Author Reply: He is going where he can, hopefully, find the healing he so needs and deserves, but he is doing so at the cost of leaving behind all that ever defined him. And as he watches the expanse of sea between himself and those he loved widen, it must have been terrible.

I'll have to find the album, I think! And thank you for the comments! This tune just radiated "Grey Havens story"!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 44 on 6/18/2012

Well, I was already crying from Dreamflower's story, so that should've told me not to read any more with Frodo's parents drowning mentioned. *watery grin* But I did anyway, since that wasn't the complete focus of this one. I'm glad I did even so - I love Galadriel and Frodo, and the contemplation of their situation here. I feel sorry for Livwen, knowing she could never keep Frodo with her, but I am glad Frodo (and Sam) found their release at last. Your writing is artistic and poetic, Larner, and I'm always glad to read it, even when I don't always come up with something to say about it.


Also, your title reminded me of the Dixie Chicks' "Godspeed" (that's a compliment, by the way, just so you're sure, lol!) and I think I finally understand why the words 'the water is wide' might be included in that song. Off to listen to that while I go back to sleep.

*hugs Larner*

Maybe someday I'll learn to review everything I read, lol! you and Dreamflower, Pearl, Cathleen and GamgeeFest, and maybe more, are why I like hobbits, after all...^_^


Author Reply: It's always interesting when two people end up touching on the same situation in stories for the same challenge. But in listening to the song "The Water is Wide" that was my prompt this month, I found I had to write a Grey Havens story and look at all the times in Frodo's life he might have thought of the water being wide. And how could he not think at such a time of his parents' deaths when he was but a child.

I suspect the Dixie Chicks were inspired by the folksong as well as me! I'd never paid attention to the words of it before, so I found myself thinking immediately of Frodo, the Brandywine, and the Sundering Sea as I listened. How could I not?

By the way, your birthday gift was finally posted last week:

TeresaReviewed Chapter: 44 on 6/18/2012
How beautiful this was, and how sad! It made me think of those who have gone on ahead of me and how much I miss them....... but both Sam and Frodo gained healing during their separation; and their reunion finished the cure. It's sad that Livwen and Frodo were separated but here's hoping that they will be reunited at the end of time! Truly water had given Frodo both his greatest griefs but also helped to heal and strengthen him when he needed it. Many thanks for writing this! :)

Author Reply: I so agree--an element that both harmed and healed him. And once I had the theme, I had to sort of visit it on more than just Frodo!

They will be reunited, Frodo and Livwen.

Thanks so very much, Teresa!

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