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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner 6 Review(s)
AndreaReviewed Chapter: 58 on 10/11/2015
What a beautiful ending!

So Frodo found a way to join Elanor at her wedding day and dance with her?

I'm quite sure that this dance made the day even more perfect for Elanor than it already was!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Andrea, and especially the ending. I'm certain that from time to time the Valar allowed Frodo special access to those he'd left behind, and I cannot imagine him totally missing Elanor's wedding day. Can you? Heh!

Thanks so!

BitsayReviewed Chapter: 58 on 10/2/2015
Dear Frodo. I'm glad he was able to see Elanor on her wedding day.

Author Reply: I cannot imagine that the Valar would have forbidden him some view of that day, and some way to participate in the joy.

Thank you so!

Tracey ClaybonReviewed Chapter: 58 on 10/1/2015
Thank you so much for the birthday fic! I know it's been a year at least since I actually got to talk to you- a lot has changed since I last spoke to you. I'm doing well, and finally settled in my own home and things are improving. Thanks, again for the fic present!

Author Reply: You are so welcome, Tracey. I'll try to get ahold of you soon.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 58 on 10/1/2015
I was hoping that was Frodo dancing at the feast and it is, splendid that he was able to somehow attend. :)

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: I suspect that now and then Lord Irmo was allowed to give Frodo little treats, and what better one than to be allowed to attend Elanor's wedding? Heh!

Thanks so!

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: 58 on 10/1/2015
Hahahahahhahaaahahaha! Hobbits eating Asian food... when you wrote the girl had yellow skin I had a hunch what was up... being Asian myself (from Malaysia) and yes we do love our rice!

But Sam making bulgogi???? Hahahahaha...

Author Reply: I can imagine that the slave-holding states such as Harad and Umbar would find Orientals exotic and thus desirable slaves, and so would acquire those they could come across. That such slaves would find themselves freed by people of Gondor but with no means of returning to their own lands and families is too strong a probability, and it was very likely they'd find themselves adopted by local families as I imagine this young lady was.

Unfortunately, I cannot eat much in the way of onions, curries, peppers, chiles, and other strong spices and vegetables, and have problems oftentimes with tomatoes and even on occasions with citrus fruits. Bulgogi, to which I was introduced by my older brother's wife, became one dish that we all loved, and seemed a good dish to introduce Hobbits to "foreign foods." Am so glad you found it tickled your fancy so!

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 58 on 10/1/2015
Oh! I am so happy Frodo danced with the bride. Now we need her telling her Dad that she did so this is a joyful story on a rainy day. Thanks

Author Reply: So glad you can see a sequel to this story--it's always possible I may continue it. Thanks so, UTfrog!

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