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Little Dogs Laughed  by Dreamflower 7 Review(s)
KathyGReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/5/2020
I never read this story until I read Roverandom just a few months ago. I have read it again this morning, and I must say, you did a fine job with it! I like how you created a dream adventure for Roverandom and Little Boy Two and how they came to the aid of the moon sheep. I think it's just as well that the little boy did not wake up while he was falling, because that way, he woke up with the memory of the dogs and elephant saving him. I'm also glad that the moon dog met a child who was kind to dogs.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/18/2010
This is such a delightful story! Sorry it took so long for me to get to it. But it was such fun and I loved that story and this is a great addition to it. Bravo, my dear!

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: I'm very glad you enjoyed it, dear!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/5/2010
Just read this again, and still love it! I so love the flying elephant for the child to ride upon. And I remember reading "Roverandom" and seeing that hint of Arda within it--yes, Tolkien's love of his world of the heart colored everything he wrote.

Author Reply: I was just charmed in the original, by the description of "white elephants as large as donkeys"! I just had to have one of those in my story!

I agree! One can even see hints of it in stories like "Smith of Wooton Major" and "Farmer Giles of Ham".

walkerskyeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2010
Bravo! I think you caught the spirit of Roverandom just right.

Author Reply: Oh thank you! Roverandom's such a charming story! I'm glad you thought so!

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/29/2010
What a charming tale! I like the tone of it very much.

Author Reply: Thank you, dear! I hope that I captured just a little of JRRT's own whimsical tone in this story!

Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2010
I'm sure this is a wonderful story, but it doesn't belong on this archive even if Tolkien did write Roverandom - this is for stories set in Arda... Middle Earth! :)

Author Reply: I doubt if you see the answer to this comment, since you posted anonymously, but I will answer anyway: I have the express permission of Nilmandra to post this. I did ask first.

Author Reply: By the way, it is quite possible that this story *is* set in Arda, as at one point, Roverandom is granted a brief glimpse of "far off in the last West the Mountains of Elvenhome and the light of Faery upon the waves". Nearly everything JRRT wrote impinged on his original legendarium at some point.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2010
Oh, this was absolutely charming!

I was not acquainted with Roverandom before, but he sounds like a most excellent acquaintance and companion for his little boy.

Written in a simple, childlike tone, and yet there are so many things to make the grown-ups smile as well.

Little Boy Two's fall was quite frightening! I'm with him--I usually wake up when the dream gets *too* frightening.

This sounded very doggy indeed:
Roverandom was sniffing him and licking him all over, to make certain that he was unhurt.

Thank you for the smile today.

Author Reply: Oh, I am so glad to introduce people to that delightful story! If you can't get a copy of it to read, you might like to listen to me readig it aloud on my LJ! (There's a link in my author's notes.)

Perhaps because the children were so much younger when he told them this story, it is much gentler and childlike in tone than even The Hobbit; and yet, as with The Hobbit, there are hints of things that will, as you say, make the grown-ups smile.

And there are *lots* of hints of things that he would use later in another world entirely!

I'm so glad it made you smile. It's nice to return the favor, for you have often made me smile!

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