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Adventures of an Éored: Midsummer  by Katzilla 2 Review(s)
MattReviewed Chapter: 9 on 3/11/2018
Great set of two chapters. One kind of has to know Eomer is going to be OK when he takes his risky move even though one wonders at penalties for taking known risks that endanger others (including in the Rohirim's case, the horses) but a very fun read all the same. Thanks loads for your hard work on these two chapters. Looking forward to the next installment.

Author Reply: Thanks for your feedback. Yes, that was a risky move, but somehow, Éomer needs to earn his reputation of a willful, reckless young man, right? As for penalties: that descent from the hill is a legitimate alternate route for the daring rider, so they couldn't very well punish him for using it. The Great Race is not known as the hardest race in the Mark for nothing, although they would of course still try to keep their horses safe.


Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 3/9/2018
Wow, so much suspense packed in this chapter! Already devoured it and eagerly waiting for the next one!

Author Reply: Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like... and now the next chapter is up. :-)


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