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Another Moment of your Time  by Larner 6 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 86 on 1/17/2017
That's our Frodo! Never give up the hope that people might change.

Otis CAN change, of course, but does he really want to? I'm not so sure.

Author Reply: I, too, have my doubts as to Otis wanting to change--or at least not yet. Thanks so, Andrea!

TariReviewed Chapter: 86 on 1/9/2017
What a hateful Hobbit. I'm on the Thain's side. In fact, I would have kicked him out of the Shire.

Author Reply: He isn't a pleasant sort, is he? Perhaps he did deserve exile; but as with Frodo feeling Gollum had deserved death but was advised that even the wise cannot see all ends, it is always possible even Otis has some good office to perform, even if he does not intend it to be a good office at the time.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 86 on 1/7/2017
Oh, ouch, no fun!
Hope you are feeling better.

Cats is cats, one minute they love you to death and the next they don't want to be any where near you, until that is, you play the can opener for them!


Author Reply: Cello has never forgiven me for bringing small dogs into his realm. Since the last guide dog died, he's been the supreme ruler, and he feels I have somehow betrayed him. Heh! My cats tolerate Brendi and other dogs well so far. I do have a sweet bunch of animals here. Now, I await the fetching of the new pup next week.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 86 on 1/5/2017
As ye sow so shall ye reap.

I think Otis got a lot less than he deserved, true banishment was probably more like it but Frodo always tries to see the best in people and hopes that they will improve, some how I can't see this happening with Otis!

By the way thanks for the Christmas card, sorry I wasn't able to respond, the Holidays were more than hectic and not improved by a fall Christmas Eve that did my arthritic back no good.

Have just been mewed at by Miss Kitty, who is in from her midmorning purrtrol and is wet, so I guess it must be raining.


Author Reply: It is hard to predict how Otis will go from here, but had he stayed within a close distance of his sister and her family I have no doubt he would have continued to imagine that somehow he deserved their happiness; hopefully the removal to a distant part of the Shire will shake him out of his own "discomfort zone" sufficiently to start a change for better behavior, although I doubt anything will truly get through his feelings of entitlement to get him to deal with others realistically.

Sorry for the fall; I had one, too, after our December eighth snowfall. Somehow I managed to break a rib with my own elbow on that one! I'm certain this fall did your back no good at all!

I am visiting a friend from college, and her cat, who used to love me, is sittig in the corner of the room, glaring at my dog in his pen and threatening me as I try to return the laptop to its table. He has never forgiven me for bringing my poms into HIS household! Why he decided to come into this room where he knows my dogs abide while visiting I have no idea, but Cello has his own ideas on where he intends to spend the night, apparently! Heh!

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 86 on 1/5/2017
O, a happy new year to you Larner, and also the Professor's birthday, belatedly! I do hope that the trevails have gone away and that your travels are/have been quite safe! *hugs*

This is a well crafted tale (as I always expect from you, dear friend :) ) and quite worthy of the Professor's birthday! I do think Tolkien would certainly approve of Frodo's justice, even as Paladin does, although Otis certainly does not! Heh! Yes, send him packing I say! I would have seen him taken to Aragorn, if it were me, by now...Frodo certainly has a calmer temper than me at least in this case!

(Donut's contribution, bless my seagull-muse, is "No fish for him!" Yes Donut, no fish for Otis! Hah! Especially not with that dear little fishing lure. I'm so glad it - and all else - will be returned to those who have lost them!

Do you know, I found myself wishing Atto Fiondil could've read this tale. I'm sure he would have enjoyed it. :)

Always your devoted reader,


Author Reply: Donut is lucky to be with you rather than here, not that we're that far from the Columbia River where other gulls skim over the water even now. It's blessed cold, and we've been promised sleet and ice, which is not a fun prospect.

Got ill on my four-hour trip south, have to wait two more weeks for Narcissa to be ready to leave the kennel where she was born, and my friend's cat has decided to stake his claim on his home by coming into the guest room and trying to chase Brendi and me out of it, hissing and growling. Brendi has a healthy respect for Cello's capability to claw and possibly bite, but is behaving well, while I am nursing a clawed hand at the moment, inflicted when I tried to put the laptop back on the table where I keep it when I visit. Silly cat! Brendi would clean his face for him if he was allowed--Brendi does this service to our cats all the time!

As for Otis, he undoubtedly deserves far worse than he's getting, but at least he's having to face the fact that it's his own fault he's in the pickle he's in.

And I, too, wish Fiondil were still here!

Thanks so much!

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 86 on 1/5/2017
Happy new year to you, Larner.

May I ask & request you to do a short fic on Boronaur the heroic smith of Rivendell sometime soon?

Would love to learn more about this backstory, especially of him telling Aragorn the story of how the elvensmith built Elendil's armour.


Author Reply: I will try to do so once I'm done with "Enter the Ranger," on which I'm working at the moment. Thanks so for the request!

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