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Of Shape and Hue and Home  by Thundera Tiger 8 Review(s)
witsReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/20/2018
briliantly funny, but with depth as well :>

Sweetpea DeepdelverReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/11/2014
This was amazing! I laughed so hard!
Thank you very much!

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/24/2012
What fun! I very much enjoyed the difficulties Pippin and Gandalf faced adjusting to their new bodies. It seems a change of perspective is always interesting! I did appreciate the more serious tone of the story at the end though regarding how Gandalf had to find something to trust in before he could switch back to himself. I like this complexity in his character, for too often I feel that Gandalf is the Infallible Wizard and isn't really personally affected by what goes on around him. So I appreciate how very deeply he was affected by Saruman's betrayal. Well done!

Author Reply: That was actually a surprise to me, too, once I started writing. The more I kept going, the more I realized I needed some kind of deeper motivation to make Gandalf cling to something he considered important. Backlash from his imprisonment in Isengard was always something I had in mind, but I didn't realize (until I started writing) that this could easily translate to a more personal betrayal between Gandalf and Saruman. So that was a fun discovery, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too!

docmonReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/23/2011
What fun! I so enjoyed seeing the switched parties try to adjust to their new situations! Gandalf was hilarious with the strawberry tarts, but I was really struck by Pippin's reaction to hearing the Song for the first time. That was really something. It seemed they both gained something by walking a mile in the other's shoes.

Author Reply: Hey you! I was thinking about emailing you just the other day. I'll have to follow through on that. I've been wondering what you've been up to. Anyway, I'm so glad you liked the story! It's a little overplayed in parts, but I think it adds to the fun. :) And hopefully both Gandalf and Pippin learned something from the other. That was one of the goals, at least.

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/21/2011
What a treat, delicious! Maybe I'm turning a Hobbit, because if this tale were food, I'll be eating and eating it every day. And copying the recipe too!

Thank you!

Author Reply: You're very welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it enough to think of it as a meal that could be eaten every day. That is high praise, especially considering some of the characters are hobbits!

CairistionaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/20/2011
This is absolutely marvelous! I'm not sure what I liked most about it--Pippin's listening to the Music ranks right up there, but even more so does the solution coming from Gandalf's finally turning his thoughts toward his true home. You don't see many fics that touch on Gandalf's quietly held and well concealed longing for home. To read a fic that delves more deeply into Gandalf's character is a treat. And I do love how you've written Strider. He stands wonderfully amused and aloof, but also appropriately concerned and caring. The line, "...and Aragorn looked as though he would rather be tracking orcs." made me chuckle out loud, as did his mysterious coughing fit that required him to immediately leave the Hall of Fire at the end. Perfectly played, all of it.

Author Reply: Thank you so much for your comments! If I might make a confession, Aragorn was almost left out of the story entirely. I considered having Galdor or Erestor ride up suddenly and cause the initial commotion, but I couldn't get either one of them to do the caring/aloof/Ranger thing that Aragorn pulls off so easily. So Aragorn came into the story, and once there, he worked very well as someone part of the situation but still removed from it: A hobbit ally who can work the elven system. Thank you again!

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/19/2011
How very clever, Thundera! I just loved how Pippin was able to hear the Music, and how Gandalf felt the hunger pangs of a tween....

Somehow, this story inspired the odd vision of Gandalf clicking the heels of his ruby slippers and saying "There's no place like home."....

Very nicely done, Thundera!

- Barbara

Author Reply: So if this Middle-earth's version of Oz, who would Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Radagast, Aragorn, and Elrond play? And who would play the Wizard? I'd say Radagst was type-cast for the part, but he doesn't strike me as the ruler of the Emerald City...

Thanks so much for your review!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/19/2011
You left me laughing in delight!

...and that's been all too rare, lately.

Thank you for a wonderful respite.

Author Reply: You're very welcome. I'm sorry to hear you needed such a respite, but I'm grateful I could provide one. Thank you so much for letting me know!

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