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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 5 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 70 on 5/7/2014
Well, I am not surprised that it is Frodo who has problems with "knowing one's dinner" ;-)

But I can understand him very well, especially when I imagine a crate full of fluffy little chicks.

Author Reply: Oh, yes. We raised chickens when I was a kid--lots of barred rocks, silver laced Wyandottes, and blue Andalusians primarily. No Aracaunas, though. No naturally colored Easter eggs for our flock. The thought of eating a chicken we'd known since it first hatched out of the egg--usually in my mother's electric frypan set to the R in WARM that we used as an incubator, by the way, was intolerable! And watching newly hatched chicks trying to stay awake is about the funniest thing imaginable--the only thing funnier was to see our Mother-to-Every-Baby-Creature Pomeranian trying to figure out how to potty a chick. She had no difficulties pottying other Pom's babies or even the newborn kittens we occasionally had. She certainly tried to steal the baby skunks born under the chicken house on more than one occasion, and would have been pleased to potty them, I'm sure, had she not been foiled each time by the so-possessive mama skunk. Ah, the joys of living surrounded by animals when we were growing up!

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 70 on 5/7/2014
By this logic, the annual pig raised by some childhood friends ought to be called "Christmas dinner". :D

Author Reply: It does sound appropriate, doesn't it, Sunny! LOL!

AinarielReviewed Chapter: 70 on 5/6/2014
Oh, this made me giggle! I am a country gal and my neighbor raises black angus. Best beef you ever tasted, and I swear half of it is because he takes such good care of them...but he's a bit of a softy. He tracks his bloodlines to see which crosses put on good weight naturally, and which calve easier, etc. He told me he had to stop naming his cattle (he uses numbers now) for this very reason!

Author Reply: Glad it gave you a laugh, too. And I certainly understand the situation! See my answer to Lindelea for the inspiration for the names bestowed by Pippin and Sam! Heh!

Thanks so, Ainariel.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 70 on 5/6/2014

I remember two 4H families raising steers for meat. I think the names were T-Bone and Chuck, if I remember right. When the time came for the beef to go in the freezer, they swapped cows so that they weren't eating one they'd known personally...

Author Reply: Friends who were foster parents to several children at once as well as the four they'd adopted raised weaner pigs three years in a row. The third year we brought them two piglets and another family did the same. The four pigs were named Portia, Hamfast, Sausage, and either Bacon or Porkchops--can't remember for certain that last pig's name. That inspired the names chosen by Pippin and Sam, I find. Heh!

We raised and showed chickens, but didn't eat any of them, although we did eat a LOT of eggs! We rarely had to buy eggs during the years we were in 4-H. After she married my sister finally began eating some of the game cocks she and her family raised, and I was surprised to learn this. I certainly couldn't imagine her eating Murgetroyd or Champ, her champion blue Andalusians from our 4-H years! And Murgetroyd was the model for Sparky--you had to fend that ornery hen off with a rolled up newspaper or an empty feed pan to get feed into her pen! And dumb? Murgetroyd used to lay eggs from her perch rather than in the nesting box. Most chickens are anything but smart.

Glad this brought a laugh!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 70 on 5/6/2014
LOLOLOL! Ah, Frodo! *giggle*

Author Reply: Glad it gave you a giggle! Heh!

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