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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 5 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 65 on 2/16/2014
Oh my! There old Odo is going on and on about the things he would like to be replaced and seems to be absolutely oblivious to what Frodo is actually saying!

And Frodo is far too kind (as always) ;-)

The end is just great. At first Odo might have felt affronted by that "present". But it turns out to be perfectly fitting for his purposes.

Author Reply: Odo just isn't the type to listen. And at least he did get a pump originally crafted by his grandson, although a lot earlier in his career than he'd expected. Grin!

And although he was frustrated, Frodo did keep his temper as well as he could. A fun one to write.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 65 on 1/30/2014
My word! Some people are entirely too thick and stuck on themselves!

(And Frodo is entirely too kind... much kinder than some people deserve, at least.

And did Odo get the dig, or was he happily oblivious?

What a lovely birthday treat, thank you!

Our "new" computer arrived and proceeded to flake out within a day of being installed, so we will have to limp along for a couple of weeks until its replacement arrives. *sigh* It's not worth it to put Word on it when we're just going to be reformatting the hard drive and packing it up to send it back upon the replacement's arrival.

Still, perhaps I can borrow a laptop again to add a chapter here or there. Don't know. Anyhow, am still thinking of plot points. Looking forward to seeing you next week! Maybe we can bounce a few ideas off one another.

Author Reply: I think that Odo did get the dig, but he also got a new pump, so it wasn't a totally worthless adventure to try to beard the Baggins lion in his den, I suppose.

Hope that the new computer is working well. You should have it by now!

TariReviewed Chapter: 65 on 1/29/2014
Well I guess every society has to have someone in it who is a self-absorbed, selfish, egotistical jerk and Odo fits the bill. He's unbelievable. Frodo did a good job of keeping his cool in this situation when he could have had Same throw the bum out. I would have.

Author Reply: Well, in this case Sam may not have physically picked the old coot up and dumped him outside the door, but he did the next best thing. And it was fun revisiting "Newfangled Gadgets" again after all this time. Thanks so!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 65 on 1/29/2014
Your tight-fisted old Odo is quite the character! I love the firm way both Frodo and Sam deal with him.

And the end was too funny! Frodo's sense of humor in both gifting the old Proudfoot with something useful, while at the same time administering a subtle rebuke was delightful.

Author Reply: I found I needed to somehow revisit "Newfangled Gadgets," and this scenario allowed me to do so! Odo wanted a new pump, and he got one. Probably not the best pump around, but certainly unique! Heh! And I do like poking fun at the dear old Proudfoot from time to time. It was nice to have a reason why.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 65 on 1/28/2014
This is a lovely tale, but sometimes I wish Frodo had just told some folks to "stick it." He was far too good to live in Middle Earth.

Author Reply: Which, I suspect, is a good part of the reason he was welcomed to Tol Eressea! Heh! Well, he all but told Odo to do so here. Thanks so!

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