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Poetic Arda  by Mirach 4 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/10/2012
Look, my child!
A new star is rising!
Sailing on the waves of sky
A holy flame
A spark to ignite new hope for tomorrow

They did not forget...

I love this! "There is always hope."

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: Thank you very much!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/3/2012
A perfect offering for the prompts, and thanks so for the notes that show the research done. Tolkien was certainly inspired by his own studies!

Author Reply: I love that sentence in Old English - Eärendil, the Star of Hope being also the spark of inspiration that led to the creation of Middle-earth...

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/3/2012

Author Reply: Thank you!

EllynnReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/2/2012
Aww, so beautiful!

Author Reply: Thank you!

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