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Forging for Protection and Defense  by Larner 4 Review(s)
Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/3/2012
Another great chapter. i love the idea of Narsil having a spirit.

Author Reply: There was something especially powerful about this special sword, and particularly as it was described as flaming in the hand of the King, and its flame being quenched once it was broken. It just seemed that some special spirit must have been invoked upon it, and there must have been some equally special reason why it could not be reforged again until the end of the Third Age when Aragorn would carry it.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/3/2012
I love what you're doing here. I am growing fond of this wise smith. I love the idea of exactly how the sword must be forged to retain its power. I love Isildur's aside. Too bad he felt he couldn't follow through on his feelings.

A really neat tale, Larner.

Author Reply: We know that the rings of power all could look after themselves, and the One Ring in particular. I suspect that once they were away from Mordor Isildur realized that he should have indeed disposed of the Ring as he'd been advised by Elrond, but that he no longer had the independence of will to do so now.

Remember, Tolkien indicated that no matter how great his endurance and will, Frodo could not withstand the power of the Ring there in the heart of the Mountain where It was made. It must have been similar with Elrond and Isildur.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/2/2012
This is a fascinating POV Larner I am very busy just now so just dropping in to say how much I am enjoying this..

Author Reply: I'm so glad you are enjoying it, Harrowcat. Thank you so!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/2/2012
"The spirit forged within the blade by Telchar himself slumbers deeply now that its purpose has been won, and might be renewed within the blade should it be reforged as I have indicated. But by myself—that is beyond my skill."

What a wise and thoughtful response. This is such an interesting gap filler.

Author Reply: I suspect that this particular smith, as one who realized he must not stay within Annatar's sphere of influence, must have been very intelligent indeed and had learned a good deal of wisdom since he'd left Aman. Only an unusually wise smith could have led those who reforged the shards of Narsil into Anduril, I'd think.

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