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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 6 Review(s)
6336Reviewed Chapter: 71 on 8/27/2014
I wonder how much longer Frodo would have been able to remain in the Shire if he had had the wound probed, also just how difficult it would have been to deal with the spiderling, nasty little thing.

Some bites from the young are more potent than from adults and if was continually being bitten from within it is no wonder he was failing more rapidly as time went on.

Makes you wonder how different things would have been otherwise.


Author Reply: I agree, Lynda. Frodo had suffered such a unique blend of injuries, so many of them must have had long-lasting effects. How much easier it might have been for him without having suffered the spider bite we have no way of appreciating, but certainly it had to have added to the burden of his pain and personal fading. Thanks so very much!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 71 on 8/23/2014
We are not precisely joined at the hip, he answered.
That is, of course, true. If Sam had known about Frodo's condition though, he would have been at his side. But Frodo Baggins sometimes is very stubborn.

Its not a pleasant tickle, either, and at times it feels as if I were being stung oror bitten there.

I wonder if Frodo suspects what really *is* under is skin. Elrohir, I think, might be on the right track already.

But I understand Frodo's fears to become crippled. It is really a sad situation!

Author Reply: I agree. Realizing that a single move too deep could cause permanent paralysis would make anyone reluctant to do more than was absolutely necessary, I'd think

Thanks so.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 71 on 8/16/2014
Oh, how sad! Such an awful thought to contemplate.

Author Reply: I agree. And after all I've written in other stories indicating what was in there, it's especially awful! Thanks so, and love to all.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 71 on 8/15/2014
Scary! Good story, though. Frodo was way too stubborn for his own good. Kept him going long enough to save Middle Earth, but then he could not let go to save himself. He would have needed the Undying Lands in any case, but he could have been more comfortable while waiting had he let friends assist.

Author Reply: I know. Persistence can be a virtue but also a vice when it turns to old-fashioned stubbornness. I am certain that Frodo wished only to let life return to normal, but it was not to be. He said it himself--the Shire could not be the same for him because he himself had been so changed by what he'd been through. And he had no immediate family to draw him back into what life had been like and what it was developing to as children grow and spouses undergo experiences that haven't been shared by the one who'd gone abroad. Certainly he wouldn't want to share the horror he'd seen with those he truly loved and cared about.

You are right--he definitely needed the Undying Lands, and in refusing to allow Elrohir to seek to remove the source of the irritation he made things worse for himself in the interim.

Thanks so!

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 71 on 8/15/2014
No, not attached at the hip but at the heart. :) Alas for Frodo and his pain. I wish too that Elrohir had been allowed to probe the wound but I certainly understand Frodo's fears. How terrible for him to feel something bit him again and again. Mosquito bites are bad enough for me and I have very attractive blood apparently. :(

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: I've tried to imagine what those in South America where certain species of spiders are known to lay their eggs under the skin of their victims experience while the spiderlings are developing under their epidermis, and felt that Frodo might well have known such experiences had Ungoliant indeed been injected into the wound as I've imagined possible. Certainly Frodo might have hoped from time to time to do something on his own without having to involve Sam in it, and if he had needed such assistance as he begged from Elrohir I do suspect he'd want to do it quietly so as not to possibly cause concern in Bilbo and his companions, at least.

I've only received a few bites this summer, for which I've been very grateful. But having grown up in a home surrounded by ponds and a big drainage ditch, I certainly appreciate how uncomfortable mosquitos can make one feel!

Thanks so, Antane!

TariReviewed Chapter: 71 on 8/15/2014
Tell me you're not going to leave us hanging. I have to know what is in Frodo's neck. Surely someone can remove it.

Author Reply: What is in Frodo's neck is indicated in "Spider's Ambition," a short story in the Neath Anor, Ithil and Gil collection; "Judgment and Healing" in the Moments in Time collection, the longer AU novella "Go Out in Joy," and "Angainor," which is in the Might Have Beens collection. You will see three means in which the danger it foreshadowed might have been dealt with in those stories. Heh!

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