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The Heir Apparent  by Mirkwoodmaiden 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 4/6/2020
At least Estel is not alone in the dark, and he has the best of companions with him for the moment's dangers.

Love the bond that has grown between Estel and his unadmitted uncle.

Author Reply: Larner!

I really liked the idea of Estel meeting as many of the Fellowship as he could when he was young. And Estel having to stand on his own two feet with his foster brothers there. Kind of a coming of age.

It did my heart good when writing this story to be able to reunite Uncle and nephew and let them get to know each other before Estel goes back to the Dunedain

Author Reply: Hope all is well with you and yours! and thank you for writing!


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/9/2005
A wonderful meeting between two who become very close on the quest. We don't know that the two of them had met before the quest, but neither do we know that they didn't.

At least neither of Elrond's sons became their enemy there in their initial search.

Author Reply: I think I was influenced somewhat by the films in my desire to depict a close relationship between Aragorn and Legolas. In the Book as you say we do not know one way or another.

Also I thought Estel needed a situation where he was on his own away from his family to face danger on his own and learn that he can stand on his own two feet so I combined this with my idea of meeting him up with the longer living characters that of the Nine Walkers! Glad you liked it!


DotReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/25/2005
Great stuff. What an exciting chapter!

I think my favourite part was Elladan seeing the crown upon Estel’s head. It was such a lovely image and, I think, would mean mixed emotions for Elladan – it’s good to know that Aragorn will fulfil his destiny, yet it can never be an easy journey. I like your description of the Dunedain too, “unchanged, steadfastly working and hoping for the days that would see the return of the king”. It really sums them up and makes them seem so loyal and noble.

Poor Erithain. In a position he never wanted and unable to pass it on to its rightful heir. You do a great job showing how much he already loves Estel and his humble pride in him. I love the idea that Estel seems to have responded with immediate respect and affection to Erithain too. Estel is very perceptive. It’s probably best that they part now or I imagine he would begin to piece things together. I really liked the description of Erithain as having a “quiet strength about him and a way of giving confidence and comfort to his people.” It could almost be describing a future Aragorn.

LOL at Elrohir frightening the life out of Erithain by suddenly appearing behind him!

I’m glad Elladan and Erithain parted well. They are each still hurting but at least they realise to some extent that the other is too.

My heart was in my mouth for the entire part with the Orc attack. I couldn’t believe they carried Estel away! The moment with Elladan threatening the Orc and then Elrohir killing it was just so intense. Those twins, and especially Elladan it would seem, must be feeling such anger and anguish. Elrohir’s fight to bring his brother back from the brink of despair was so touching. ‘You were born to fight against evil, but never with evil in your heart.’ Wow.

“Shh-shh! Lie still” came a lyrical voice in Sindarin accented Westron.” Well, look who it is!! I just adore your elves. You write them so well and just when I had become comfortable with the ones of Rivendell, you present us with a wonderful…well, elfy… Legolas! I love how open Legolas is and there’s a sense of merriness to him even in these circumstances. You’ve really kept him in character. And you’ve created a very interesting situation here with the Orcs trying to deal with Thranduil.

I was so, so surprised by Legolas’ belief that he would have to stay there unless he escaped himself because his father would do nothing to endanger his people. And then you let us see what was happening in Mirkwood! I could really feel Thranduil’s fury. Those Orcs will be sorry. I just loved the last line of that part: “They were ready to do battle with verminous forces that dared capture Legolas, youngest and most beloved.” Very powerful.

Legolas’ calm in battle is amazing to see and I really like that at the same time he is so tender towards Estel and offers him some comfort. Poor Estel is having a hell of a time. “The darkness is so complete, Legolas. Keep whispering so that I may know that I am not alone.” Crikey, this whole piece is full of great lines!

Very well-written as always. Keep writing! :-)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 14 on 1/25/2005
I particularly enjoyed the parts of this about Estel and the Dunedain. That's such an intriguing topic for me because it's so unexplored. I'm less a fan of Estel & Legolas friendship stories but you do it well. I can just picture Thranduil's rage. And the twins must really be suffering.

Author Reply: Daw!

I am fascinated by Estel's relationship with the Dunedain and the Dunedain themselves, actually. How a people could remain so steadfastly dedicated to one noble purpose for so long is very interesting. Probably why I'm writing this piece of fanfic! :-))

I thought it would be interesting to depict Legolas as the son having a completely different expectation of what Thranduil would do than what his father is actually preparing to do. Legolas, like many of us, doesn't recognize his own worth in his father's eye.

The twins love Estel. For Elladan, specially there is a very strong bond between him and Estel. And it is on his watch that Estel is kidnapped, especially after he specifically promised Erithain that he take care of his nephew.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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