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The Heir Apparent  by Mirkwoodmaiden 7 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 4/6/2020
At last the truth is spoken, and it sets him free to pursue his own destiny. Soon he will learn Erithain's relationship to himself, and there shall be another joy--for as long as Erithain remains within Middle Earth himself. And I look forward to the first sight of Arwen, dancing amongst the birches.

Author Reply: Larner!

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to write. I promise there is a reunion between Erithain and Aragorn!!

Hope you are keeping safe!


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 11/10/2005
It is better this way. Beautiful revelation, and love the detail of the Tree and Stars hiding the signs of the King. Very well done.

FaithReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/28/2005
OMG! i love it! soo beautifully written...i love it..more please...:D

Faith, the slightly obssessed fangirl

Author Reply: Really glad you like it! :-)))

FaithReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/28/2005

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/28/2005
Yay! We see Erithain again. How patient he must have been. And it's wonderful to see this time period from Aragorn's POV.

I was also happy for the glimpse of Gilraen. She really did sacrifice herself for her son. She gave up what should have been her normal life. Her joy at Aragorn's reclaiming of his own identity was fully understandable.

Wow, the ring of Barahir. How odd to think that it's actually older than Elrond.

You know, I've always thought that PJ gave Isildur a bum rap. Isildur was very brave in Numenor. He was responsible for salvaging the White Tree, for instance. Now I grant you, he made a little mistake with the One Ring! But as you point out, the ring was immensely powerful.

Author Reply: Daw!

Hello! I do so love Erithain, he has had so many things happen to him since we first saw him when he was an angry and hurt teenager. Many things and many of them painful and hard to accept. But Erithain soldiers on, ever earnest and loyal. Some people are just like that. I have developed a real affection for him. Soon he will be able to reveal just what relation he is to Aragorn. Which will make both he and me happy! :-))

Glad you enjoyed the glimpse of Gilraen. At first the section was written without her but I always knew she belonged in the scene where Aragorn finds out the truth. She is such an important part of Aragorn's life. She sacrifices her entire life to Aragorn. Unfortunately she does not have the happiest of lives. Anybody who says "I gave hope to the world, I kept no hope for myself." testifies to her sacrifice. I have enjoyed giving her more of a character in this story. For a while she was quite happy, when Arathorn was alive.

When I was studying up on the Ring of Barahir, I too, was surprised to find out that it was indeed older than Elrond! That's old!

PJ does give Isildur short shrift. He was a noble man until the One Ring corrupts him. As it doesn with just about every one it comes in contact with.
It tempts Boromir and Aragorn. A craven person does not attempt to take Sauron on by himself.

Glad you liked the chapter!


DotReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/28/2005
Oh yes, Iíve been dying for this moment!!

Estel really seems to have grown and has become very aware of the evil times and what the future might hold. I still really feel for Erithain. Heís clearly come to know Estel and that seems to have deepened his love for him and longing for a time when they could all be a family again.

As always, I really enjoyed the teasing between them all. Poor Elladan is never going to lose his reputation for being such a terrible cook!!

Gilraen and Elrond were both superb in this. I thought it was very realistic the way Gilraen seems to have resigned herself to this life and mostly appreciates what is done for them but still has moments of melancholy and regret. Sheís always struggled too with the pain of having to hide Aragornís heritage from him and not being able to share her memories of his father with him and I thought it was very believable and so touching that it would be a relief and even in some ways a joy to her that he will finally be told.

And Elrond! My heart went out to him in this chapter. His anguish and emotional turmoil was so clear. How hard it must be for him to have to do his duty and lay such heavy responsibility on his beloved Estel, knowing that it would cause him pain, confusion and could even create distance between them. I donít blame Estel for starting to panic when he saw the grave Lord of Imladris so flustered!

I thought you wrote the scene very well. I like the way Elrond gives him the most important information and then lets him have time to process it and reconcile it with what he already knows, but still Elrond knows what heís thinking and helps him out when he can. I thought it was good too that Elrond just gives him the information with very little bias. He even reassures Estel that it was the ring more than Isildur himself that caused the seeming end of the line of kings.

It was a lovely moment when Gilraen stresses to her son how much Elrond loves him. And I had tears in my eyes when Elrond explains to him how much heís meant to him since he first came to live with them. Is he going to find out who Erithain is?

The moment with the Ring of Barahir was very powerful. I could almost see responsibility and fate descend upon Aragorn.

I absolutely love the fact that Aragorn went straight to Elladan and Elrohir, seeking their comfort almost without thinking. It must be so difficult for them to relive Arathornís last moments but I thought they were wonderful in their effort to reassure Aragorn of his fatherís love for him.

This was a lovely chapter. So, we have Narsil and Arwen coming up?? I canít wait! :-)

Author Reply: Dot!

I knew Elrond and Gilraen would behave differently to the telling of the secret. One is gaining; one is losing. Still Gilraen can understand Elrond's pain and seeks to give him some solace.

I thought that Aragorn would be more indignant when he found out, but while I was writing that didn't seem to happen. He was more shocked than anything!

While I writing I just thought while Gilraen was with him while he was being told who are the people he would go to first. The answer was clearly Elladan and Elohir! They have developed such a bond over the story that it was only natural!

Yes! Aragorn will indeed find out who Erithain is. I like Erithain too much to deprive him of his beloved nephew!

Thanks again,


Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 16 on 3/28/2005
My dear MM!

I love the way you portray Elrond's doubt and pain as he prepares to lose 'his' son. You convey his feelings, and Aragorn's mixed emotions so truthfully and beautifully. All that reponsibility dropping on the young man's shoulders all at once. There would never be a 'right' time to break that news.

I hope you show us Aragorn's next meeting with his uncle Erithain. They have such a bond without Estel knowing why.

Lovely chapter!

Author Reply: My dear BB!

I'm so glad you liked it! When writing it I was thinking how would Elrond react. He would do his duty, but it was would cost him dearly in emotional pain. It seems to be his lot in life, to always lose those he loved through his own actions deemed by fate. Elrond is such a tragic character in many ways!

Aragorn and Erithain will meet! I cannot and would not want to keep them apart! Maybe next chapter, but more likely the one after! So glad you liked it, dear.


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