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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 8 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 78 on 4/26/2015
Oh, how I wish they had paid attention to Frodo's fears! Though I understand, of course, why they didn't. I wonder if this is the first or one of the first stirrings of the Second Sight that he had. And Primula's story - such a tale any loving mother could have made up to star her beloved son but whoa, so close to reality and that vision she had of his hand was interesting too. Drat that Gollum. I hope he wasn't involved and this was just a tragic accident. I ache already and once more for Frodo.

Author Reply: Oh, but I so agree. I suspect that Frodo has always had his own degree of foresight, much as is believed to have run through the Tooks and the Fallohides. After all, he is descended from the Old Took. Yes, drat that Gollum--or SOMEONE, at least. Heh! We all ache for Frodo.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 78 on 4/6/2015
No, my precious, not the right Bagginsss!

Oh my, it never has come to my mind that Gollum might have caused the deaths of Primula and Drogo! But it is very plausible - and scary!

According to Primula the story she told Frodo about his future was just made up. Did she really think so?

Author Reply: Well, Primula was also descended from the Old Took and may well have been subject to Took Sight. How it might have shown itself in Primula is the question.

I can't remember just who it was who first suggested Gollum might have been there at the time of the deaths of Drogo and Primula, and I've found myself imagining how that might have happened so often.

Thanks so very much, Andrea!

TariReviewed Chapter: 78 on 3/30/2015
Bittersweet comes to mind when reading this tale. Frodo's mom had a premonition of his future life just as he had a premonition of his parents fate. Sad all the way around.

Author Reply: Indeed, Tari. Alas that this was the last evening he should know with his parents.

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 78 on 3/29/2015
You know, I have wondered about this very thing the last few years and...*shivers*. So very well done my friend. Although, I don't think even this will make it tough for me to fall asleep tonight as it has been a long emotional week, but for all the right reasons for a change.

We got all of the World Figure Skating Championships livestreamed from Shanghai, China this week and...well..Let's just say I *hate* the time difference between NE Ontario and anything being covered live in Asia bigtime!! I'd finally managed to get things somewhat back tp normal after the live coverage of the Aussie Open too and then three major Skating and Curling Championships one after the other from mid February till now and all in Asia. I do not want to think about how overtired I am right now, but it was fun and...AND...:oD

The first time I ever saw Megan Duhamel skate, it was at a local Club Competition for the little ones and I was there to watch my cousin Sarah. She was 6 and Megan 7, but even then you knew she had that something special in her. As the years have gone by I watched and cheered her on. After winning the Canadian Jr Title, I thought she was on her way, but it wasn't meant to be in the Singles in the end. That final year I swear Megan went through more injury wise than most athletes go through in their entire careers!!

However she had also been competiting in Pairs during this time. When she decided to do it full time and also paired up w/Craig Buntin after the 2006 Olympic Cycle ended, who at the time was the reigning and 3 time Cdn Pairs Champion, I was really excited and thought good things were headed their way and... Not only did it seem like they being held back by "something", but they missed the Vancouver Olympics by a very slim margin. Craig retired and Megan came close too, but then a good, and also from NE Ont too, friend Eric Radford was in the same position. His partner retired, he wasn't after all his almosts sure if he wanted to go on either, but if Megan was willing to give it a shot, then...

I *knew* when watching that first grainy training video of them on YouTube something special had just been born and each year they've been building on that, the last two years brought two World Bronzes and Olympic Silver in the Team Event In Sochi, then an undefeated Season going into Worlds this past week and...and... :oD

I think I went through half a box of Kleenex Thursday morning between the moment it was official and Megan burst into tears backstage to the Medal Ceremony, Oh Canada and seeing the Maple Leaf in the middle going up to the rafters. :oD. Then another four or five earlier during the coverage of the Gala. Hearing her and Eric introduced as the 2015 World Pairs Champions...

I am so going to be such a mess in May when I go to the Toronto Stars on Ice show , but it'll be a really good mess. :oD

Sorry for taking over the review, but I know you know what Skating means to me and after the last few months, it's lovely to share a HAPPY emotional thing happening for a change and thought you'd be haapy to hear about it too. :o)

Once again...A very chilling story to fill in one of those, "Hmm...I wonder if...?" gaps the Professor left open for us to ponder. Very well done indeed.

Oh and I saw your reply to my review of the story before this anvd if a cute innocent sweet wee plot bunny escaped from the Hatch, I had nothing to do w/it at all. ;oD

Author Reply: So glad that the recent past hasn't been as traumatic as more distant happenings. I don't have TV reception where I live at the moment--may give in eventually and have the satellite reception restored, but not yet. My budget is still rather tight.

Anyway, so glad you feel this story was well written. And there are so blasted many plotbunnies breeding again in the back yard that I'm going to have to ship a few off to Shirebound or something to get through them! Heh!

Thank you so, and hope that the Toronto Stars on Ice performance is tremendous!

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 78 on 3/28/2015
There's just one little problem with this. According to canon, Gollum never made it to the Shire, so he wouldn't have been on hand to murder Frodo's parents. Is this an AU story, then?

Author Reply: We're not really told where all Gollum wandered in the nearly seventy years between his loss of the Ring to Bilbo and the day he bit Frodo's finger off in order to recover It in the Sammath Naur. We are told that sometime around the year of Frodo's parents' deaths he ended up in Cirith Ungol and made Shelob's acquaintance, and that he was captured sometime afterwards and taken to Barad-dur for torture and questioning, eventually being allowed to "escape" in hopes he might lead Sauron's creatures to the Ring.

In my story-line, following rumors of "Baggins" Gollum ends up in Buckland, which technically isn't in the Shire, in mid- to late-spring, and returns swiftly to the mountains, then heads further southeastward as the nights grow longer, drawn by the siren call of Sauron drawing all beings with an evil nature to himself, arriving in the tunnel of Cirith Ungol in the late fall or early winter. It is a possibility, after all. And it adds more chill to the story.

Yes, possibly AU. But then, by following Lindelea's theory that Frodo was beginning to suffer congestive heart failure, I'm going against the Master already, who indicated failing health had little or nothing to do with Frodo's decision to sail when he did. However, with what we now know about the often progressive nature of untreated PTSD and the physical conditions now tied to snake, spider, and tick bites and how they often manifest years after the original bite, I question that Frodo was not suffering from long-term degenerating health problems most likely on several fronts.

Face it, the Master left us probably more leeway for invention than he'd intended. Certainly those who write slash stories are taking advantage of that fact. I hope that this doesn't disturb you too much.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 78 on 3/27/2015
There you go again Larner. Another flash of genius. Very plausible and I love the foreshadowing. Very dark but brilliant.

Author Reply: Oh, but I'm truly honored, Harrowcat! Thank you so! I've always felt that the boating on the river was something that Primula cultivated in her husband, finding it romantic; that such an incident should turn deadly seemed a likely reason, and how could anyone else know how it came to be that the boat turned over? And I found I had to work the foreshadowing into the tale Primula told her beloved son.

Again, thanks so much! (And I hope you look into "Stories Familiar and Rare" below this one!)

FreyalynReviewed Chapter: 78 on 3/27/2015
Oooh, shudder.

Author Reply: Shudder indeed, Freyalyn! Thanks so!

frodo16424Reviewed Chapter: 78 on 3/27/2015
How chilling! Never would have thought of Gollum being anywhere near the Shire! Believe you've outdone yourself with this one!

Author Reply: It has always been at least a small possibility, I've thought since the years somebody else considered something like this happening. Thank you so, Frodo16424.

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