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The Heir Apparent  by Mirkwoodmaiden 5 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/4/2020
I rejoice that Erithain and Estel are remaking the connection uncle and little nephew once knew. And the answer the man gave the youth was just right.

I, too, have Estel going on his first patrol with the twins at fifteen.

Author Reply: Larner!

Thank you for taking the time to write!

It just seemed like time for Estel to step outside the boundaries of Imladris though he certainly had a time convincing Elrond and his Naneth.

What is the title of your story about Estel?


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/9/2005
Excellent descriptions of the battle and the reunion with his uncle. And I love the blessing--I, too, had Elrond swearing Aragorn only to draw his weapons at need.

Author Reply: I try hard to make the battle scenes read well, so I'm happy that you think they came across successfully! Yeah!!

About the blessing I thought it was important to have some sort of ceremony commemorating Estel's coming of age and that it is stated that Aragorn is not to wreck havoc, but to bring justice.

Also I thought it was important to bring Erithain back the story before Aragorn returned to the Dunedain, so that Aragorn would have a real connection to the Dunedain and not just a one that is only spoken of.

Glad that you are still reading the story and enjoying it!


DotReviewed Chapter: 13 on 12/7/2004
I really enjoyed this chapter!

My heart went out to Estel. The questions he asks must have been weighing on his mind for some time and yet he is so aware that in asking them he might cause Elrond pain. You did a truly fantastic job with the emotions in that scene. As bad as I felt for Estel, I felt equally so for Elrond. Of course, he knew this day would come but that wouldnít make it any easier. His reluctance and sorrow really came across very well. It must have been so difficult to try to give Estel a heritage to claim, without saying too much. I was quite moved too by the little mentions of Gilraen. Even more than the loss of her beloved husband, it was the fact that she had to keep his memory from her son that always seemed to grieve her and it seems that this burden hasnít grown lighter over the years. I suppose it makes sense too that she would really see what is missing from her sonís life as he grows older and needs an identity of his own in this place where he is loved but will always be different.

How hard it must have been for Elrond to hear Estel reciting his history lesson when these are people that he himself knew, events whose repercussions are still felt and more than that, a vital part of Estelís own story.

Estel is so *young* to be going off to the north like that! But I canít blame him for wanting to learn a little of where he came from as well as to prove himself. I do love your take on the little snippets of canon that Tolkien gives us!

The gifts and the blessing were beautifully done. Did you invent all of that? It absolutes resonates with depth and meaning. And itís lovely to think that Estel leaves for his first warrior trip with the love and respect of his family.

The fact that the elves are sworn to protect Estel and that he is utterly oblivious really drives home how important he is not just to Elrond but in the role he will one day play. And it speaks volumes of how much the rest of the elves respect Elrondís word and recognise the significance of this boy in their midst.

I had to laugh at the cooking scene! Poor Elladan. Theyíre so good to him but I somehow think he wonít be too happy if he ever finds out that he was kept in the dark!

ďThere is a special bond between those two. I cannot bear to think what would happen to one, if the other should come to harm, or worse.Ē Ouch. That wasnít you being ominous, now was it??!

My heart was in my mouth for the battle scene! He did very well, though. And Erithain is there! I was wondering if weíd ever see him again and Iím so, so happy that we did. What a shock it must have been to him, though. I completely understand his anger at the fact that his nephew has no knowledge of his family or heritage. I think that would have been my first reaction as well. Heís just as loyal and selfless as always, though, in abiding by Elrondís wishes. I loved the notion that thereís still some connection between the two. I had tears in my eyes when Erithain explains to Estel about not becoming accustomed to killing. He spoke in such a loving and reassuring way, almost as a father would. Your lines ďThat kind of bond never leaves the soul even if it has left the conscious memory. So in some portion of Estelís soul the memory of love for his uncle livedĒ are a beautiful way of expressing it.

This chapter was fantastic. Iím getting really excited now at what might be coming! Sorry again for the slow reviews; I hope they make sense now that Iíve finally got around to them because itís rather late and my bed is beckoning! I canít believe youíre 12 chapters into this story Ė Iím still completely gripped by it and eagerly look forward to more! :-)

Author Reply: Dot!


I really enjoy writing Elladan and Elrohir! They are too much fun! I thought it would be amusing if Elladan, this beautiful and bright elf, could have this flaw of being "culinarily challenged."

The Gift-giving and the Blessing are both my creation. I did borrow the Blessing from my short story about Legolas "The Gift". I figured it was all right to borrow from myself and it really fit well into the story!


daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 13 on 12/7/2004
I've often wondered about that time before Aragorn was 20 when he rode out on "deeds of errantry" with Elladan and Elrohir. He was amazingly young to do it, but I guess men were expected grow up quickly. He does need to learn about the people he will lead. He can't be a good king unless he does.

Author Reply: Daw!

I agree that Estel is very young to be going out and about, but that's written in the Appendices to LOTR. Also, thinking about it, any 15-year-old is going to be restless and the inquisitive, curious child that I painted Estel to be would never settle for pat answers. Elrond had to do something, going out on patrol gives Estel a purpose and it's serves the purpose of giving the boy knowledge without letting too much knowledge out.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


grumpyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 12/7/2004
great chapter. So brave and wise of Elrond to let Estel go at such a young age. He was walking a fine line , what to tell him and what not. Loved the blessing of the elves at the coming of age for Estel.
Elladan and his cooking had me laughing.
Glad to see Erithain again, glad he was there to see Estel again after his first battle. looking forward to more

Author Reply: Thanks Grumpy!

I wanted to see find a way to work Erithain back into the story because I grew very fond of him, but for secrecy's sake I did not think that I could bring him into Rivendell. I figured a secret as important as Aragorn's existence had to have no word leaked. Glad you liked the story! Yeah!


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