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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 5 Review(s)
Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 55 on 2/2/2013
To see Frodo surrounded by so many who care and love him is beautiful, although one feels rather impatient with Jade and the others who don't want to know the truth. I'm glad Pippin managed to tell her - and console her as befits a future Thain who has witnessed wise leadership at such close quarters in Frodo and Aragorn.

Another wonderful look at how life must have been for our hobbits on their return, Larner.

Author Reply: So good to hear from you, BB. Unfortunately most Hobbits weren't willing to listen to the full story of what happened out there, but at least Jade now has a feeling for what Frodo and Pippin at least went through. And Pippin has grown up a good deal in the past year or so, after all.

Thanks so, Baggins Babe!

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 55 on 2/1/2013
So now another hobbit knows the truth. Good! I hope Frodo is able to keep that treat down. Bless those who surround him with such love. *hugs them*

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: Yes, one more knows at least a bit of the truth, and realizes that perhaps things were more serious out there than she'd thought. And I, too, hope Frodo keeps this luncheon down! Thanks so, Antane.

FiondilReviewed Chapter: 55 on 1/30/2013
It is a great blessing to know others care for you and are looking after your welfare. I'm glad Frodo realizes it. He, more than most, needs that reassurance. A lovely vignette, Larner. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Author Reply: It must have been heartening to know that even if they didn't understand everything that some of the Shire Hobbits still wished to help as they could. And, yes, Frodo needed that reassurance. Thanks so, Fiondil!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 55 on 1/29/2013
Oh, this is the story you told me about over that excellent birthday treat!

...but I am interrupted, and must come back (tomorrow, I hope).

Looking forward to yet another treat.

Author Reply: I do hope you enjoy it, Lindelea! Managed to catch the crud myself--am fighting congestion and a sore throat. And they tell me it will be still another day before they have the new pump installed--this one is perhaps salvageable, but so filled with silt and rust from the earth and one of the pipes going bad on me that it would take more labor to clean and recondition than it's worth. They had to replace the well screen completely--the SIL managed to destroy it past salvaging, apparently. When they pulled it up they found the well pipe was filled over it with about six feet of silt and rust that had seeped around it.

And I just might send you back to that shop to get that doll, if you're willing to go for me. I LOVE Madame Alexander dolls! (And, of course, if they haven't sold in in between times.)

Thanks so much for going with me! And we'll have to go back to that ice cream shop yet again one day for another Dr. Chocolate! Heh!

TariReviewed Chapter: 55 on 1/29/2013
Old Flour-Dumpling? What a hoot How about The Michelin Dough Boy or maybe the Pillsbury Dough Boy?

This was a very touching tale. I think Auntie Jade learned a very important lesson. Never judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes.

Author Reply: Actually, "Flour-dumpling" is canon--Tolkien indicated that apparently at one point the Council Hole collapsed with Will Whitfoot inside, and the chalk dust adhering to him when he was unearthed led to him being given this nick-name. There have been a few stories I'm aware of that have gone into this that I remember reading some years ago on FF.n.

Yes, Aunt Jade has been better educated today than many other Hobbits will be for years. At least she realized that the trip outside the Shire was no picnic or light-hearted Hobbit walking party as she had believed. And your advice is, of course, applicable to everyone.

Thanks so!

Author Reply: The tale of the falling in of the Council Hole is briefly described in the scene in which Pippin, Sam, and Frodo visit the common room of the Prancing Pony, by the way--Pippin told the tale to the other patrons, and was getting ready to describe Bilbo's disappearance when, at prompting from Strider, Frodo climbed atop a table and began to address the party, prior to dancing, singing, and disappearing himself. Was rereading that last night!

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