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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner 10 Review(s)
Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/18/2016
*hugs Larner tightly* I'm so sorry I'm late in reviewing, Larner. I haven't been feeling well, but I can only imagine what you must be feeling. I think this is a beautifully written tale (and how not, after all, it's you we're talking about!) full of sadness, but also hope, I think. And I do so hope that one day you will have your Pandora again. *hugs again*


Author Reply: It's never late when commenting, Kaylee. Thank you for your comments. Brendi still goes out daily to call for his sister, but appears to accept she's not coming back. I've put in to adopt a rescue dog, and hope to hear soon about her "cat test." My mostly feral Siamese, named Tamsin, is finally beginning not to run to escape when I go into the back room she has free access to, and today sat out on the porch outside the animal door and watched me while I worked back there. And I hope, once I have my refund check back, to find another younger dog to serve as another companion to Brendi and the cats and myself--and for Joy, should she come to be with us by then.

Thanks so very much! And I so appreciate the consolation offered me.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/16/2016
That was a beautiful story! But I am sorry for your loss!

Maybe you should just do what Aragorn did:

But I trust she will help for the hole in my heart Alia's loss has left to heal more fully.

Author Reply: I have already been sent a manner of continuing the bloodline. The day after Panda died I met a woman who immediately exclaimed that Brendi, who was going into the feedstore with me, was almost exactly the size and coloring of her dog. She showed me her dog's picture, and when Mimi is in heat we will arrange an assignation between her and Brendi.

Brendi and Panda had two litter brothers, one a cream sable as Brendi is, and the other a black-and-white particolor. I've also seen their older sister from the same parents--she, too, is a black-and-white particolor, while their father is a cream sable and their mother a brown-and-white particolor. It will be interesting to see what Brendi and Mimi might throw. Brendi has had one other breeding with a chocolate-colored female, and the pup that resulted was such a dark brown as to be almost but not quite black. The lady wants me to have the pick of the litter, so I could easily have a new puppy within a few months. But in the meantime I have found an elderly female dog who needs a new home, and we are in the negotiation phase. She is not of breeding quality and has been spayed anyway; but that is all right. I cannot bear the thought that a pom might go wanting a good home, and Brendi would again have a companion.

Thank you so!

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/15/2016
Oh Larner, I am so very sorry about Pandora. This was so beautifully written and also so sad w/each discovery of what Gollum's latest "meal" was and where it had come from. *shudder*

I love Aragorn's gift and that, while the wee puppy isn't Alia or will take away Alia's place in the Old Widows heart, she will help in healing the pain of Alia's passing. Can't help wondering if this wee one is a descendant of a dog Aragorn had and loved during his childhood in Rivendell. If there's anyone out who knows just what kind of a difference a four legged furry friend can make in someone's life, it's someone who learned that very truth for themselves at some point.

Thank you for yet another wonderful story!! I hope your Holidays were good and, once again, I am so sorry about Pandora. (((((HUGS))))(

Author Reply: I went very much by the descriptions given Frodo by Gandalf of what they found as they searched for Gollum as the signs of the creature's passing through Rhovanion.

My mother raised pomeranians, and I so love them; and I have learned how short their lives compared to ours. But Panda was such a young thing who knew love all her life. It is hard to have her gone. No other dog is the same as one who is gone; and our dogs' personalities have always been allowed to develop fully, and each is remarkably different. I so hope that I soon will have another companion for Brendi and myself, for poms rarely make good only-dogs, I've found.

Thanks so, Tigger. I still have bouts of grief, and Brendi is still calling for his sister to return at least once a day. Right now he's going to work with me so he isn't home alone for hours at a time. I take him walking with my client's dog. But it will be better for him when he again has a companion.

FreyalynReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/14/2016
A sad and lovely story. And I'm sorry for your loss - it's so hard when we lose our small companions.

Author Reply: It is so hard when we lose ANY beloved companion. Thanks so, Freyalyn.

TariReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/13/2016
Sweet and touching. I was very excited to see someone had posted a story. There are so many unfinished. I wish the authors would start writing again.

Author Reply: Thank you so. I hope I can finish the ones I'm working on now in a more timely manner.`

NotACatReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/13/2016
I am so sorry for your loss. Our cats occasionally go missing for a while, but so far they've always come back: I dread the day when something happens and I'm not able to care for them.

Author Reply: Thank you. I've had cats stolen and hit by cars, but having animals being taken by other animals is harder, somehow. And I so miss my beloved Panda, as does her brother Brendi.

ElentarriReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/13/2016

Author Reply: Thank you so, Elentarri.

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/12/2016
I have tears in my eyes over this one.

I thought about my Ginger who simply vanished last spring and all who have lost pets in the same way.

Thanks for the heartfelt story on my birthday.

Author Reply: I share your grief. So many cats have disappeared on me here, most let out by others while I was gone.

I do hope that other than this your birthday was a joyous one. And I am so glad you appreciate it!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/12/2016
All I can do is to echo UTfrog and grieve with you my dear Larner. New friends can never fill the holes left by those we lose but our hearts expand to make room for both. You always paint such beautifully vivid word pictures.

Author Reply: Thank you. My heart is very sore at the moment, as you can imagine. But I will get on with life. Our beloved animals don't tend to live anywhere as long as we do, after all. But this was so sudden--one moment she was barking, and then that surprised yelp, and then nothing. Brendi and I both miss her terribly, and he does search for Pandora and calls for her every time he goes out.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 61 on 1/12/2016
Oh Larner, this is so beautiful and then to read it is a memorial. Animals are family and grieving for them is only correct. Loved the story and so sorry for your loss.

Author Reply: Thank you so, UTfrog. Yes, our animals are indeed family, and sometimes more family than those we've been born to. I appreciate the comfort you have sought to give me.

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