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Tree of Life  by Mirach 2 Review(s)
Lynn HReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/24/2011
Impressive! Almost perfect! This is a beautiful story. The only flaw, a very minor one I have to watch myself for, is the use of 'And' to begin a sentence. Compare the repetitive, "And when June came, and..." to the simpler "When June came and.... Not a big change but I think it paces better.

Author Reply: Thank you very much! It's my bad habit as well, partially because it sound more archaic and closer to Tolkien's style to me. I'm trying to reduce it, but sometimes I just can't help myself =)

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/16/2011
Absolutely fantastic. This captured my attention from the very first word to the last and I read it "in one breath". This was one of my favorites in Teitho. And yes, I recognized you at once. :) Your style is beautiful.

Author Reply: Ah well... maybe next time I'll try to be less recognizeable, but it's really hard, it seems =) I'm really glad you liked the story! I love this theme, but it was almost hard to think of an original story about trees to write, as I have poems about the awakening of the White Tree and the last mallorn, and also a story about Arwen and mallorns in Lórien... But a linden I know brought me the inspiration :) (
I hoped you will enter this month's contest as well, you have some beautiful stories about trees that are in my list of all-time favourites! But maybe next time =) Thank you for voting, and for the review!

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