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The Eagle on the Ramparts  by Canafinwe 13 Review(s)
vardasvaporsReviewed Chapter: 5 on 8/21/2016
How is it that I have not read this story yet! I thought that I would stop at this point and give my impressions up to this point first rather than trying to say everything only after I have gotten through all the chapters.

I love the characterization of Ecthelion and Denethor. In just a few words, we get such clear, well-contoured pictures of these two men's personalities. I especially like the contrasts in Denethor's character: cold and hard, yet responsible and honorable, rude and pushy, yet loyal and with deep feelings of love, racist and classist, yet honestly caring and dedicated to his people's safety, insecure about seeing another person's success, yet having real respect when he sees real strength and talent. A very deft handling of this complex character.

I really like the contrast between Thorongil here and the Thorongil of The Devilry of Edoras (which I also must remember to review!) I am very glad I read the chronologically earlier story first, because it shows Aragorn's growth as a person and a soldier and therefore casts his unusual level of wisdom and skill, in arts both martial and politick, as the result of many years of difficult striving and humbling experiences, rather than something he just sort of magically has because he's special.

And oh, for this chapter, how do I love this line of Jamon's: "She is as patient as the day is long - which is to say, a little less in the wintertime when the world is cold -" :D Little details like the naturalism of the affection here really elevate your stoytelling.

(I unthinkingly posted this review on first, before remembering there is no unsigned-in review reply function there, which is always a good idea just in case the author wants to say something back.)

obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/28/2015
Finally, Ecthelion got the letter. Another circumstance that will alienate Denethor and Thorongil if Denethor is in hot water for delaying the letter. Although Thorongil had nothing to do with it. The way you paint Denethor he is not above blaming Thorongil for his failure to deliver the letter on time.
I like the meeting between Jamon and Thorongil. It seems as if these two could be great friends. But the more friendly they get the more Denethor will resent this. Sigh, I don't think Thorongil can do anything to get Denethor to like him. It is just on in his nature.

LoriReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/2/2015
Thorogil is making friends without prejudice and is unable to hide his concern for the less fortunate. Jamon sounds like he could be a mine of information about the treatment of those outside Gondor by Sauron. It just might create a bit more curiosity about those other countries and open his eyes even more then they already are to how some of the people in those countries feel about Sauron. I am sure we haven't seen the last of these two's paths crossing. Jamon doesn't know it yet, but Thorongil might be his best ally in the city.

Ecthelion's daughter, Anaiwen, is a delightful and joyful character. I wonder what part of this epic she will play. She seems so nice, yet for some reason I am almost wary what part such a lovely young girl like her could have in this suspicious, wit matching war that has just commenced.

When Jamon started chatting up about his lady love, he felt bad for Thorongil. During this time of his life, that would have been such a painful issue. To love someone and to think that they either didn't return your regard at all or didn't care for you in that way must have hurt. But even more than that, Aragorn never does anything by halves. He gives his heart completely and cannot find it in his heart to ever love another. All I can say is that his loyalty and devotion to one for whom he had almost little hope is truly amazing. But painful to hear of others in their joy, no matter how much you wish them joy.

Cant' wait for more.

Author Reply: Yes, Jamon and Thorongil have a lot to learn from one another, and a lot to gain from one another. I'm thrilled you like Anaiwen! Though your trepidation is interesting, too. I cannot comment, of course.

These years must have been very hard for Thorongil, where matters of the heart are concerned. Very well put about how Aragorn does nothing by halves! Even with such a slender hope, he could not even consider loving elsewhere.

jgmscccReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/2/2015
Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying this story.

Author Reply: Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to tell me. It's absolutely lovely of you!!

SnehaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/2/2015
I love Denethor's sister! A neat idea, he surely must have had siblings. I really liked the description of the city, I could feel the cold and the bleakness of the picture when the poor came for scraps. Poor Aragorn, betrothals must be a painful subject. I can't wait for the meeting with the Steward!

Author Reply: Thank you! Yes, Tolkien was very clear he had sisters (and only sisters). I'm so glad the descriptions are evocative, thank you! And yes, poor Aragorn. This is, after all, how he learned the agony of unrequited love.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/1/2015
Ecthelion is apparently swift to make right such a delay as was evidenced by the prolonged stay the letter made on Denethor's desk. Too bad it is causing some anxiety in Thorongil.

I like what I see of both of Ecthelion's daughters, and particularly the younger one. Bright and saucy indeed!

Denethor will be annoyed to be brought before his father due to the lateness of the letter's receipt, and that's only to be expected. But I doubt Thorongil will remain long in the eleventh company, not that Thengel's letter has reached its intended recipient. Sorry, Denethor!

Author Reply: Yes, Ecthelion is very well-intentioned, though not *always* right... I'm glad you like the girls! I was so excited when I first learned (way back when...) that Denethor had sisters.

Poor Denethor. He's in for a few disappointments over the next twelve years.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/1/2015
You managed to keep us from the long awaited meeting with Ecthelion, but still managed to give us valuable information concerning the people and the city. You are a very skilled writer. Thanks

Author Reply: Yes, I'm cruel with the suspense: I know! So glad it was a useful interlude, though. Thank you.

DoggieGirlReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/1/2015
I really liked Jamon's charachter and hope that Thorongil and he can have more interaction. If he has skills to bear it forward, Thorongil would definitely see him promoted if he was to become commander. He seems like a genuine sort. thorongil is seeing the city from its lowest perspectives and this will be invaluable later. Poor Thorongil is still thinking has no hope for Arwen. Poor guy. Look forward to meeting with the Steward/

Author Reply: So glad you like Jamon! We'll definitely be seeing more of him. I agree: it's essential for a Captain (and even more so a King) to experience the challenges at the bottom. Otherwise he cannot be an effective or capable leader.

CelethReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/1/2015
Oh, finally, Thorongil gets to meet the Steward himself. Although I feel apprehensive because Denethor will probably be there to interrogate him again or at least watch for more clues about his person.

I never knew that Denethor had other siblings, and Anaiwen makes the second we've met so far. How strange to think of him as a brother to someone. I always thought he was cold and aloof partly because he was an only child (don't ask me how I got that strange idea haha).

I just love the way you flesh out and provide details that blend seamlessly with the original stories of Tolkien.

I'm so excited for the next chapter. Oh, I understand you'll be busy during the holidays. We'll be busy too, but I'll still be looking forward to each new chapter. Thanks again, Canafinwe =)

Author Reply: Yes, Tolkien was very clear that Denethor had sisters (though the youngest is only implied...). There were a lot of factors that made Denethor into the cold man he became; I'm hoping to explore them thoroughly. I'm delighted you're enjoying the story so far!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/1/2015
I send him to the aid of a great friend and a friend whose need for such a man is far graver than my own.

Thengel King is a noble and good friend indeed, to part with one of his greatest treasures. I'm eagerly awaiting Thorongil's meeting with Ecthelion.

Author Reply: Indeed he is! He raised a noble son, too, who of course does his own utmost to aid Gondor.

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