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Dreamflower's Mathoms III  by Dreamflower 25 Review(s)
TiggerReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/18/2015
Oh Dreamflower...He would have loved this!! Still can't quite believe he's gone and... :o(

This is such a perfect way to celebrate how much he gave to all of us and this place. Hannon le Mellon nin.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/5/2015
That was great, Dreamflower!

Thank you very much for bringing hobbits into "Elf Academy"! I am quite sure that Fiondil would have liked this story - and maybe he has already read it somehow, who knows?

Lady EdlynReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/1/2015

I am absolutely positive that Fiondil loves your lovely story. I most certainly did! It was a wonderful missing moment and the style echoed Fiondil's "voice" perfectly. I especially loved the last paragraph. Hugs!


Author Reply: Thank you for your confidence. That pleases me very much. ((hugs back))

KittyReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/27/2015
Oh Dreamflower, this is such a lovely tribute to our dear Fiondil! It ties really well into his universe; that woman would have been so happy and grateful for the way how he saved her little girl, and I can totally see Legolas staying friends with that family. It's good to see he got along so well with the Mortals, and particularly the children; I love the idea of her calling him 'Uncle Liam'. Of course he would be sitting at her bed after this horrible incident and sing for her. It was wonderful when she woke enough to recognise him and asked for her favourite story.

Legolas is right, the way you described her, she sounds a lot like Pippin. He must have felt right at home with her around ;)

It was good that Olórin came to comfort Legolas a bit, too; I think he needed it. Even though he knew what he got himself into, it still has to hurt so much when he loses someone, and in Gabriellas case it would have been so prematurely. I was glad the Maiar are still looking out for Legolas, too, and that Olórin gave him new hope. It worked like a charm, too.

Thank you for this little oneshot; it's another one I will treasure. And if I may say it - I know you normally prefer to write about Hobbits, but you are doing a great job with these Elf stories, too!

Author Reply: Thank you so much, Kitty! It truly is meant as a tribute to him and his lovely EA universe.

Of course the mother would have been grateful, and as Wiseman is a fairly small town it would not be hard for the relationship to develop.

The first part of the story that came to me was Gandalf standing by Legolas, and saying she reminded him of Pippin.

Olorin was there not as a Maia, but as Legolas' friend. After all, they are the only two remaining members of the Fellowship.

I feel comfortable with Legolas; he's familiar, one who went on the Quest, and friend to my hobbits. He seems easier for me to write than most Elves, though I do try to stretch myself from time to time.

I am very glad you enjoyed this story--it would not even exist without Fiondil!

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/26/2015
This story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing it. I loved the glimpse into the future of Wiseman and that Legolas has a bond with the girl he rescued.

Author Reply: Thank you for your kind words. I really think that Legolas would have had such a bond.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/25/2015
Dear Dreamflower, I have a huge smile on my face even as I am resisting sniffles and tears. This was simply beautiful, and I just loved it. I'm certain that Fiondil would definitely approve and praise this tale. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Author Reply: I hope that he would. I tried to be vague enough to not interfere with any future plans he might have had, in case anything was revealed in EA4. But I felt that Legolas would certainly continue in his career with the police, and I thought that would be an excellent framework to carry this.

I am very grateful that I got permission from Alassiel to do so. His betas are doing an awesome job in preserving his legacy.

rikkiReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/25/2015
What a wonderful story! I love the way you have pictured the future in Wiseman with Legolas working as a policeman. That Gabby's parents included him in some of their doings was very sweet and I am sure the stories of the Nine Walkers and the hobbits would have been a hit any time he was there.

I cried when you had Gabby shot by that criminal but I hope he is found and given the full extent of the law. The time Legolas spent in the hospital hoping that she would recover and singing to Gabby in Sindarin I think was a sign that she would get better. Then when Olorin/Gandalf/Mithandir shows up I just had to smile as he comes in his wizard disguise and gives hope to Legolas once more.

I miss Fiondil's stories very much, they were a Monday morning quest for me as they were for a lot of people. That you have gently paid tribute to a great author really shows here. Thanks for posting this tale.

