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At Tharbad's Greenway Spring Faire  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
KathyGReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/17/2021
Well, you know, there's no law that you can't write a longer story covering the same plot, and including the "lot I wanted to explain"! =) And I, for one, would so love it if you did. Perhaps you could even tie it to the story you and I are writing! =)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/18/2015
Hobbits and Wizards and Elves, oh my! Lovely to see our friends surviving to this day!

Author Reply: It is, isn't it? But that's the "Eucatastrophe-verse" for you!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/15/2015
Love the quote! Unless I'm mistaken, it is quoted in our copy of Sense and Sensibility (the DVD), when the Colonel is reading to a recovering Marianne in his marvellous voice.

I had not seen the linked story before. I loved it! ...and this, though it makes me miss Fiondil and his modern-day stories.


Author Reply: I know. *sigh* I do miss him and them, too!

I do hope one day to complete the crossover begun in B2MeN 2012, and then you can see how the Third Age and the Modern Age do link together.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 13 on 4/15/2015
I love the thoughts that those from the Third Age are still with us. :)

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: So do I! *grin*

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