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The Prisoner and The Hobbit  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/31/2012
An interesting interchange, and particularly the idea that Sauron had a true sister. And love the idea that Pippin was the spitting image of the Old Took!

Author Reply: Yes. I don't know if you are familiar with Pandemonium's universe-- she takes a slightly more (to use Tolkien's old-fashioned term) scientifiction approach to Arda, and a somewhat less esoteric take on the origins of the Maia.

I've always thought that it might have been Pippin's resemblance to his old friend that gave Gandalf such a special fondness for Pippin.

pandemonium_213Reviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/29/2011
Thanks so much, Shemyaza and Alei, and my apologies for the belated response. My appreciation is no less sincere!

Re: Shemyaza. On Sauron's redemption, say rather "rehabilitation." I don't think redemption is a possibility here, at least how I define the word. Bilbo is certainly a good, if altogether unexpected, influence.

Re: Alei. Yep, Sauron's contempt for Gollum (as well as for the Witch-king) is an example of his highly compartmentalized thinking, which comes in handy to justify his actions. I expect examples of similar approaches can be found in our primary world, and not always for the "bad guys."

And this...

"And I'm curious- what type of creatures are the Maia (or atleast, Sauron and his sister) in Pandeverse? I read Light Over the Mountain on SWG, but I'm still a bit confused. How related/similar to the Valar are they (genetically or otherwise... if we can even talk genetically about partially physical/incorporeal beings...)?"

Heh. Oh, this is a subject for a huge, goofy and scientifictitious discourse on my part so I'll spare you that, so for now I'll just say that the Valar and the Maiar of the Pandė!verse, although lumped into the category of Ainur generally, are distinct from one another and even have different origins. I extrapolated this bit (uh, extrapolated a lot) from Tolkien's notes on the root word *phan* in Parma Eldalmaberon 17. JRRT described the Valar as beings of light, when not in corporeal form, but the Maiar can be detected by their fragrance (as opposed to light). To me (a life scientist), that screams different species! Or in this case, different genera (VERY different genera), but with the common feature of a high degree of intelligence and the Eruhini a.k.a. humans. I have a draft in progress on iLugburz that alludes to the Valar's original forms, which I'm sure will cause some eyebrows to be raised. :^D

There's quite a bit more, but at the risk of a) being too pedantic and b) spoilers, I'll stop there. I'd be delighted to elaborate by email:

Thanks again, both of you!

ShemyazaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/21/2011
I am thoroughly enjoying this. I love your insights into what might be going through Sauron's mind now he is incarcerated and presumably working towards redemption. I am equally enjoying Bilbo's responses to him. I look forward to reading more.

Author Reply: I'm so glad you are enjoying this! It's a lot of fun for Pandemonium and myself as well. We never know what will happen next!

AleiTheLeafReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/20/2011
Hello again,
I must say that I am incredibly delighted to see a new chapter posted here so quickly!
And now for a proper review! (And since it's my first proper review, I must warn you, it's a bit long... and a little haphazard... ok, really haphazard.)

"I wonder, though, do the hobbits notice the difference in the sun's light here?....How would they feel if they knew the particulars?
He dashed the thought.... and really, did he want to destroy any cherished notions the old hobbit and his kinsman held? No, that would not do. What would be the point?"

I like how you keep Sauron's train of thought consistent with his characteristic orderly-ness and logic with his personality you've already set up (here and in other stories). Yet in the second part, you show him being a bit more thoughtful about Bilbo's feelings. That has me wondering if Sauron is beginning to learn (or relearn) empathy. It makes me smile to think that Bilbo's good influence might be rubbing off on him.

On the other hand, I find it ironic that Sauron finds Gollum to be the lowest sort of murderer, and yet, he's caused the death of thousands (if not millions) of people. Granted, he thought it was for a good cause at the time, but still...

"Bilbo stopped writing. He was breathless and had palpitations, as though he had only just then escaped from those darksome holes of his memory. This was not the lighthearted account he had given to the children of the Shire for generations-the Ring never entered those stories. And it was not even the account he'd later given at the Council of Elrond. This felt like reliving the whole thing."

Hmmm, I wonder if reliving the memory had some hidden effects, since later on he's feeling better....

By the way, the interactions between Frodo and Bilbo were incredibly sweet and believable.
And I wonder what Gandalf has to say about some of the more dubious comments Sauron makes?

And I'm curious- what type of creatures are the Maia (or atleast, Sauron and his sister) in Pandeverse? I read Light Over the Mountain on SWG, but I'm still a bit confused. How related/similar to the Valar are they (genetically or otherwise... if we can even talk genetically about partially physical/incorporeal beings...)?

Oh,and I can't wait to see how Sam plays into the conversation between Bilbo and Sauron. The curiosity Sauron displays toward Pippin and Bilbo's responses were very amusing.


p.s. And who is the women that brings his food to Sauron...? I'm looking forward to finding out by the end. :D

Author Reply: OK. The internet ate my reply! I'm not sure I can remember everything I said before but...

You are right that Bilbo relating his encounter with Gollum helped him to feel better; it's why he slept so well afterwards.

And I am glad you like the relationship I show between Frodo and Bilbo; those two have a many-layered relationship. Bilbo and Frodo definitely have a parent/son relationship, but they are also friends as well, and add to that the fact that they have only one another as the only hobbits in the West, and it's important to both of them that they remain respectful of one another's feelings.

I am very curious about what will happen from the Sauron end of things myself. Pandemonium is entirely in charge of that! I never know what will happen next!

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