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The Heir Apparent  by Mirkwoodmaiden 8 Review(s)
NurayyReviewed Chapter: 9 on 4/25/2021
Awww, little Aragorn is just adorable. You write him so well with all the little details, his delight for the horses, his sadness, his sweet speach,... and then fortunately in the end his laughter again. No wonder they all love him, how could they not!
I like how you made the bond between the brothers and their father, and that they perceive each other's thoughts and feelings.

Author Reply: Nurayy!

Hello! Thanks! I really wanted to convey the burgeoning intelligence and compassion within Aragorn even as a small child.

I got the idea of Elves speaking to each other from PJ's films but it was backed by Tolkien's writings in the HoME Series.

These chapters were hard going emotionally for everyone, for me, for the characters and the readers as well. But life will get better for the characters soon!

Thanks for reading and writing!

Hope this entry finds you and your family well.



LarnerReviewed Chapter: 9 on 3/23/2020
I love that Aragorn is comforted so by Elladan and later by Elrond. The speech mind-to-mind is demonstrated in the books when, on the road home Gandalf and the Elves hold their final conference in said manner before Galadriel and Celeborn turn off toward Lorien, leaving the Hobbits and northern Dunedain to continue northward with the wizard.

Author Reply: Larner!

Once again thank you for taking the time to respond! :-)

I had Elladan and Elrohir come to Fornost to be introduced to little Aragorn so that when the transition to Imladris he would already know and have a bond with someone other than his mother to begin with in Imladris. It just seemed natural for Elladan to reach out to Aragorn. Elrond was also a natural choice, a healer and Elladan's father he shares the same heart as his son.

I thought there was a book reference to the mind to mind speaking, I remembered it from the films but glad it was in the book as well.

Thanks again!


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/7/2005
Your special characters are found in your start menu, as long as you have a Windows operating system. Look under Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools > Character Map. Double Click on the particular character you wish saved and then the Copy button, then do Ctrl-V to paste it into place. Took me a while to learn....

Lovely introduction to Imladris and description of getting Aragorn to smile again.

Hope all is well with you, and thanks so much for the feedback in Fostering.

Author Reply: Larner!

Thanks for the tip!

I thought the chapter came across well and I really wanted Aragorn to smile again by the end of the chapter and he did!

I'm definitely enjoying Fostering!


Eruanneth_LuinReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/30/2005
How often I have dreamed of entering the Hidden Valley of Imladris. But to go of dire necessity alone into a strange land peopled by even stranger folk would be doubly difficult.

Elladan though a warrior, giving of himself to ease the sorrow of little Aragorn was tenderly thought out. Also Gilraen realizing that more was at stake than simply a grief-stricken mortal child.

This excerpt from RotK tells of the mind-speech among Elves and Maia.

'Often long after the hobbits were wrapped in sleep they would sit together under the stars, recalling the ages that were gone and all their joys and labours in the world, or holding council, concerning the days to come. If any wanderer had chanced to pass, little would he have seen or heard, and it would have seemed to him only that he saw grey figures, carved in stone, memorials of forgotten things now lost in unpeopled lands. For they did not move or speak with mouth, looking from mind to mind; and only their shining eyes stirred and kindled as their thoughts went to and fro.'

Another chapter well worth reading.

Cherry2000Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/12/2004
At first when I read the name Tequin I thought it was just a coincidence. Then, THEN, the names Cefzil and Tilade show up! I wonder if the drug companies use Elf-name generators to come up with med names? Very funny. Plus, I like the story too.

Author Reply: My secret's revealed!! They DO make great Elven names!! :-))


NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 9 on 10/4/2003
One other thing I forgot to comment on - I like your elves. You have given them a dignity like what I think Tolkien intended - they are gracious and well spoken and funny. They can be very serious and full of mirth. Yet they are different than the humans. Not everyone manages to capture that :)

Author Reply: Nilmandra!

So glad you are enjoying it! I have try to give the Elves grace and dignity, because like you I think that is how I think Tolkien did intend. Also they have a joy for life and I wanted to show that also. I'm happy to know that the subtle distinctions between men and Elves comes across in the writing! :-))

I thought hard about what I could use as a catalyst for moving Aragorn to Imladris and how best for Arathorn to die in a battle. After studying the timeline in the ROTK appendices I decided to use the Gladden fields report of activity because that would have directly influence the Heirs and everything they've worked for.

Thanks again for all the kind words. :-))

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 9 on 10/4/2003
Well, I am caught up. Sorry I did not comment on the prior chapters, but I was engrossed in reading the story.

You have given this story some unique twists that I like, with the detail of Elrond performing certain ceremonies for the Duendain and also of foresight leading Elrond to send for Aragorn. How incredibly sad that in this act Arathorn would be slain. There is a poignant irony to that.

I love the ideas of how the fea connect and healing energy is shared, and you used the concept very nicely and in a very 'elven' manner.

It is very clear that Gilraen is welcome in Imladris, and yet we know she must stay hidden - which means that she probably can have little contact with their families. The thought is saddening, yet speaks to the committment they had to see Aragorn grow into his position. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

PS To get the marking for feš, at least in word, go to Insert, then Symbol and all the letters with their various accent marks are there. I have no idea what they are named but I know how to find them! Ctrl : and then the letter are supposed to do it, but mine has never worked.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 9 on 10/3/2003
I loved the mind-to-mind stuff between the Elves and the idea that Elladan could/would "weave sleep" around a child and heal him, although at great cost to himself. This grief filled chapter was very convincing.

Author Reply: Again Thanks Daw!

I tried, through the chapters leading up to this one, to show the commitment and connection between the the twins and the Heir's family. Anything like this was going was going to fall to Elladan as he was the one who had seen Ivorwen's worry and sorrow. So glad you like it! Thanks for the thoughtful comments. :-))


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