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The Ranger and the Eagles  by Cairistiona 190 Review(s)
BaggiReviewed Chapter: 11 on 5/28/2017
What a wonderful story. It brought tears to my eyes, especially the end. Thank you!
Greetings from Germany!


Author Reply: Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it moving!


CanafinweReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/5/2013
Blessed be the writer's block that left me poking around on this site instead of finishing my own chapter today! Otherwise I never would have found this, and I too am eager for a good Gandalf-Aragorn hurt/comfort fic! In your trusty hands, it cannot fail.

Such an excellent start: Gandalf and his hatful of fire. You've really captured his 'voice' in the narration, and the chill of the winter's night is so beautifully drawn. I suppose I should be glad that Gandalf has found such a nice, cosy cave to rest in, but all I can think of is Aragorn out there somewhere in the snow. I shared Gandalf's dread at the thought of his friend being 'caught out in that', because of course he was!

The scene of Aragorn's arrival is so perfectly piteous and heart-wrenching and lovely. Staggering on to the end of his strength, and managing to utter a small desperate prayer before collapsing in the snow -- and his prayer is answered, of course, for here is Elbereth's most faithful servant come to help him.

I hope!

Author Reply: Thank you, Canafinwe! While I'm very sorry you hit writer's block, I'm honored that you landed on my story to keep you entertained until it passes. This was my first foray (and only, so far) into trying to write from Gandalf's POV and I had such fun with it. He's probably my favorite character after Aragorn, so I can't really imagine why I haven't tried my hand at writing him more. Too many other story ideas, I suppose. At any rate, so glad you found this and I hope it hits all your h/c buttons as much as it hit mine when I wrote it!

LayneReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/3/2011
Poor Aragorn ... him thinking that he was with Death in his fever-addled dreams. And the ewe!!! :DDDD A very nice touch of comedy in the midst of all the agony and worry :)

Author Reply: Hee hee! I like tossing in those funny moments, because that's what happens in real life (okay, not ewes that understand speech and bring blankets, but you know what I mean). Life has a tendency of throwing every emotion around willy-nilly and without any thought to decorum, and that's one of the things I wanted to show with this little scene. Glad you enjoyed it!

LayneReviewed Chapter: 11 on 3/2/2011
I am so very happy that the eagles came back to pay Aragorn a visit, such a befitting thing to do on his day of joy. Love it that the eagles' kin helped take care of Aragorn during the final battle. And Meneldor! And oh, the king surveying his kingdom, soaring from the back of an eagle, high up in the sky, what a magnificent picture that was!


Author Reply: Thank you, Layne! I'm so glad you liked the ending to this... after all those years of waiting, Aragorn finally got his Eagle ride. :) And I have to say, I really like the image of the King surveying his kingdom from on high like that (as if the Citadel isn't high enough! LOL). Thanks for all the reviews you left!

layneReviewed Chapter: 10 on 2/28/2011
OOOOOOOOOHHHH! Beorn shifting right in front of Aragorn, and just for him, that was beyond awesome!! I *was* hoping that Beorn would do that, and he did!

Aragorn taking care of that little puppy was so, so adorable. And yes, Aragorn going back to Rivendell on the back of an eagle would be EPIC!

Author Reply: Thank you! I *had* to write the shapeshifting scene... Tolkien never gave us anything about what that looked like and my imagination has played with it forever, wondering how it might look. So yes, Aragorn's inner little boy was satisfied, even if he did get a little too close a look at those teeth. *g*

layneReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/24/2011
I was so worried about Durvain! He was such a valiant eagle and I'm glad that Aragorn had a hand in helping him heal, and in so doing, had some much needed rest himself!

Author Reply: Thanks, layne! Although I'm sure Aragorn would rather Durvain not have been injured, at least he go to repay him for all his help!

layneReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/16/2011
I really need to brush up on the story of 'The Hobbit' esp in the light of the upcoming movie. It's been a while since I last read it, I think was only 13 or 14 at that time. So Beorn was a skin-changer? He could turn into other shapes/animals then?

Author Reply: Yes, Beorn was a skin-changer, the last of his kind. He was also a man--not a wizard or anything like that, just a man with a very unique gift. He turned into a bear--I'd have to look up whether he could change into anything else--most of the time, and when he fought at the Battle of Five Armies, it was as a bear. He had a son, Grimbeorn, but apparently the "skin-changing gene" didn't pass to him.

The chapters in "The Hobbit" with the Eagles and where Bilbo & Co. arrive at Beorn's Hall is my favorite in the entire book. My story owes a huge debt to those two chapters. :)

layneReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/11/2011
Gandalf helping Aragorn with his hoses ( all three pairs! ) - now that's a picture I would very much like to see! And Aragorn trying to wiggle out of being carried by the eagle's hooks, no, claws, no, *talons* ( *grins ) is way, way too adorable it just melts my heart.

The attack by the black eagle was unexpected. I initially thought it was the Fell Beast itself but thank goodness it wasn't!

And yay for Aragorn coming to terms with flying!

Author Reply: Thank you, layne! So glad you're enjoying all the different scenes in this story. And no, no Fell Beasts--they don't show up until the Ring War, as far as I know. But cowardly eagles, yes. Tolkien mentions them in "The Hobbit", not really specifically but by saying that unlike other eagles who are cowardly and basically useless, the Northern eagles are brave, noble, all those good things. :) I just figured since so many things to the south were nasty, an eagle from that area wouldn't be too nice, either, even if he's not an official Fell Beast.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the tale!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 11 on 2/9/2011
What a beautiful ending! I can just imagine Aragorn's mix of emotions and his joy to see the eagles again and pleasure in their gift.

I've used a pilgrimage up the mountain in one of my stories and am baffled more writers don't use that theme.

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda... so glad you enjoyed the story and the ending!

Perhaps more writers don't explore that pilgrimage theme because they interpret the canon scene where he climbs the mountain with Gandalf as pilgrimage enough? Hard to say. I do know that I personally find exploring the spiritual aspects of Aragorn and his kingship fascinating. :)

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 12 on 2/9/2011
A lovely chapter for Aragorn h/c fans such as myself!

Author Reply: Thank you! It was an utter indulgence... and very fun for that! *g*

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