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Adventures of an Éored: Midsummer  by Katzilla 2 Review(s)
Sue CookeReviewed Chapter: 8 on 3/3/2018
oh,oh,oh so exciting. You write SO well. I saw that a new chapter was up and pounced on it like a greedy child, then stopped. I decided to save it for later and savor it like a forbidden treat. Hooray for Godric! I'd certainly want him by MY side in any battle. Was Eomer foolish to stop? we'll see. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

Author Reply: Thank you, Sue! I'm happy to read that you enjoy this. Yes, Godric is certainly someone who knows which the important things in life are, isn't he? That's what I like about the Rohirrim, they've got their priorities right.


Reviewed Chapter: 8 on 3/3/2018
Another great chapter! Keep it up, the horse lords' story deserves to be told in full!

Author Reply: Thank you, I'm doing what I can. :-)

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