Author Reply: After I re-read that chapter, I realized there was no way there would not be a special connection, and that Gabriella's mother would always remind her daughter of the special "Elf-policeman" who had rescued her.

His stories were, indeed, big hits. And it was really good for him to be able to talk freely of his mortal friends. In Aman, no one would have even the slightest interest in the doings of mortals they knew nothing of. And though I am sure that eventually he'd be able to talk a little bit to Elladan and Elrohir, it might have been bittersweet, because of them losing Arwen and Aragorn. Truly, the only person who would really understand is Olorin, but most of the time he'd not be available just for conversation--though he'd make time when it was really needed, as in this case.

Oh, he will be caught, and he will rue the day he shot a cop. Gabby's fellow officers won't go easy on him, and I'm sure the Judge will throw the book at him.

I had to let her get better. I couldn't do that to Legolas, who has lost so much already. And I knew from the start that Olorin would show up in his wizard identity, because he was there for Legolas not in any official Maian capacity, but as his friend and the only other remaining member of the Fellowship. I'm sure if his duties allowed, he'd spend even more time with him.

I do miss them SO much. There are still a very few stories of his I have not read, so I am making a date with myself to do so. But I am very sad there will be no new ones from his "pen".

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/23/2015
As I said at the other site, this is a lovely tribute. It is nice to think of Fiondil's world continuing into the future, even though he is not here to tell us the stories.

Very gently and respectfully done. I had to smile at "Lady Elanor" and "Sam" -- and to think, to continue the parallels with a certain young hobbit, a police officer is a kind of guardsman, after all... and I suppose you could call Wiseman the White City in the wintertime, at least...

Thank you for the smile. It was nice to catch the smallest glimpse of Loren and Ron and Quinn, and Dave Michaelson. And I hope they catch that rotten shooter and put him away for a long, long time.

*hugs*, my friend. I so appreciate your gentle vision and spirit of encouragement.

Author Reply: *nods* I know that it will to a certain extent, as his bets are working hard to bring us what he left. But I was glad they allowed me to contribute my own little bit.

I like the other parallels you found! What fun!

I tried not to go into too much detail about Legolas' reaction when he found out, because the story was angsty enough without it, but let's just say it took all three of those three particular Elves exerting all their authority to keep Legolas off the hunt. What he would have done in that state of mind would not have been pretty. It would have been bad for him to say the least.

Rest assured that Gabriella's fellow officers will make the shooter glad to be caught and be put away.

(((Hugs back))). Thank you so much, dear. I appreciate your encouragement as well.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/23/2015
Oh, this is excellent, it should come with a tissue warning though!

Fiondil would have loved it.


Author Reply: Thank you dear. I like to believe you are right. (((hugs)))

MikoNoNyteReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/23/2015
I did not know what to expect (other than hobbity goodness, your trademark) but this just... *sigh*

I think I started crying from the 2nd paragraph. All the horrid thoughts, expectations, omgosh all the things we know can and DO happen in our world, came running in like herds of Mammoths!

Yet you, you lovely, you did not dissappoint. You brought in Mithrandir who usually bring his little bit of hope. And you painted this little hope so sweetly that I'm still teary-eyed typing this. And you brought in that little bit of The Shire (loved the Gardener!) with the love of life, the happiness of home and friends and yes, a great big dollop of Elfen affection. But mostly you brought tears, a happy contented smile and yes a warm place in my heart for Dear Fiondil and Your Own world view.

Thank you so so much for writing this. I'm sure Fiondil would have loved it as well.

Author Reply: You are very welcome. I truly could not let go of the idea that Legolas would have a special bond with the little girl he saved, and I am so grateful to Alassiel for allowing me to post my speculation.

The Shire too will also always have a place in Legolas' heart, and Gabriella and her brothers gave him a chance to talk about those he loved.

Mithrandir/Gandalf/Olorin always does bring hope; not only that, but he and Legolas are friends, and the last of the nine walkers. He'd be there for him in this time of distress.

Fiondil always wrote his stories with hope in mind, following JRRT's own lead. And that is my own inclination as well.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

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