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The Prisoner and The Hobbit  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/1/2012
Nice to think that Sauron wishes to please Frodo and Bilbo, and is willing to enlist others to create a golf course and clubs for our two Ringbearer Hobbits. And perhaps I might find that backstory for the pepper pot! Heh! Now, setting plotbunnies loose on others like that isn't necessarily nice!

Author Reply: Oh what fun! All I know in my head about the pepper-pot is that it was a gift, possibly from Dora, though I'm not sure. But he was fond enough of it to carry it away with him to Rivendell.

Apparently when Pande's Dark Muse (which is her name for Sauron) got a whiff of golf, he became utterly fascinated with it.

pandemonium_213Reviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/29/2011
Thanks, mews and Aiwen, for having a read and the compliments. Very much appreciated!

I have no idea why Sauron is so entranced with golf and fly casting for that matter. It's certainly not self-insertion!

mews1945Reviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/28/2011
A very intriguing chapter. It's enjoyable to imagine Sauron becoming fascinated with golf, and looking forward to Bilbo's letters. And I enjoyed reading about the hobbits' experiences through Bilbo's pov.

Author Reply: Thanks so much, dear! We are having a lot of fun imagining how these two personalities might interact!

AiwenReviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/27/2011
This is wonderful. An extremely original idea that would not have occurred to me, well written, characterized and thought out.

Author Reply: Truthfully, the idea would never have occurred to me, either, but when Pandemonium approached me with it, it seemed perfect! She has a very original mind, and it's quite fun to have the "back-and-forth" of the correspondence!

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