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Returning to Cirith Thoronath  by Mirach 2 Review(s)
eilujReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/16/2010
A complex inter-weaving of past and present, of Glorfindel's role as sacrifice and Aragorn's role.

Favorite details: "the cold merged with heat in a stream of pain"; Aragorn reminding himself to breathe; "the pain came and pinned him to the ground again"; "the darkness that crept to him from the corners of his vision" (reminds me of a couple of times I fainted); Aragorn's salute; the orcs kicking him as they passed; "twenty would not be enough as a weregild for the last of Isildur’s line"; Glorfindel's intuitive understanding of the fight through his examination of Aragorn's wounds; the elves sitting and watching silently; Eärendil's appearance in the present as the star; Glorfindel's sword red-hot with the Balrog's flame; the beryl on the path.

Author Reply: Thank you very much for the review, and also for picking the details! It is a great feedback to see what you liked most. I didn't manage to faint yet, but I have a friend who does it quite often, so I have some vivid descriptions from her =) And I'm really glad that you noticed the beryl! It was just a detail, but I liked it too =)

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/16/2010
This is such a wonderful story, and my Teitho February favourite. You managed to write a great mix of emotion, flash-back, action and tension. Most of the time, while reading, it was so tense, like watching a thriller movie. Well done!

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm glad if the story had such effect on you, that was the intention, and it's good to hear that it worked! =)

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