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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner 6 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 41 on 12/28/2013
Finally here to review this at last - I love the idea of Frodo's presence lingering over the Shire he suffered so much to save and that he was still guarding it. :)

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: I doubt that Frodo's love of the Shire ever fully abated, and I suspect particularly those who lived on the Row remembered the care he had always shown toward them. Thank you so, Antane!

TeresaReviewed Chapter: 41 on 12/7/2013
Just the thing to read after a holiday like Thanksgiving! I love reading about how Sam and his family kept the memories of Frodo and Bilbo alive within the Shire! No doubt Merry, Pippin and their families did the same too! And it's nice to think of Frodo still watching over the Shire even after his departure........ Many thanks for the lovely post! :)

Author Reply: I'm sorry I'm so tardy in responding--November and December were both very stressful, unfortunately, and it's taken a terribly long time to do much of anything. I'm certain that Sam and Rosie and their children always honored Frodo in their hearts and did their best to see that the residents of the Row followed suit, and I'm certain Frodo never gave over his love and care for those who had once been his tenants.

Again, thank YOU for your response to my story!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 41 on 12/1/2013
What a beautiful little story!

I liked the "Baggins buttons" and especially the idea that Frodo is guarding "his" Bagshot Row from the bench in front of Bag End.

Author Reply: I so love to think that there was some manner in which Bilbo's lost buttons might be memorialized even in the Shire itself! And I like to think that there were a few who remembered Frodo with respect, even with him long gone from the Shire.

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 41 on 11/30/2013
Aww, that was sweet. And thank you. :)

Author Reply: I'm so glad you like it, Virtuella, and you are so welcome! Hope your birthday was joyful.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 41 on 11/25/2013
Lovely, heartwarming story. Great for thanksgiving.

Author Reply: I'm so glad you liked it, UTfrog! And although it wasn't intended for Thanksgiving, you are correct that it fit in well with the season! Thanks so!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 41 on 11/24/2013
What a lovely story. Such a peaceful, gentle, and respected way to remember Frodo and Sam, and all they did for the Shire. The hobbits pass down enough of the Tale to suit them, and I think Frodo would be pleased.

"Mr. Baggins’s Buttons", love it!

Author Reply: Thank you. Those whose families have lived under the Hill for generations would be most likely to speak of the last of the Bagginses of Bag End with respect, I'd think.

And I've wanted so to find some way for the Hobbits of the Shire to remember Bilbo losing his buttons escaping from Gollum and mountain goblins! Heh!

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